How to Warm Up a North Facing Bedroom

Would you like to know how to warm up a north-facing bedroom? It’s okay. There is a solution for you. 

To warm up a north facing bedroom, opt for warmer shades like gold, yellow, or pink to make the room look cosy. You can also experiment with glossy paints to let the light reflect the space. Adding daylight bulbs, hanging a mirror opposite the window or on the walls can help brighten the room. 

Let’s take a closer look at this!

North facing bedrooms rarely get sunlight, but there are many creative ways to transform the space to add more light and warmth. If you need some help with your north facing bedroom, you can use some of these ideas.

Some ways to warm up a north facing bedroom

Take Advantage of The Natural Light 

Even if the bedroom faces the north, some daylight will naturally set in. The best way is to take advantage of the natural light and make the most out of it. It’s best to avoid colours like grey or green as they have cool undertones. Likewise, use bright colours for walls like pastels, white, primrose yellow, or pale shades to enhance the natural light. However, if bright neutral colours don’t suit your taste, you can embrace warm darker colours. 

Keep The Window Light and Simple 

Avoid heavy window treatment as it will directly affect the light entering the room. Heavy curtains will block natural light so instead, opt for sheer curtains to allow maximum light to get in. Roman or Venetian window blinds are also a good option for a north facing bedroom as they are low maintenance and creates a warm finish. Additionally, these blinds will also block light whenever required. 

Also, refrain from keeping any objects near the window to avoid blocking the light. The aim is to bring in more sunlight so remove clutter from the surrounding area that absorbs the sunlight and keep a space for the light to shine through.  

If you have houseplants, you can keep them in the corner of the room or table and choose plants requiring minimal sunlight. 

Go for Daylight Bulbs

With poor sunlight in your bedroom, you can be creative with daylight bulbs. Daylight bulbs can be used as a substitute for natural daylight. To brighten up your north-facing bedroom during the day, use a daylight bulb with a colour temperature of 4000K-6500K and a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 80%. In the evening, use a colour temperature of 2000K-3000K. Daylight bulbs can be of various types such as LED, incandescent, fluorescent and spiral bulbs. 

There is also a unique type of daylight bulb known as ‘full-spectrum lights.’ It’s recommended for people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Although more expensive, they are also a good option providing a perfect colour rendition of up to 96%. 

Use a Light Layering Technique

Proper light layering can bring the room to life. Rather than relying on a single ceiling light, use a light layering technique to enhance the look of your north-facing bedroom. It involves using multiple light sources like ambient, task, and accent lighting for a seamless transition from bright to dim depending on the amount of light entering your bedroom.

  • You can use ambient lighting (wall sconce, flush-mount, torchiere, cove) for general illumination. 
  • You can add task lighting (pendant, table lamps) for adjustable lighting and a well-lit space.
  • Or accent lighting (picture lights, track or monorail, accent lighting) for a cosy atmosphere.

By finding the proper light layering, it can balance the lighting of your north facing bedroom. Ambient and task lighting produce a well-lit space for general lighting; to add more character, you can add accent lighting. Additionally, layering the room with floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lights will create a warm glow. 

Choose the Right Furniture

For a north facing bedroom, avoid bulky and heavy furniture as it makes the room appear darker. Instead, opt for slim, low-height furniture pieces that allow light to pass through and brighten the room. 

You can use lighter furniture pieces such as marble sideboards, transparent side tables, and glass or mirrored coffee tables to reflect better light around the room. Reflective furniture provides a similar effect to light-reflecting decorative pieces, so it’s best to place items that will bring in more light to brighten the room. 

Opt for Light Reflecting Decorative Items

The decorative items you use to decorate your north facing bedroom can also significantly impact the warmth and lighting of the room. Hanging a mirror parallel to the window will reflect the light across the room and create an illusion to enlarge the space—a simple way to make a room appear larger, brighter, and more open. 

Even without a window in your bedroom, you can still hang a mirror on the wall for a better lighting effect. If you’re dealing with a small space, consider choosing a mirror with a thin frame. 

Choose a lighter-toned carpet or rug for better light reflection—similarly, a bright flooring will brighten the room. White floorboards or light wood flooring add a perfect touch for the north facing bedroom, bringing in more light. You can place a natural coloured rug for more light and warmth in the bedroom. If you want to go for patterned rugs, consider choosing a brighter colour. Additionally, to liven up the space, add metallic decorative objects as they reflect light.

Add a Light Reflective Wallpaper & Accessories

Adding wallpaper to your north facing bedroom is a great way to invite more light to brighten a dark room. You can opt for a pale background or metallic finish to maximise the sunlight reflection in your bedroom. 

When picking accessories for your north facing bedroom, ensure that you choose reflective decorative items. As mentioned above, metallic objects reflect light. Hence you can go for metallic frames, copper pots, metal wall arts, or metallic statement pieces that add glow and elegance to your bedroom.