Best Bed Frames in the UK

To complete your perfect bedroom set-up, a bed frame is often overlooked or is an afterthought. Yet, It’s essential to pay the same attention to picking your bed frame as you would to picking your mattress, pillows, or beddings. 

The right bed frame can make the desired look for your room and even enhance your sleep. Our team has already conducted a thorough search for the best bed frames in the UK. 

Our top picks

Wilson Upholstered Ottoman

This is an upholstered ottoman bed that features storage space underneath. You can access the storage space through the side opening. This is an ottoman storage bed, which offers plenty of storage space to keep your room tidy, especially if space is an issue. 

Moreover, the quantity and quality of sleep are correlated to the amount of clutter in the room. Therefore, the less clutter there is, the better you sleep. 

It is upholstered with high-quality fabric and features a scrolled head end and a scrolled foot end. This adds a touch of elegance to your room. Additionally, the base of it is made of cloth instead of being made of solid wood. 

The slats are sprung, which is a standard for all Wilson beds. This improves the support that you get from your overall sleep experience and extends the life of your mattress. 

The holes are already colour-coded to make it easier for you to assemble the ottoman bed for your convenience. You can also choose from which side you prefer the ottoman to open, according to your home situation. 

This bed frame is available in three classic black, grey, and silver colours, adding an elegant touch to your room. These colours are guaranteed to make your room chic, stylish with minimal effort. 

Zinus Yelena Classic Metal Platform

This solid metal platform bed is constructed from highly durable steel, ensuring that you not only get your money’s worth for the bed frame but it also helps to extend and protect your mattress as well. 

Because it is a solid metal base, it provides enough support to make your mattress firmer. This is primarily a good option if you have a soft mattress with you looking to firm up. 

There is 30.5 cm of space underneath the mattress, which can be used for storage space. Here’s a tip to prevent the underside of your bed frame from looking cluttered while still utilising the space: invest in some matching large organisational boxes that fit into this height.

It is a wonderful minimalist bed frame that makes no squeaks, allowing you to enjoy your sleep easily. Additionally, while it is meant to make beds feel firmer, many past customers have found out that it feels very comfortable. 

Aspire Beds Upholstered Ottoman 

Aspire Beds is a company that produces all kinds of upholstered mattresses, bed frames, and headboards. The company prides itself in having its products exclusively designed and manufactured within the UK, using high-quality materials that deliver incredible sleeping and user experience to their buyers. 

This upholstered ottoman bed frame is durable steelwork, high-quality and highly durable 8 ply sprung slats. These slats provide comfort and bounce and lengthening the lifespan of your mattress. 

It is upholstered using premium quality linen fabric, finished with a slight texture. This outer fabric makes it easy to clean and resistant to regular wear and tear. This ensures that the bed frame is durable and won’t easily be damaged by common abrasions. 

The headboard and the footboard are all buttoned for a simple and elegant look. This appearance matches well with its colour scheme that is grey with a metallic finish. 

This ottoman bed also has a spacious storage area underneath. This can be accessed by lifting the platform that has already been equipped with gas pistons for your convenience. 

Wilkes Wooden Storage Platform

Wilkes is a company that provides the UK with DIY home items and home improvement products. They are well-known for their high-quality items at an affordable price, making them friendly to the average British household. 

This platform bed frame is made from solid pine with a dark skin finish. The actual slats are solid, meant to provide a sufficient amount of support for you and your mattress. This contributed to an overall comfortable sleep. 

The bed frame itself is made with an angular shape. This makes it suitable for modern designs. This construction and look have made this product exceptionally versatile to match with different themes and aesthetics. 

The true feature of this bed frame, however, is that it has been constructed to provide cabinets and storage spaces. It already comes with 6 wicker baskets, with 4 side baskets and 2 front ones to complement this clever design. 

These baskets fit neatly with the storage spaces built-in into the bed frame. It makes tidying up easy and is an excellent way to save space while still maintaining a clean look to your room. 

Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform 

Sleepmotion is considered to be the future of sleep. These are bed frames that can be controlled with the simple click of a button to help prop up your bed according to your needs. 

Need to sit up in bed to watch TV, eat breakfast, read a book, or work on your laptop? A button can easily accomplish whatever it is that you need. 

