Emma Mattress Review

In this Emma mattress review, we look at the Emma original mattress. This is the signature mattress that’s all foam, hugging your body to sleep, giving around a medium firmness (6.5/10). Emma is designed in Germany but made in the UK. They have sold over 700,000 mattresses in just five years. It’s the UK’s Most-Awarded Mattress ​and has recently expanded to Australia.


What other people say – 4.5/5 from 9,636 + reviews


How We Review

We review mattresses in the eCommerce market and keep the reviews as unbiased as possible. We look at multiple sources like real customer feedback, independent sources, and the brand’s website and cut through all of the mattress marketing lingo. We cover things like price, sleep quality, materials, and much more. By the finish, you will know if the Emma mattress is right for you.

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Emma Discount Voucher Code
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“We were initially concerned that the mattress may be hot/too soft for us. We were so wrong! It’s like sleeping on air! No more neck ache, no more waking up with numb arms, no more back ache! Amazing! The mattress does not make you hot and sweaty either! But for me that really plus is that I don’t even notice when my 100kg+ partner rolls over. It’s a perfect mattress and worth every penny.” Verified Reviewer


Construction and materials

The Emma Original mattress comprises three layers; Airgocell® layer, Pressure Relieving Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, and a supportive HRX polyfoam layer. All are in harmony together, giving a medium feel (6/10) which cradles while giving some pushback.

The Emma is proudly made right here in the UK and complies with our strict testing and fire regulations (BS 7177 regulation), ensuring you get the highest quality standards.

Let’s dive into a more in-depth look at each layer:

Breathable Point-elastic Airgocell® foam (3cm) – The top comfort layer is the breathable Airgocell foam that absorbs moisture and promotes airflow in the bed. The top layer is responsive and regulates temperature, and Emma trademarks the open-pored foam design. 

emma mattress top layer

Pressure Relieving Visco-Elastic Memory Foam (2cm) – The middle layer is Visco-elastic memory foam that relieves pressure points. The memory foam does this by being less responsive and contouring to your body, the deep pressure relieving feeling you get from this is excellent for people with back pain.

A drawback of memory foam is the retention of heat. However, the top cooling layer helps remove this problem.

emma mattress middle layer

Supportive HRX foam (19cm) – HRX foam gives structure and durability to the bed. The main benefit of the HRX foam is to keep your spine aligned and supported throughout the night. To help with the support and added pressure relief Emma has zoned the bottom layer, which effectively means cutting channels out in critical areas to help with any aches and pains and spinal alignment.

emma mattress base layer

emma mattress boxed mattresss reivew

Cover – The cover is split up into two sections. The white top is the temperature-regulating section that is elastic and durable. The top is designed to be hydrophobic, which means it regulates humidity and keeps moisture away.

The grey underside is very breathable to help air circulation and has non-slip elements and extra durability to be more resistant to wear and tear. This section also has handles for easy manoeuvring.

The cover is removable and machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius, which surprisingly is not that common in the UK online mattress industry. To be safe tho we do recommend getting a mattress topper to protect your bed. You can find the Emma mattress protector here.

Thickness and weight

The Emma mattress is lighter than a hybrid or traditional spring mattress because of the lack of springs. Still, compared to other foam mattresses, it’s lighter. The Casper king-sized mattress weighs 33 kg compared to Emma’s 27.4kg.

Style Dimensions Weight
UK Single 190 x 90 x 25cm 15.6 (kg)
EU Single 200 x 90 x 25cm 16.4 (kg)
Small Double 190 x 120 x 25cm 20.8 (kg)
UK Double 190 x 135 x 25cm 23.4 (kg)
EU Double 200 x 140 x 25cm 25.6 (kg)
UK King 200 x 150 x 25cm 27.4 (kg)
EU King 200 x 160 x 25cm 29.9 (kg)
Super King 200 x 180 x 25cm 32.9 (kg)

Delivery, Trial, Warranty, & Unboxing.

Delivery – Emma has fast, free delivery with DPD or UPS. They also offer free returns.

Trail – The Emma mattress comes with a 200-night trial, so you don’t have to worry about making a quick decision. You have 200 nights to relax and enjoy the bed.

Warranty – Your Emma mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee. Therefore, in the unlikely case, a problem with the bed occurs, let them know, and they’ll sort it out.

Unboxing – For this Emma mattress review, I had the mattress delivered to my door and got to unbox it and try it out personally. The process was it comes in a box you take the box to the room of choice and take out the compressed bed. Emma includes a handy safety knife so you can cut the wrapping without the worry of cutting the mattress. 

All you have to do is place the mattress on your bed frame, cut the plastic open, and watch it expand. It’s recommended to leave the bed for a few hours before sleeping on it to develop fully. I did notice some off-gassing, which is typical for mattresses vacuum sealed, but it went away after a couple of days. 

What’s the Emma mattress like to sleep on?

