What’re The Best Down Duvets — Duck or Goose?

In this guide, we’ll be learning about the better option: down duvets made from duck or made from a goose?

We’ll also be discussing the following: 

  • What are down duvets? 
  • What are the benefits of a down duvet? 
  • What are the best down duvets in the market?

What are down duvets? 

A variety of materials are used to create duvets. One of the most critical components of a duvet is the down, which is the cluster of soft and fluffy coating found underneath the feathers of a bird. It’s usually found in the breast and the underbelly of a bird. 

This is a three-dimensional material with fine filaments that can trap heat effectively compared to other materials such as two-dimensional feathers. 

Considering that down is so fluffy but, at the same time, able to provide warmth and insulate effectively, it is a coveted material in the bedding industry. You can enjoy feeling warm under your down duvet without feeling too heavy. 

Since the purpose of the down material is to provide warmth and loft, the quality of down is determined by the loft and fill power (FP). 

Benefits of a Down Duvet 

Breathable material 

Down being a three-dimensional product made of light filament is a highly breathable material. It can provide warmth without neglecting to create a breathable sleep environment that won’t be causing you to sweat tons under your duvet. 

Pliable to the body 

Since down is a light and fluffy material, you can ensure that your duvet will contour to your body. This means that even if you toss and turn throughout the night, your duvet will latch onto your body, ensuring that no part is left cold during your sleep. 

Naturally warm and fluffy

Aside from providing warmth that is breathable and pliable, down is also an incredibly comfortable material. It is naturally fluffy and will provide a plush feeling. Moreover, it is extra light in weight, so you won’t need to feel constrained with a heavy duvet weighing you down. 

Duck or Goose? 

A goose is a bird that is bigger compared to a duck. Because of this, the down of a goose grows much more significant than that of a duck. The difference in size is also equivalent to a difference in loft power and warmness. 

Another key difference is that, generally speaking, goose down is a more expensive material compared to duck down. However, this doesn’t hold for all circumstances. A duck raised to be higher in quality compared to lower quality geese can be more expensive. 

With all of these considered, the consensus is to get a goose down duvet. 

Goose down is stronger and more durable 

Geese live longer than ducks due to their bigger size. This is why their downs are generally more durable and have better fill power. With all other factors equal, a duvet filled with 100% goose down is guaranteed to be warmer and have a better loft than a duvet filled with 100% duck down. 

Goose down is naturally fluffy and warm

While both duck and geese are migratory birds, geese generally travel longer and farther than a duck. They flock all over the world and are subject to various climates — from hot to warm. Because of these, their down can warm their bodies throughout their migration patterns naturally. You can expect the same effect with a duvet made from the down of a goose. 

Goose vs duck down: is there any difference? 

While I’ve already listed two leading edges or goose down over duck down, it’s essential to keep in mind that the two kinds of down are very similar, and it’s the construction of your duvet that you should be looking closer into. 

Zoom into the puffiness and fill power of your duvet. Fill power, in scientific terms, is the number of cubic inches that an ounce of down material occupies. 

Best Down Duvets

Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

This duvet is made from Hungarian goose down, one of the best quality down in the market harvested from mature Hungarian geese. 

The outer cover is made from 100% cotton, which ensures breathability, softness, and non-abrasion to the skin. 

The filling is made from 90% down and 10% feather, ensuring a snug and smooth sleep experience. 

What I also appreciate as someone who has sensitivities is that this duvet has been constructed to be non-allergenic. The materials that were used are less likely to cause allergies. 

SUFUEE White Goose & Feather Down Duvet

This duvet has a tog rating of 13.5, especially suitable if you live in a cold area and need an extra warm duvet. 

It comprises 15% goose down and 85% goose feather for a warm without weight feeling. The outer cover is made of pure cotton, which ensures a comfortable and soft sleeping surface. 

If you suffer from allergies like me, you’ll also be pleased to know that this has been constructed to be anti-dust mites. 

I also appreciate the fact that SUFUEE offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is great if you worry about the risk of buying this duvet. 

Snuggledown Duck Feather & Down Duvet

This is Amazon’s choice for a down duvet. It is from Snuggledown with a 10.5 tog rating. 

The fillings are made of 15% duck down and 85% duck feather. All of this is encased in a cotton cover with a thread count of 230. 

One thing that I appreciate about this duvet is that it has taken extra care to ensure that no cold lumps form. The filling is secured in place by an internal box construction. 

This is also non-allergenic, which means that the used materials are less likely to trigger any allergies. 

Another feature of this duvet is that it is machine washable for easy maintenance. You can rest easy that your duvet is back on your bed in no time. 

D & G The Duck & Goose Feather Down Duvet 

D & G THE DUCK AND GOOSE CO Feather Down Duvet 13.5 Tog_

This duvet made from duck feather and down is available in three different tog ratings suitable for the changing seasons. 

One unique feature of this duvet is that it is skin-friendly and anti-allergy. The cover fibres are tightly woven together to prevent allergens like dust mites and mildew from penetrating the duvet. 

The fillings are kept in place by quilted box stitching. It has been constructed to ensure that each box has the same amount of filling and that the total amount of filling is evenly spread throughout the duvet, ensuring that it is without cold spots.