Panda Bamboo Bedding Review

In our Panda bamboo bedding review, we inspect the sheets, covers, and pillowcases that comprise this set. It comes from the company known to prioritise helping the environment in the production of their products, which is perfect for sleepers who are making an effort of reducing their carbon footprint. It’s reasonably priced, considering the product’s fantastic performance and the quality of the raw materials like bamboo. Other desirable benefits (30-night free trial period, 1-year guarantee, and free delivery), sustainable living has never been so comfortable. 

What’s the Panda bedding made from?

100% rayon from bamboo. The primary material used for this set is rayon sourced from bamboo fibres. All the sheets and items in the set are 100% bamboo and provides a smooth and silky feel. Rayon is known for its velvety texture that will feel pleasant and non-irritant to the skin. Moreover, rayon also looks expensive for a low price, which will elevate your mattress aesthetically. 

Bamboo is an extremely breathable fabric, so you’ll get proper air circulation throughout your sleep environment. If you need to keep cool during hot summer nights, the effects of the breathable, lightweight fabrics will lend themselves to you. 

Panda bedding review

The moisture-wicking natural capabilities of the fibre will help keep you sweat-free and fresh throughout the night. If its heat insulation you need to get through cold winter nights, the bamboo’s temperature-regulation capability will shine through. More importantly, the weave of all items is satin and has been improved countless times during the development process. 

Panda’s goal was to produce a weave softer than Egyptian cotton, and with trial and error and refinement during the development process. They went even further than that by creating a fabric that softens with every wash. This is because the sheets have the highest thread count possible at 320 threads, equivalent to 1,200 for cotton. 

Panda Bambo sheets

Bamboo buttons and security straps. For your convenience, buttons and straps have been sewn to the sheets. As this whole product is 100% bamboo, even the buttons have been crafted from raw bamboo. This makes it 100% free of plastic and other materials that are not sustainable and are destructive to the environment. 

The handcrafted bamboo buttons are sturdier than regular buttons, and are sewn to prevent them popping out quickly. This will ensure that the sheets and covers are in perfect condition for a long time. 

Panda bamboo butons

Moreover, to prevent the duvet covers from slipping and wiggling around with you, security straps have been added. These straps have been sewn so that they are not easily visible. They are meant to complement the Panda Cloud Duvet but can also be used with other duvets compatible in size. 

Natural, non-toxic dyes. To further complement the naturalness and eco-friendliness of the whole set, Panda has also chosen dyes that are rid of any toxic chemicals. This means that all dyes have been produced such that no harmful chemicals make it into bodies of water. To seal this feature, the OEKO-TEX certification ensures it has passed the standards. 

These dyes are extracted from plants, which are sustainable sources. Other non-natural or synthetic dyes have been known to emit carcinogenic components, which you certainly do not want. 

Panda bedding materials

What’s it like under the covers?

This whole bedding set feels soft, breathable, and secure. The silky non-irritable rayon woven is excellent for sleepers with skin sensitivities and will undoubtedly find this texture to be relaxing to sleep on. 

The whole set is 100% bamboo fibres, it’s incredibly breathable. Stacking mattress accessories can often get stuffy, especially in humid weather. The great thing about this bed set is that you are kept comfortable without feeling hot or sweaty during your sleep. And when the climate changes and you need warmth, these sheets and covers will provide them for you. 

Lastly, the bed is extra secure. This is all because of the buttons and straps that have been durably sewn into the items for your convenience. You can rest easy that your sleep will be left uninterrupted, without having to get up and deal with annoying buttons popping out. 

Weight and thickness

The whole Panda bedding set is available in 4 standard UK sizes. The chart below details the dimensions of the duvet covers, fitted sheets, and pillowcases. Buying the complete set will give you access to all three mattress accessories. They are also sold individually. 

SizeDuvet CoverFitted SheetsPillowcases
Single 135 x 200 cm 90 x 190 x 32 cm 50 x 75 cm (1 case)
UK Double 200 x 200 cm 135 x 190 x 32 cm 50 x 75 cm (2 cases)
King225 x 220 cm 150 x 200 x 32 cm 50 x 75 cm (2 cases)
Super King250 x 220 cm 180 x 200 x 32 cm 50 x 75 cm (2 cases)

What’s the set cost?

The table below summarises the price, size and bedding items. You can choose to buy the complete bedding set to get all three items (duvet covers, fitted sheets, and pillowcases). The pillowcases are only available in one standard size (50 x 75 cm) and are sold in a pack of two for £19.95. Be on the lookout for sales or discounts on the Panda website during your time of purchase!

SizeComplete setsDuvet CoverFitted Sheets 
Single £110.00£73.00£42.50
UK Double £145.00£94.00£53.00
Super King£180.00£110.00£61.50
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  • 30-night free trial 
  • Free delivery anywhere in the UK
  • 1-year guarantee

Is the Panda bedding right for you?

Beddings, like all mattress accessories, have to complement your sleeping habits, tastes, and needs. After inspecting the Panda bamboo set, we’ve concluded that it’s best for sleepers who want a soft sleeping surface that is breathable and temperature-conforming. It’s also great for those who are living sustainable, environmentally-friendly lives. 

As the bamboo fibres in these sheets have been engineered to get softer by the minute, you can rest easy that these products will hold up to the test of time and that you will be sleeping softly for years down the road. A soft and pleasant sleeping surface is always fantastic, as it helps keep you snug and lulls you to sleep easily. Also, as bamboo is breathable and naturally temperature-regulating, your sheets and cases will help keep you fresh throughout the night. They will provide coolness when you need it and warmth to get your body at the right temperature to sleep. 

This is what we usually say when reviewing products that come from Panda. Still, as the company is dedicated to producing sleep products ethically sourced and friendly to the environment, we highly recommend them to sleepers who are vegan and are living sustainable lives.