Best Ottoman Beds and Storage Beds

Looking for the best ottoman beds and storage beds? You’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll look at; 

  • How do ottoman beds work 
  • How to choose an ottoman bed with storage 
  • The best ottomans and storage beds

What are ottoman beds and storage beds?

Storage beds are beds that provide extra storage space. They usually have built-in drawers or cabinets in the frame. They are a great way to maximise your space and are especially useful for small apartments that lack the luxury of space. 

Ottoman beds, on the other hand, Ottoman beds are a special type of storage bed that conceals a storage space underneath. These are usually powered by gas or piston mechanisms, making it easy to lift the slats and access the storage space underneath. 

Ottoman beds are also better able to maximize the space underneath your bed because of their construction. This makes it particularly perfect if you have children and have been struggling to figure out storage for their toys and extra blankets. This is also a great way to hide away any clutter to keep your room clean and easy to the eyes. 

What to look for in ottoman and storage beds

Here are a few factors that you should look out for when buying an ottoman or storage bed. 

  1. Opening system 

Make sure to get an ottoman bed that has a reliable opening system. Different beds utilize different opening systems. If not appropriately constructed, some of these may make opening the storage space harder in the long run. 

  1. High-quality furnishing and construction 

As with any furniture, be sure to buy furnished or upholstered correctly and durable in construction. This is especially important for ottoman beds because if the construction is not durable, the opening system may fail in the future, making the storage space inaccessible. 

  1. Storage space 

Different brands of ottoman and storage beds differ in the amount of space for storage. The depth of the storage space primarily determines this. Make sure to buy one that has a storage space that corresponds to your needs. 

Do I need an ottoman or storage bed?

If you are tight on space in your home or apartment and need multipurpose furniture to help keep stuff scattered around your home, ottoman beds are worth looking into. They provide a substantial amount of space and are perfect for utilising that space underneath your bed. 

This would help you maximise your space by keeping away any extra blankets or items out of sight and properly organised. With that being said, ottoman and storage beds are a bit more expensive than regular beds, so it is a matter of reconciling your need for extra storage space to your budget. 

Best Ottoman and Storage Beds

Eve Storage Bed Frame

Eve storage bed frame

This storage bed is handy for storing and tidying up extra stuff. It has a spacious 18 cm deep storage space that is kept out of sight with the classic design. Additionally, this storage space is pretty easy to get into, making storing and getting things out easy. It opens at the foot of the bed with a reliable piston-powered system. 

On top of that, the bed slats are also durable and substantial. This ensures that the bed will provide the sufficient support that you and your mattress need. The support and tension of the slats can be adjusted with a simple sliding mechanism. 

Birlea Phoenix Wooden Ottoman Bed

Grey Ottoman Storage Bed

This ottoman bed from Birlea is classic in style without providing ample space, support, and durability. It is made from solid rubberwood, then reinforced with MDF veneer side rails for the oak colour and MDF Melamine side rails for the white colour. This wooden frame is coated with a high-quality finish that ensures longevity and protection against abrasion. 

In terms of the storage space, it has an impressive 27-cm deep storage space. There are also three dividers added for your convenience in organising. The opening mechanism is aided by a high-powered gas piston system that makes it easy to access the storage space. A protective base board is also added for durability. 

Dreams Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

The main selling point of this product is its excellent quality and elegant design, which is what the company Dreams is known for. It has a stylish design that is perfected with the high-quality fabric used to upholster this furniture. 

The depth of the storage space is a whopping 20 cm and can be accessed through a side opening. The head and foot end are both scrolled to reinforce the storage space below. It is also convenient and easy to put together, with the help of colour-coded holes that make assembly easy. 

It is also a sturdy and durable bed, reflecting the high-quality materials and construction. It has sprung slats that provide an extra bounce. This is what makes the bed extra comfortable. 

John Lewis & Partners Emily Ottoman Storage Bed

John Lewis & Partners Emily Ottoman Storage

Thanks to Smart Slat technology, the slats provide extra support. The shoulders, lumbar region, and feet are designed to be wider. In addition to providing extra support, this also promotes proper spinal alignment. As a result, sleeping is comfortable and supportive. 

It is constructed with hydraulic arms and a handle, making it easy to lift the foot-end opening and reach the 21-cm deep functional storage space. It has a sleek and straightforward design, making it convenient to use while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing. 

Argos Habitat Lavendon Double Faux Leather Ottoman Bed

Habitat Lavendon Double Faux Leather Ottoman Frame

This ottoman bed has a classic silhouette and design, making it an excellent match to any modern or sleek theme. It has a faux leather frame which adds to the pristineness of this product. On top of that, it is highly functional as well. 

The storage space can easily be accessed through a gas-powered opening mechanism. It opens at the end of the bed, making it extra convenient and easy to use. Additionally, it has wooden slats, which are preferable if you look to firm up your softer mattress.