IKEA Bed Size Guide

Looking for your perfect IKEA bed size? Our guide will show you how to buy a suitable one. 

Besides that, you’ll also get the answers to various bed size-related questions, such as:

  • What is the difference between UK bed and IKEA bed sizes?
  • What bed styles are available in IKEA?
  • What mattresses are suitable for IKEA beds?

Getting the right bed size is vital for you to enjoy proper sleep. The body requires a good amount of space to sleep comfortably. IKEA provides a wide range of bed sizes, from single to super king-size beds and even custom sizes.

So, let’s get right into it!

About IKEA

Founded in Sweden and based in Delft, Netherlands, IKEA is a multinational company that sells furniture, appliances, and home services. 

It has been the largest furniture retailer worldwide since 2008. IKEA sells modern, ready-to-assemble furniture at affordable prices, catering to millions of customers.

Today, the UK has 22 IKEA stores, while there are over 450 in the rest of the world.


Also called EU (European) beds, the beds available in IKEA are longer than regular UK sizes. 

For instance, an IKEA double bed size measures 200 cm (length) and 140 cm (width), while a traditional UK double bed measures 190 cm (l) x 137 cm (w). 

What Is The Difference Between UK Bed And IKEA Bed Sizes?

Much too tall people’s relief, IKEA bed sizes are slightly bigger, in length and width, than regular UK sizes. Only their king-size beds have the same dimensions.

Below you’ll find the comparison between UK and IKEA bed sizes. Let’s start with the widest options:

  • Super King Size Bed Dimensions:

IKEA and UK- 200 cm (length) x 180 cm (width)

  • King Size Bed Dimensions:

IKEA- 200 cm (length) x 160 cm (width)

UK- 200 cm (length) x 152 cm (width)

  • Double Bed Dimensions:

IKEA- 200 cm (length) x 140 cm (width)

UK- 190 cm (length) x 137 cm (width)

  • Single Bed Dimensions:

IKEA- 200 cm (length) x 90 cm (width)

UK- 190 cm (length) x 90 cm (width)

As you can see, there are slight yet noticeable differences between IKEA and UK size beds. IKEA beds are more suitable for taller people who wish to sleep more comfortably without their feet dangling in the air!

These size differences are also worth considering while buying mattresses and accessories.

What Bed Styles Are Available In IKEA?

IKEA presents a broad range of bed styles for customers to find the perfect one for their bedroom décor and space. 

You can purchase a bed depending on the design, material, size, and other aspects.

There’s finally a solution for taller people and also those who like to sleep with more space. The range of options available will surely accommodate your needs and end your quest to find the perfect bed.

Here are some IKEA bed options you can check out:

Divan Base Beds

Thanks to their elegant design and comfort, Divan beds are very popular among buyers. They consist of two parts- a mattress and a divan base. However, these beds can also come with separate legs or mattress pads, depending on the model. 

Divan bases are wooden frames covered with fabric upholstery. They often have in-built storage drawers underneath and are available in various colours and sizes. The prices for these beds start at around £179. 

Firm Top Bed Base with Legs

This one is a flexible base, so you can select the leg size and height. You can also choose from a wide selection of fabrics. 

IKEA Firm top bed base is ideal for those who want to keep their bed elevated and above the floor level. They start at around £250. Make sure to select EU sizes before checking out.

Ottoman Divan Bed with Side Opening

Great for small spaces, ottoman divan beds are very handy for those who want to purchase beds with storage. This divan bed has a side opening to store your blankets, bed linens, pillows, or anything you want. The prices start at around £350 in IKEA. 

Ottoman Divan Bed with End Opening

This bed is similar to the ottoman divan bed with a side opening. If you don’t prefer the side opening, this one has storage access from the bed’s end. Choose EU sizes while proceeding to checkout. The starting price is £359.

Custom Sizes

Many people opt for customizing their bed sizes for various reasons. It is sometimes a better option when you can’t find your preferred bed size. 

You might not find a wide enough or long enough bed on IKEA. It could also be because your door or staircase doesn’t fit the standard-size beds. Whatever the reason, you can get custom bed sizes on IKEA.

What Mattresses Are Suitable For IKEA Beds?

Fortunately, you wouldn’t need to look for a mattress for your bed elsewhere as IKEA has a full range of mattresses designed to fit all bed sizes. 

Many mattress types are available for everyone to find the ideal one. Whether you wish to purchase a firm orthopaedic mattress or a memory foam mattress, IKEA has many options to choose from. 

Here are the mattresses available at IKEA:

  • Orthopaedic Mattress
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Pocket Sprung Mattress
  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Natural Mattress
  • Zip and Link Mattress


Finding the right bed size is essential for many reasons. You must ensure the bed fits your space perfectly and helps you get a comfortable night’s rest.

We sleep for around 1/3rd of our lives. So it’s important to invest in the right bed. Luckily, IKEA has more than a few options for us to select from when it comes to bed sizes.

They are available from single to super king bed sizes. Even better, you can even customize the bed size according to your preference and requirements. 

Purchasing a bed in IKEA shouldn’t be a hassle as they are available for people of all sizes. Hopefully, this post has given you an idea of the bed dimensions and how much you can expect to spend.