Aside from conforming to your needs, Sleepmotion bed frames are also meant to adjust to provide a sufficient amount of support to your body. They allow customised effects on the back, on your feet, and your lumbar, which significantly reduces pressure and possibilities of aches. 

This sleek bed frame from SleepMotion can be controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or with the use of a wireless remote. It is designed to provide adjustments in three crucial parts of the bed: your back, your feet, and the lumbar. There are three options available. 

This clever technology, combined with the Zero gravity technology, helps make you feel weightless while sleeping, adding an extreme amount of personalised comfort while at the same time providing relief to any of your pressure points. 

What to look for in bed frames 

Right kind of bed base 

Different types of bed bases provide different pros and cons, as well as different effects. In the end, you want a bed base that works with your mattress to produce the effect you desire. 

Most of it also comes down to your own needs, preferences regarding your space, firmness level, and aesthetics. Here is the breakdown of the different kinds of bed bases. 

  1. Divans 

Divan beds are the most straightforward kind of bed base. They are made from a sturdy wooden frame that is then wrapped in fabric. You have the option of adding in a headboard and a footboard if you desire to have them. 

If you are looking to firm up your too-soft of a mattress, you also have the option of buying divans with pocket springs in them. This kind of divan, when matched with a mattress, will make the mattress feel firmer. 

Some divans double up as storage beds if you are looking for multifunctional furniture that is space-efficient. 

  1. Bedsteads 

Bedsteads, also known as open bed frames or slatted bed frames, are more traditional than divans. These are constructed with a base, a headboard, and legs, which lift the bed off the ground. 

They also have slats of material to support the mattress, and since they are off the ground, there is plenty of storage space underneath if space is indeed an essential resource in your room. 

Bedsteads are constructed with the widest variety of materials, from wood to metal, making them also easy to match to the overall aesthetics of your room.

There are two kinds of slats that you can choose from. The first one is the sprung slatted base, in which the wooden slats curved upwards in the middle. 

These cause the mattress to feel more cushiony with more bounce. Additionally, because of this extra support that lessens the strain that your mattress receives, it helps extend the lifespan of your mattress. 

The second one is the solid slatted base, which is just a row of slats that run horizontally across the bed frame. These are sturdier and more rigid, recommended if you prefer a firmer, less plush sleeping surface. 

  1. Storage beds 

These are beds that have built-in storage spaces. They can either be divan bases or ottoman beds. The storage mechanism can also vary, from a large platform that you lift to access the storage space to one with drawers and cabinets. 

The main downfall to a storage bed, especially one with a pull-up platform, is that it can often interfere with the actual sleeping surface placed on the top platform. This can be troublesome if you need to open the storage area regularly. 

Suppose you’re planning to keep items that you would seldom need, a pull-up platform is recommended. Otherwise, opt for the ones with drawers or cabinets, as you can access these easily without interfering with your mattresses, pillows, and bedding or having them get in the way.

Right dimensions and size 

You must go into the store or on your internet bed rame hunt with the correct measurements and size in mind. Getting a bed frame with the correct measurements will make it easy to plan the overall layout of a room. 

Moreover, it is vital to get the right-sized bed frame that matches your mattress. While a small double bed can technically fit in a single, the extra space wouldn’t necessarily be space-efficient or comfortable. 

Here is a simple guide that will help you determine the correct measurements that you need. 

  1. Getting the right measurements 

It’s helpful if you first plan out where you’ll be placing your bed. Keep in mind other interior design and Feng Shui tips that you wish to follow. Additionally, make sure that you account for nightstands (if you do plan on having them), as well as plenty of walking space (around 1 meter). 

Mark out where you plan to place your bed frame using masking tape. You will end up with a rectangle. Accurately take the dimensions of this rectangle that you have formed. 

It’s also vital that you consider these measurements (the width and the height) to make sure that the mattress will fit through the necessary doors to get it in the room of your choice. 

  1. Match the dimensions

UK bed frames are labelled with the exact sizes as the mattresses that they are made for. However, what makes things confusing is that these dimensions can vary according to the bed frame style. 

Preferred material

This is more of a personal preference than conforming to certain rules. Choose a bed frame made from the material that matches the aesthetics of your home, with the pros and cons being attractive to you. 

Wood is classic, timeless, and elegant. It is also durable and requires little to no maintenance. Metal is chic and minimalist and is less at risk of damages. Upholstered beds are plush and cushiony, perfect if you have extra plushness.