Swyft Bed Frame Review

“Are Swfyt bed frames good and strong?” would be the first question asked if you’re planning to get one. Investing in a high-quality bed frame is necessary, and it’s only fair to do proper research before you buy. 

This post will serve as a guide review to Swyft bed frames. The brand was launched in 2019 and is a relatively young furniture company. However, within a short span, it has garnered favourable customer reviews. 

The brand is known for its minimalistic approach yet gives an aesthetic delight. In this post, we will review two of their models. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Best Swyft Bed Frames: Here Is What You Should Know!

Swyft Bed 01

This model from Swyft is upholstered with durable material and is available in various shades. One of the good aspects of this brand is its simplistic approach. The designs are not overpowering but blend well in any living space. 

This double bed measures 149 cm wide and 208 cm long. The bed frame is made of solid wood, which is known for its strong features. Additionally, it’s infused with modern technology allowing you to assemble the bed without hassle. 


  • This model is made of solid wood certified by FSC and comes with a fifteen-year guarantee.
  • It features a Swyft-fix locking system which allows easy assembling and disassembling.
  • It’s upholstered with durable fabrics, including smooth velvet and linen.
  • It comes with a headboard, and its height measures 107 cm. 
  • The bed frame comes with a 100-day trial period.


  • It’s easy to assemble and disassemble. 
  • It’s strong, durable, and eco-friendly. 
  • You can upholster the bed frame in different shades.
  • Excellent delivery service.


  • The mid-century design may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Swyft Bed 02

Bed 02 model shares similar aspects with the Swyft Bed 01. Both are mid-century designs and are upholstered with durable fabrics.

However, the one key difference is the leg fixture. Bed 02 comes with leg fixtures which you will not find in Bed 01. It gives you the option to choose one suitable for you. 

Furthermore, the bed size dimension varies. It has the same width but is different in length. This model is 220 cm long, with the headboard height measuring 85 cm. 

These are some of the differences you will find between these two models. If you prefer a larger bed frame along with legs, Bed 02 would be great. 


  • The frames are made of solid wood certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). 
  • The bed frame is upholstered with different shades of durable fabrics.
  • The headboard is upholstered with comfortable foam. 
  • It’s returnable within a 100-day trial period. 


  • It doesn’t require high maintenance. Simply dust off once or twice a week.
  • Easy assembling and disassembling process. 
  • It’s strong and can hold any weight. 


  • This model is costlier compared to Bed 01. 

About Swyft 

As mentioned, Swyft is a young furniture company established in December 2019. This four-year-old company has achieved quite a feat within a short span. Their products are aesthetically pleasing despite going with a minimal approach. 

Besides bedding items, it also sells sofas, stools, and refurbished furniture. The company focuses on sustainability and strives to manufacture eco-friendly products. Moreover, it’s affiliated with World Land Trust, which aims to protect and save natural ecosystems.

So, if the company sells a sofa, they will plant a tree through this organisation. It’s an excellent approach as we indirectly contribute to restoring the forest.

How To Buy A Bed Frame?

Buying a bed frame is quite simple if you know what factors to consider. It can be pretty challenging if you’re new, especially buying online. But you can cast your worry aside as we list some factors to consider while purchasing a bed frame. 

Some of the common factors to consider before getting a bed frame are as follow:


A slat is an integral part of the bed frame, which most people overlook. Hence, you must pay heed to this before you splurge. The distance between slats shouldn’t be too wide as chances of tearing the mattress are likely. 

Additionally, it has two types of slats: flat and sprung. Flat wooden slats are firm and relatively cheaper. In contrast, sprung slats have curved slats within the frame. This feature gives a natural bounce but should be thicker enough to hold any body weight.

Cheaper sprung slats tend to break soon, affecting the mattress. So, if you’re getting this slat type, ensure that you get a good quality one. 

Material and design

Another essential factor to consider while getting a bed frame is its design and material. Get a simple and compact style bed frame if your bed is small. This type will take up less space, allowing you to move freely. 

Considering the material of the bed frame is also essential. It would be better to opt for a material that can be recycled as it allows you to refurbish it if the bed frame gets spoiled or old.  

Choose the style and material according to your personal preferences and requirements.


Considering your height and the mattress’s height is essential when looking for a bed frame. Based on your height and health condition, choose one that is suitable for you. Note that bed frames are available in different sizes with variations in height. So, pay heed to this aspect before you get one. 


Concluding the article, we hope it was helpful and will make your task easier in choosing one. The models we have reviewed are durable, eco-friendly, sturdy and easy to maintain. These items might be perfect if you’re looking for a simple yet with a twist of mid-century design. 

Overall, both products from Swyft are worth the cost. Although Bed 02 might be costlier, it’s larger and has leg fixtures. 

Eventually, it depends on your needs and requirements. Choose one that suits your taste and budget too.