To sleep on the bed, you feel the pressure-relieving effects of the memory foam second layer. However, it is a lot firmer than an all memory foam bed, and you can feel the pushback. 

Edge support –  You get an excellent performance across the entire sleeping surface of the bed, so no extra dip when you get closer to the edge.

Firmness – I think the bed is surprisingly firm for an all-foam mattress, but you still feel the hugging effects of the memory foam, so it’s a great balance. Overall, it’s around a medium firmness (6.5/10).

Emma mattress firmness

Partner disturbance – The Emma mattress has excellent motion isolation, meaning you won’t wake your partner up in the night or them wake you up.

How much is the Emma mattress?

We compare it to our other mattress reviews with this Emma mattress review and look at the pricing. Emma, in comparison to the other brand’s costs around the same, the Casper King costs £700, which is the same as Emma. However, make sure you check out the ‘Claim Deal’ button to find the latest prices.

Casper Mattress Prices  
UK Single £449.99
Small Double £639.99
UK Double £699.99
UK King £799.99
Super King £899.99

*prices and availability may be subject to change  

Up to 55% Off!
Emma Discount Voucher Code
Emma Discount Voucher Code
Big Holiday Sale! Up to 55% off Save up & sleep better | T&Cs apply.
Big Holiday Sale! Up to 55% off Save up & sleep better | T&Cs apply. Show Less

“I always thought the hype around these types of mattress was too good to be true but I took the plunge based on other review. In short, it’s one of the best decisions I ever made! I sleep so much better now and while I’ve had the mattress for several months, it still looks and feels brand new!” Customer review


  • Risk-Free 200 Night Sleep Trial
  • Full 10 Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery
  • Removable Washable Cover
  • UK Made

How often should I flip and ventilate it?

Emma mattresses are a modern one-sided mattress with the white top cover and Airgocell® layer should always remain on top. The three-layer mattress is constructed to provide long-lasting support, so flipping the mattress isn’t necessary. If you don’t want it to contour to your body, rotate it every few months.

Is Emma mattresses a British company?

Even though Emma mattresses are produced in the UK, the company hails from Germany. It now operates in 17 countries across three continents. A mattress purchased in the UK will support the British economy while providing you with technology that is popular worldwide.

Where are Emma mattress made in the UK?

Despite the fact that it took a lot of research, and there aren’t any videos of their manufacturing process or have the locations of their factories publicly listed. However, we found mentions in Castle Donington, Derby, where they are made.

Note: This seems to be the hot spot for most mattress companies.

Can you sleep on Emma mattress straight away?

Within a few hours, the Emma mattress reaches its full size and is ready to sleep on. As soon as you open the vacuumed packaging, it will expand, so make sure you leave it in a well-ventilated room for a few hours. Then it will be ready for a blissful nights sleep.

Is the Emma mattress right for you?

Finishing the Emma mattress review, let’s go through if the bed is right for you. The mattress is a medium feel (6/10). It’s UK made, comes with a 200-night trial and a 10-year warranty. The beds set up so if you sleep on your front, side, and back it will suit you because of the combination of foams and firmness.

I would recommend the Emma original to people if:

Love memory foam, but you find it too soft – Memory foam conforms to your body, giving pressure relief, but sometimes it’s too soft, leaving you with a sinking feeling. Emma only has a middle memory foam layer, so you still get to pressure relief, but you won’t get the sinking feeling.

Motion transfer – The bed is excellent for minimal partner distance, so if your partner rolls around in the night, they won’t wake you up.

The UK made – Originally from Germany, Emma gained popularity in Europe and expanded to the UK. All mattresses sold in the UK are also manufactured here.

Is the Emma mattress good for back pain? Typically, all-foam mattresses are better for stopping aches and pains because of the pressure relief of foam. Emma also uses zoning technology to relieve hip, shoulder, and back pain in the bed’s base. From the Trustpilot reviews, there are numerous people to find Emma great for back pain.

The Emma original is an excellent mattress; it’s the most awarded mattress in the UK with great reviews (average of 4.5/5 on Amazon, 4.5/5 on TrustPilot). 

Up to 55% Off!
Emma Discount Voucher Code
Emma Discount Voucher Code
Big Holiday Sale! Up to 55% off Save up & sleep better | T&Cs apply.
Big Holiday Sale! Up to 55% off Save up & sleep better | T&Cs apply. Show Less


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emma original mattress
Emma Mattress Review
Designed in Germany but made in the UK, the Emma mattress is an all foam mattress that wraps around your body-hugging it to sleep. The mattress has an overall firmness rating of around 6.5/10. The Emma mattress manufacturer has sold over 700,000 mattresses in the past five years, and is one of the most awarded mattresses in the United Kingdom.
User rating
Trial length
Meta rating
Established brand
UK’s Most-Awarded Mattress ​
UK Made
Balanced to help with pressure relief and support.
No next day delivery
Slightly firmer than the average foam bed