Panda Cloud Duvet Review

Our Panda duvet review examines the comforter from the sleep company known for its ethically sourced and eco-friendly raw materials. The Panda Cloud Duvet is described to feel like a cloud, with its soft and fluffy feel. It has been constructed to simulate the effect of down feathers for a soft and warm sleep all year long. You also get a 30-night trial period, a 5-year guarantee, and free delivery anywhere in the UK. 

What’s the Panda duvet made from?

100% rayon cover from bamboo. The cover of the Panda Cloud comforter is 100% rayon made from bamboo. This makes the surface incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. Rayon, in itself, is already a comfortable fabric that will not irritate your skin. It makes the surface simulate that of a cloud, living up to its name. 

Moreover, as raw material, bamboo fibres are one of the most comfortable materials on the planet because of how soft and velvety it feels to the skin. Bamboo is also naturally insulating. This means that the material of choice has endowed the comforter with temperature-regulating properties. This works in unison with the filling for snug and temperature-appropriate sleep. 

Panda cloud duvet UK review

Another benefit to using bamboo is its natural hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. This means that the surface of your comforter will be more hygienic and less allergy-inducing than others in the market. This makes it an ideal choice for hypersensitive and always prevented by a runny nose from getting some shut-eye. 

The cover is white, with the Panda logo stamped into the corner. Black piping is also utilised to outline the whole duvet for extra styling and contrast. Moreover, corner loops are sewn into the underside of the quilted blanket so that it properly stays in place and doesn’t slide around while you’re sleeping. 

Panda cloud review

Bamboo and nano microfibre filling. The filling of this comforter is a mix of 50% bamboo and 50% nano microfibre filling. This means that it has the benefits of both materials. The stuffing is incredibly breathable during hot summers but is useful in insulating heat for the cold winters. This makes it the perfect comforter for all-year-round. 

Nano microfibre is also an excellent material for heat retention. These fibres are split together multiple times to form a fine, tightly woven fabric. Because it’s woven tightly, it’s an excellent material for trapping heat. However, microfibre is still incredibly soft and smooth, further adding to this comforter’s cloud texture. 

Both materials used for the filling mix are also hypoallergenic. This works in unison with the hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties exhibited by the rayon bamboo cover. Not only is the feeling able to trap heat, but they are also breathable and moisture-wicking, which makes them great for all climates and seasons. You’ll feel fresh when you need to and feel hot when you need the warmth.

Panda cloud duvet review materials

The underside is quilted bavarian style into grids. This secures the filling into place and evenly distributes the warm bits. So, no need to fight over for the warm parts, as the whole comforter will be evenly warm. 

Panda duvet tag

Panda Duvet Tog

In fact, the tog of this product is 10.5, which is the ideal tog for a comforter to be used all year. Duvet tog is a scale of how a duvet can retain heat. The scale goes from 1 to 15, with 15 being the best in heat retention. 10.5 is the ideal number as comforters with a tog rating more excellent than that number have been known to be too hot and stuffy for most people. 

What’s it like under the covers?

There are two categories that best describe the feel of the Panda comforter: softness and warmth. Firstly, it is incredibly soft and fluffy. The bamboo and nano microfibre filling mix has been engineered to simulate the effect of downward feathers, producing a sleep surface that is light and extremely pleasant to the body. 

This is a great way to adjust the feel of your bed’s surface without taking away the support and benefits of an actual mattress. 

Comforters are a great way to adjust the warmth of your bed according to season. However, there is no need to change with the Panda comforter every time the trees’ colour changes. This is because the duvet is an all-rounder that provides warmth complementary to the different seasons. 

As bamboo and nano microfibres are incredibly lightweight and breathable products, they allow air passage throughout your mattress assembly. This makes sleep during hotter nights more comfortable, as air circulation is well promoted. On the other hand, as bamboo is an excellent product for heat retention, it can trap heat effectively. This allows the product to warm up your body for the cold winter nights. 

Weight and thickness

The Panda duvet is available in four UK sizes. The table below details the dimensions of each size. The weight and tog rating is constant at 500 GSM and 10.5 for all sizes, respectively. 

Single 135 x 200 cm 
UK Double 200 x 200 cm 
King225 x 220 cm 
Super King260 x 220 cm 

How much does it cost?

The table below is a summary of the size and price. We suggest not to rely on this table too much as Panda regularly makes seasonal sales on their website, which will present lower prices than the ones below.

Single £99.95
UK Double £129.95
Super King£159.95
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  • 30-night trial period 
  • Free delivery and returns for anywhere in the UK 
  • 5-year guarantee period 

Is the Panda duvet right for you?

Like other bed accessories, Duvets have to conform to your sleeping needs, benefits, and preferences. That being said, after looking at various reviews, we have determined that the Panda comforter is perfect for those who want a soft sleeping surface with little to no required maintenance and changing for the ideal temperatures. It’s also a recommended product for sleepers who lead sustainable and ethical lifestyles. 

Firstly, the Panda cloud duvet is soft and fluffy, literally its namesake. It provides a smooth sleeping surface silky to the touch. It isn’t irritating or harsh to the skin, and you’ll be lulled to sleep easily. Moreover, since it is also breathable with superior temperature-regulation, it effectively provides the ideal heat with no matter the season. It reduces the need to maintain multiple comforters suitable for multiple seasons, which can be time-consuming for people who don’t have the liberty. 

This is important as you won’t need to change comforters for every season. It’s perfect all year-round. Next, as the materials used for this product are ethically sourced and sustainable, without harming any animals and leaving behind the lowest carbon footprint possible, it is excellent for vegan sleepers and sleepers wanting sustainable lifestyles.