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Noa mattress review - best boxed mattress

The Noa Company is a reputable brand that does business in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK. They don’t just make quality mattresses but also sofas and other furniture. Nevertheless, we will entirely talk about their beds in this review. Noa mattresses are famous for their eco-friendly material, and since its inception, Noa has developed many comfortable mattresses. They all feature pocket springs and quality certified foams. If you are wondering whether to buy a Noa mattress, then you have come to the right place. 

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Noa Discount Coupon Code
Noa Discount Coupon Code
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How We Review

In this write-up, we make a comprehensive Noa mattress review by answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Our reviews are unbiased on every mattress we review. We do this by cutting throught the mattress marketing jargon and looking at real customer reviews and independent studies. We also gather information like the price, shipping, warranty, trail length, materials, and much more. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of this mattress. 

Partner Disturbance
Value For Money
Trial Length
Customer Satisfaction


  • Premium materials.
  • It comes with REACH and OEKO-TEX certification.
  • Each mattress features several layers to ensure maximum support and comfort.
  • 100 nights of trial.
  • 15 years of warranty.
  • Affordable
  • Hybrid design.
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.


  • Relativity heavy
  • Has a slight bounce and less disturbance compare to a pure memory foam mattress. 
Noa Mattress Review
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This mattress purchase was one of the best purchasing experiences we had so far. The website was informative and followed a systematic order process, which helped us choose the correct mattress. Once they confirmed our order, we received a professional call from the delivery agent. Additionally, the delivery was quick, and the assembling was easy. This mattress seemed to be quite soft. However, it has proved to be supportive and comfortable as we lay down. Overall, we highly recommend buying this product.

Table of Contents

What's the Noa mattress made from?

The Noa mattress comes with 7 layers to ensure maximum comfort and support while sleeping. Each of these layers serves a specific purpose and benefit. Below we present a complete description of each of these layers starting from the top:

Comforting and Cool Latex Layer – Another layer of the Noa mattress comes with open-cell latex. It enhances the breathability and provides you with comfort and bounce. Additionally, this layer is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with asthma or those suffering from sensitive skin conditions.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam – This layer features gel memory foam that offers deep pressure relief when sleeping at night. One of the main advantages of memory foam is that it builds up heat. With Noa mattress, you need not worry about this issue. The addition of gel memory foam avoids over-heating at night, thereby keeping you feel cool. Additionally, it provides adequate comfort and support under your pressure points. 

Another essential attribute of this layer is that it comes with REACH certification foam, a regulation adopted by the European Union to protect health from exposure to harmful chemicals. Hence, this mattress is safe for your health.

Adaptive Transitional Foam- Below the gel memory foam, an adaptive transitional foam ensures zero partner disturbances when sleeping at night. It means you will not feel the movements your partner creates at night, thereby allowing you to have a sound rest. Another essential attribute of this layer is that it comes with REACH certification. So you do not have to worry about exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

Premium Pocket Springs – This layer features pocketed springs, wrapped with a highly porous mesh material. The material used for making these springs is thick-gauge steel. As such, it provides exceptional bounce and extended durability. The primary purpose of this layer is to ensure maximum breathability, thereby increasing the airflow. 

Perimeter Edge Support – If you think sleeping on this mattress will be a problem or worried that your body might come in contact with the pocketed springs, then you need not worry. The perimeter edge support solves this issue by eliminating any contact with the steel springs. The reason is that this layer comes with nine centimetres of high-density foam, which encases the perimeter of the mattress. Additionally, it reduces sagging and offers a more comforting sleeping surface. Remember, you will find this kind of feature only in high-end mattresses.

Hand-tufted Side Perimeter – This layer is similar to the top layer. Its primary function is to secure all the inner layers and to minimise wrinkles of the fabric.

noa home mattress uk
noa home bed

The Cover – Hand-tufted Tencel Fabric – The Noa mattress’s top layer comes with a hand-tufted Tencel fabric that is exceptionally soft and ultra-breathable. It means sleeping on this mattress will be significantly smooth and comfortable. Another essential feature of the top layer is that it features hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. As such, you can use this mattress even if you have asthma or suffering from any skin sensitivity. Moreover, it comes with OEKO-TEX certification, which means it is free of harmful chemicals.

Noa dimensions - will it fit in your bedroom?

One good thing about the Noa mattress is that it is available in several sizes. Essentially, Noa mattress sizes include single, small double, double, king, and super king. As such, you will not have a hard time finding the right size. When it comes to the weight, Noa mattress is relatively heavier than other foam mattresses. The reason is that these mattresses feature multi-layers to ensure a maximum level of comfort and support. Additionally, Noa mattress comes with thick pocket springs. The following table presents the precise dimensions and weight for all the Noa mattress sizes:
Styles Dimensions Weight
Single 90 x 190 x 28 cm 25 kg
Small Double 120 x 190 x 28 cm 31 kg
Double 135 x 190 x 28 cm 36 kg
King 150 x 200 x 28 cm 44 kg
Super King 180 x 200 x 28 cm 55 kg

What's the Noa mattress like to sleep on?

