Which is the Best Bed Base for a Memory Foam Mattress

Finding a suitable mattress is only the start. When searching for a new bedding system, one must consider not just the mattress but the foundation. Even with the perfect mattress, you may face discomfort if it is placed incorrectly, especially in the case of memory foam mattresses. 

This means choosing the proper base/foundation can go a long way in improving your sleep and the mattress’s durability. But, with so many options available these days, how will one find the best bed base for a memory foam mattress? 

The best bed base for memory foam mattresses is those that can provide a solid and uniform foundation to ensure a stable frame. Any bed base that can match these requirements proves to be a suitable fit for memory foam mattresses. 

If you’re looking to get a new bed base, sit back and relax. we’ll be discussing various things regarding a bed base including:

  • What is a mattress base/foundation? 
  • 3 best bed bases for a memory foam mattress
  • Why use a good bed base? 

What is a Mattress Base/Foundation?

The mattress foundation or base refers to the surface on which the mattress is placed. This base can range from a wooden slat to a box spring or solid base. 

This bed base usually carries two main functions: to support the mattress and to prevent the mattress from sliding, sagging, or sinking. Since most mattresses often require some form of base/foundation, there are several types of bed bases available these days. The compatibility usually falls on the mattress type and personal preference as well. 

So, without a suitable base, your mattress will not be supported properly. This can lead to indent formation, creating more discomfort during sleeping hours. Instances like this can also cause sore, stiff muscles and joints. 

Why Use a Good Bed Base?

Bed bases or foundations are typically placed underneath the mattress to provide primary support. This is what allows the mattress to be lifted from the ground. 

While using a bed base is not an absolute ordeal, your mattress will more likely benefit from having one. This is because using mattresses on the floor or any ground surface can end up damaging them, which greatly reduces the mattress’s durability. 

Additionally, the lack of support for the mattress can induce poor sleep quality and back pain. Hence, a good bed base will not only support your mattress but your back as well. Moreover, it can lead to better air circulation and airflow.  

So, a suitable bed base can bring all the differences needed for a sound and safe sleep. It supports your mattress, lifts your bed, and creates a stable placement for the mattress. 

3 Best Bed Bases for a Memory Foam Mattress

Here are 5 best bed bases that can accommodate a memory foam mattress suitably: 

The Sirius Bed Base 

This is an elegant bed base from the brand Simba Sleep. The bed comes in a button-tufted and upholstered design and is available in three different colours. But that’s not all. It’s supported by some incredible technology as well. 

The bed offers unique responsive support and focused pressure relief with its patented slat systems. Thanks to its easy-fit technology, you won’t even have to worry about complicated assembly. 

In terms of bed frame composition, the Sirius bed is constructed using a mixture of hardwood, plywood, and LVL. At the same time, the fabric structure consists of linen fabric and needle-felt lining. If that wasn’t enough, the entire fabric finish is spill-resistant. 

The Sirius bed base is a suitable option for any memory foam mattress. It has a great design, smart features, and quality materials. Plus, it comes with three different sizes: Double (104H x 147W x 232D), King (104H x 162W x 242D) and Superking (104 H x 192W x 242D). 

Emma Divan Bed

This Divan Bed is a product of the UK online brand Emma. It is widely known for its integrated storage, easy build, and of course, the classic divan-style design with a headboard. 

Speaking of design, it’s available in two colours (Angora and Dark Grey) and three different sizes: super king (180 x 198 x 102), king (150 x 198 x 102), and double (135 x 190 x 102). The frame materials include Scandinavian softwood, while the fabric comprises a premium polyester finish. 

In terms of mattress compatibility, the bed works well with any range of mattresses, including memory foam. Moreover, the headboard area provides sufficient vertical space to stack up pillows. 

But the integrated drawers and light assembly make this bed even more convenient. The Emma Divan Base is delivered in two parts, which are relatively light considering the additional storage system. 

Overall, the bed base is quite sturdy (if appropriately built) and is durable and comfortable enough for any range of memory foam mattresses. 

The Nectar Platform Frame 

The platform bed frame from Nectar is an excellent bed base for those planning to purchase a modern platform bed with a minimalistic design. Despite the simple design, it carries a sense of elegance without minimizing built and comfort quality. 

Looking at its features, the bed frame has an upholstered design with material composed of semi-dark polyester. The choice of material can resist wear and tear for a long time while also providing a soft and pleasant surface. Plus, it doesn’t stain as easily. 

In addition, the entire bed frame is held up by rubber wood legs, which isn’t as solid, but on the bright side, it doesn’t get scratched easily. You also get about 16cm of under-bed clearance. Meanwhile, the base of the frame is slatted with about a 7cm gap between each slat. 

Overall, the bed frame is pretty easy to assemble, durable, and offers four different size options. It includes Super king (195x217x39cm), King (165x217x39cm), Double (150x207x39cm), and Single (103.5x207x39cm).

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the best choice depends on personal preference, living space, style, and budget. 

There’s never really a true winner, considering how competitive the market has become. But one good thing about it is that it allows you to explore and figure out which bed base may best suit your memory foam mattress. 

If you’re struggling to look for one on your own, we suggest giving the recommended bed base and foundations a try.