Can You Use Indorex On A Mattress?

Do you have fleas in your home? Pets bring home unwanted guests at certain times of the year, and we need to break out the Indorex to solve the problem.

Yes, you can spray Indorex on a Mattress. However, check a small sample area of the mattress before spraying all over. Do not over wet the mattress or any other furnishings with Indorex. Make sure the room is well ventilated after 30 minutes of spraying.

Can Flea Spray Be Used on a Mattress?

Yes, you can use flea spray on a mattress but be aware if you do have fleas in your bedroom, they will be in most soft furnishings, including your carpet.

Before spraying your mattress with flea spray, check the instructions on the canister. Some flea sprays are quite toxic, so make sure the room is ventilated.

Spray on a small sample area of the mattress before spraying the whole bed. This is to make sure there are no adverse effects on your mattress material.

Once you are satisfied with the sample area, spray the whole mattress but do not wet it.

You will need to spray every nook and cranny to get rid of these home invaders.

Will Indorex Kill The Flea Pupae?

Unfortunately no. Indorex only kills the active fleas; the pupae or eggs of the fleas can lie dormant for up to a year in your carpet.

The only thing that will kill the pupae is fire!

What Can You Spray on a Mattress For Fleas?

You can use any flea preparation from your local vet or pet store. Some are quite aggressive, so be careful with furnishings.

There are some botanical flea sprays on the market if you prefer to take a more natural approach to the problem.

You will need to strip off all bedding and wash thoroughly, and dry cleaning bedding should be put in a plastic bag sprayed and sealed before dry cleaning.

It is vital that you carefully read any insecticide labelling before applying the insecticide to the mattress.

Under normal circumstances, a light spray covering the whole mattress will be sufficient to eradicate the initial problem.

You will need to repeat the process in 1 month to try and eradicate the life cycle of hatching fleas.

When Should You Hoover After Using Indorex?

You will need to vacuum thoroughly for seven consecutive days, and I mean thoroughly. The vacuum vibrations should cause the pupae to hatch, and you can suck them into the vacuum bag.

Dispose of the vacuum bag after each time you vacuum. If you use a popular bagless upright vacuum cleaner, empty the contents of the collection chamber into a plastic bag and seal it before placing it in the bin outside.

Where Do I Use Indorex Flea Spray?

If you have fleas in your home, they will be wherever your cat or dog has been. It is best to treat the whole house. Don’t forget your pet’s bedding.