Answering this question will be highly subjective as people’s preference varies from person to person. Nevertheless, this mattress is on the top list that has satisfied most users. Thanks to its memory foam and natural latex foam layers. The Noa mattress has an excellent medium-firm, which is comfortable and pleasant to lie on the mattress. Additionally, you will also get some bounce as it comes with pocketed springs.

Overall, the Noa mattress is an ideal choice for most sleepers. For instance, the pocketed springs will provide adequate support to the top foam layer. If you are a back sleeper, you can relax your body on the mattress without sinking too deep. Besides, the gentle support and softness of this mattress make it suitable even for side sleepers. 

Partner Disturbance

You might think that the Noa mattress does not reduce partner disturbance since it comes with better edge support. Nevertheless, this assumption is not valid. The reason is that it features adaptive transitional foam, which considerably reduces the movements created by your partner. 

Edge Support

When it comes to edge support, the Noa mattress significantly stands out among its competitors. The reason is that it comes with pocketed springs and comforting latex layers.


The Noa mattress comes with a medium-firm feel and provides excellent motion absorption with its pocketed springs compared to other traditional mattresses. When it comes to firmness, most customers have given around 6-7 levels of firmness on a scale of 1-10. So if you are looking for a firmer feel mattress, then you should consider this mattress. 

How much does mattress Cost + is there any Coupon?

When it comes to price, the Noa mattress is comparatively one of the best value mattress in the UK. Plus, these mattresses feature high-quality materials, making them even more value for the money. At the time of writing this review, Noa mattress also has a great discount. The following table presents the actual price and you have to click the claim deal button to check the current discount.

Casper Mattress Prices
UK Single
UK Double
UK King
Super King

*prices and availability may be subject to change  

Save £200
Noa Discount Coupon Code
Noa Discount Coupon Code
Save £200 on the Noa mattress! | T&Cs apply.
Save £200 on the Noa mattress! | T&Cs apply. Show Less

Noa Mattress Review
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The Noa mattress is significantly comfortable, supportive, and cooling. When sleeping on this bed, you will not notice any movement from your partner all through the night. Additionally, it feels soft when you first touch the mattress. However, when you lie down, it offers adequate comfort and firm support. We love this mattress so much that we are ordering a second mattress for use in the guest bedroom.

Mattress bonus (Additional Features)

Apart from the necessary features discussed above, the Noa mattress comes with other additional features. The following are some bonus points for Noa mattress:

Warranty Length – One of Noa mattress’s additional features comes with the warranty length, which is for 15 years. Once you have bought a new Noa mattress, you get to enjoy this warranty period. However, you should note that this warranty length is available one if you purchase directly from Noa. You can click on this link for more details related to warranty.

Trial Length – The best to identify whether a mattress is right for you is by actually sleeping on it. Thanks to its 100 nights trial period. You can test your new Noa mattress within this time to see whether it is suitable for you. However, you will get to enjoy this trail period only if you buy directly from Noa.

Free Delivery and Returns – Noa also offers free of delivery and returns for all mattresses. The best thing is that they will deliver your ordered mattress to your home within two to seven days. Additionally, they will do the unpacking and setting of your mattress for you. If you have purchased a bed before, you know how challenging it is to take upstairs.

Once you get the mattress, you will have 100 nights of trial. However, if you do not like the mattress during this trial length, you can return it free of cost. Once they have collected the mattress, you will refund the full payment.

Is the mattress right for you?

Everyone has a different sleeping style and position, so the needs will considerably vary among sleepers. It will be unrealistic to provide a specific decision on whether this mattress will be the right pick for you. Hence, we will only highlight some essential guidelines to help you decide whether the Noa mattress will be perfect for you. Nevertheless, you should note that this mattress will be a great option if you have already tried all-foam mattresses but found them too soft.

Is the mattress good for back pain? If you are suffering from back or neck pain, make sure you see a Profesional first. However, the Noa mattress could be an ideal option for you. The responsive foam and pocketed springs provide exceptional pressure relief on the shoulders, hips, and back. It will further ensure favourable spinal alignment, thereby keeping your back in a natural position. This statement is true to many users, who have reported that the Noa mattress has helped with their spinal and back problems.

Final Verdict

When it comes to quality mattresses, the Noa mattress considerably stands out amount its competitors. It features remarkably high-quality materials to ensure an optimal sleeping experience. One of them is that it comes with breathable and hypoallergenic properties. So you do not have to worry if you have asthma or suffering from any acute skin conditions. Besides, it has gel memory foam and pocketed springs that provide superior pressure relief and enhanced airflow. 

Another significant aspect of this mattress is that it reduces motion transfer. Hence, it solves the problem of partner disturbance, one of the causes of sleepless nights. Moreover, the Noa mattress has a medium-firm feel, and it is free of nasty chemicals.

Save £200
Noa Discount Coupon Code
Noa Discount Coupon Code
Save £200 on the Noa mattress! | T&Cs apply.
Save £200 on the Noa mattress! | T&Cs apply. Show Less

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