How To Keep Sheets On Your Bed

Desperate to find out how to keep sheets on your bed? Being a very common issue, out of place sheets can get very annoying. Luckily, you have us to help you deal with this matter. Not only that, but you will also know:

  •  Why do sheets often fall off?
  • 6 ways to keep sheets on your bed
  •  The best sheets you should opt for

There is always something tidy and stress-free about sleeping in sheets that are always in place. So, if you find your sheets falling off, it’s bound to annoy you! From finding the perfect-sized sheets to using suspenders, there are several ways on how to keep sheets on your bed!

Why Do Sheets Often Fall Off?

Hate the annoying feeling of your sheets coming off the corners the moment you sit or sleep on your bed? Well, you’re not alone!

Perhaps, the depth of the pocket is not fit for your bed, or it’s way too shallow to fit in your mattress perfectly. So, if you’re not being innovative and using the right tricks, you’re going to be having a hard time falling asleep.

6 Ways To Keep Sheets On Your Bed

Did you know that as many as 36% of adults in the UK suffer from sleep problems? While there are many reasons behind it, non-comfortable sheets could also be one of them. This means that either the sheets are wrong, or they keep falling off, much to the annoyance of adults.

So, how do you go about keeping your sheets in place as you look forward to a good night’s sleep? Here are six ways on how to keep sheets on your bed.

Use Rug Corners That Are Non-Slip

One of the best and easiest methods to keep sheets on your bed is the usage of rug corners. These non-slip undersides can easily grip the surface. 

So, when you place these under your sheet in each of the mattress’ corners, the sheet won’t be able to come off from its place. If you want, you could also opt for foam-based rug corners.

Aim For The Top Corners First

This trick could help you keep your sheets in place throughout the day. When making your bed or using new sheets, ensure that you aim for the top corners first. 

Tucking the sheet into the top corners first will make it easier for you to tuck the bottom corners. Not only that, but the sheet will hold its place longer than when you do it the other way round.

Go For Sheet Suspenders

Who says suspenders are only for pants? You could totally use suspenders for your sheets that are certain to keep them in the right place. All you need to do is clip the suspenders onto your sheet.

After that, secure the suspenders to your mattress and voila! Your sheets will never be out of place! You could also opt for criss-cross suspenders if you’re looking for a more secure and better option.

Opt For Stretchy Bands

Not only suspenders, but you could opt for stretchy bands for your sheets, too! That’s right. You can get a set of these rubber or stretchy bands to keep your sheets perfectly in place. All you have to do is fasten this band across your mattress in such a way that its locking mechanism faces outward.

Upon securing the band, you can go ahead and fit it onto your sheet. After attaching the sheet and lining up the locks, you can fasten it in place by locking up. It’s that simple!

Use Safety Pins

This is another interesting way to keep your sheets in place on your bed: safety pins! When the sheet slides and slips constantly, you can pin it down with safety pins. Intrigued, right? To properly execute this method, you need to ensure that you use the pins in the correct manner.

For this, make sure that you use the safety pins with the sheet’s pressure while tugging and not against. This way, you will keep both the pins and sheet safe while having your sheet in the perfect position.

Try Zippered Sheets

When you are a neat freak, seeing your sheet all crumpled and out of place is the last thing you’d want. So, when all options fail, you could try out zippered sheets! These sheets will also be very helpful if you have kids at home who have a hard time making their beds.

With a zipped base and top, this sheet will wrap all the way around your mattress. This way, it will hold the sheet securely and effectively in place. Not only that, but this is also a great option if you are looking forward to changing linens in a hassle-free manner!

The Best Sheets You Should Opt For

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind while hunting for the best sheets. From choosing the most breathable sheets to stain-resistant and pet-friendly sheets, the choices are endless.

While there are a variety of options to go for, we recommend that you purchase Egyptian cotton sheets. From being easy to clean to affordable, these sheets will provide you with a sound sleep!

Zippered sheets are also slowly acquiring fame. Moreover, you will find them easily available in stores or online in the UK. Not only are these sheets comfortable, but they also save you a lot of time when making your bed!


So, now that you have an idea of how to keep your sheets on your bed, are you excited to try them out? We bet you are! Don’t allow your OCD to have your sheets neatly in place to spoil your mood.

Try these tips and tricks today, and you will be amazed by how you can save a lot of time and energy! Not only that, but you will have one of the best sleeps ever, knowing the fact that your sheets are going to be in place in the morning!