Shorter Lengths Beds And Mattresses

Are you wondering if you can get shorter lengths of beds and mattresses? If yes, then fear not because you can! There are a multitude of brands that customize beds or mattresses according to how you want them! 

In fact, shorter-length beds and mattresses are in higher demand now because of the lack of space in apartments these days! Maybe you have a small box room that you want to turn into a guest room! But can’t you find a bed that fits in the room? Just relax! 

We are going to walk through a few questions you may have in mind, such as:

  • Can brands make shorter lengths of beds and mattresses?
  • What is the standard bed size guide in the UK?
  • How to find a shorter bed length for the small space?
  • Where can I order my custom bed from?

Shorter lengths beds and mattresses are great for awkward spaces that need a bed but don’t fit a standard-sized bed. There are many reputed bed brands/manufacturers that custom make both the bed and a mattress according to the dimensions you provide. 

Can brands make shorter lengths of beds and mattresses?

Yes, they can! The UK is filled with numerous bed manufacturers that take orders to make custom-sized beds and mattresses. Maybe you need a king-size width bed but of a shorter length? Don’t worry because you will find one! 

Reputed brands such as Bed Guru, and a few others excel in manufacturing odd-size beds and mattresses. You can order any sized bed and a mattress along with it. 

What is the standard bed size guide in the UK?

Beds in the UK follow the imperial dimensions and consist of 6 standard sizes. They are given below:

Standard sizeDimensions (Imperial)Width (cm)Length (cm)
UK Super King6ft x 6ft6180200
UK King Size5ft x 6ft6150200
UK Double4ft6 x 6ft3135190
UK Small Double4ft6 x 6ft3120190
UK Single3ft x 6ft390190
UK Small Single2ft6 x 6ft375190

e the standard bed sizes followed in the UK; however, bed brands can change the dimensions according to your needs. 

For example, bed manufacturers can construct a Small Single that is 75 cm wide but 165cm or 170 cm in length. Hence, you can get shorter lengths of beds and mattresses under any of the given standard sizes. 

How to find a shorter bed length for the small space?

Finding a shorter bed length is crucial if the room is very small and will fit only shorter beds. The main factor to consider is how much space you want around the bed. If your room is very small, you may want the bed touching the walls and cramped up in one corner. 

Also, if there are doors and windows, ensure enough space between the bed and the door. 

You can begin by measuring the room’s dimensions using the formula length x breath = area. Since you are looking for a shorter bed, your room length may be small.

You should consider the space you want to keep between the end of the bed and the wall. You don’t want the bed knocking on the walls as it may destroy the bed and the wall too. 

You also change the layout of the room if you want more space. Nevertheless, shorter-length beds are a great pick for the small spare room in your house that you don’t use often. 

Shorter-length beds are also shorty beds, available in different sizes for kids and adults. Generally, a short single bed can measure about 5ft 3-8 inches long and 2ft 6 inches wide. But, if you want a king-size shorty bed, it can measure up to 6ft 3 inches long and 5 ft wide. 

Hence, it simply depends on how short and wide you want your bed size. 

Where can I order my custom bed and mattress?

You can order custom beds of shorter lengths through reputed bed manufacturers in the UK that provide top-class quality and craftsmanship. 

Constructing shorter-length beds with bigger widths is a challenge since you need the right balance scale to make the bed durable and strong.

Hence, going to renowned bed manufacturers with expertise in this field is the right decision. 

By calling the number, you can connect to these manufacturers through their official websites.

If you are unsure of the bed size for your small room, you can even have professionals come to your place and measure the place. 

The best part about getting professionals is that they provide the service of coming to your house and fixing the bed for you. Also, despite the bed’s short length or size, you even ask for storage beds in any size. 

If you only want to order a mattress of a shorter length, then you can do so through popular mattress brands. Most of the brands offer custom-sized mattresses available in different types of materials. With the brands, you can get pocket-sprung mattresses, memory foam, superior hybrid ones, and more. 

If you don’t have a bed but simply want a shorter mattress, then getting a thicker one is a good choice. Thicker mattresses give the comfort of a bed even when they are placed on the floor. You can even find 100% chemical-free mattresses, which are a great choice for children or even adults, for that matter. 


Shorter lengths beds and mattresses are a convenient choice if you have a small room appropriate for guests. These space-saving beds are in trend right now, given the small extra rooms in almost all houses in the UK. 

You can order a shorter mattress for the bed from the same brand or manufacturer since they can customize it to fit the bed like a glove.

So, don’t stress if you are looking for shorter-length beds or mattresses because you can find them all online and offline stores.