The Best Sleep Memes

There is nothing more relatable than sleeping and the struggles you face with it. You find it funny bonding through your shared struggles about sleeping, whether it’d be the fact that you barely get any sleep, are unable to sleep, or about the interactions of your internet use and sleep schedules. Whatever you struggle in your sleep about, here are some memes about sleep that you will surely relate to. 

This meme features the classic meme template of Marge Simpson’s bloodshot eyes and shows the reality of perpetual tiredness that you experience throughout the day. But for some reason, when you get to bed and try to sleep, it’s like you weren’t tired all day at all. 

A perfect way to outsmart yourself and your boss. Technically, you won’t get in trouble for feeling sleepy on the job, but you might be called to management for sleeping on the job. 

This is the classic “Just 5 more minutes” that you say to yourself while hitting the snooze button. But we always know what that 5 minutes turns into. It turns to hours! 

Every one of us has done this. I’m sure you’ve done this, too. It’s when you calculate how many hours of sleep you get when you set your alarm clock for 7 AM tomorrow, just in time to theoretically get out of bed, get ready, and get yourself to work. But then, if you calculate too much, you end up losing an hour and then another, and then you panic. 

Do you know how you sometimes miraculously fall asleep on the couch while watching a rather dull movie? But then someone tells you to move to your bed? And now you can’t go back to sleep because your funky flow’s been ruined, and sleeping is typically rare for you anyways? Do you know what face you make when that happens? Precisely like this dog’s, wrapped around his blanket. 

When you’re made to choose between going back to sleep or going to your job, and your eyes look precisely as this not-so-Sleeping Beauty? We’ve all been there. 

You all know what no sleep does to you. It makes you tired and unable to focus like you have mashed potatoes for brains. And when you try to do stuff despite not getting enough sleep, you are exactly like Patrick in this picture. 

Ah, that blissful feeling when you’re going to bed, and you know you can wake up at midnight tomorrow and there’d be no one stopping you. Just absolute, pure bliss. 

This is another meme that further validates the tiredness you feel throughout the day. You yawn, you deal with watery sleepy eyes, and so on. But then, at 1:30 AM, you start counting sheep, and your tiredness has magically gone away. 

When friends and family ask you how you survive off of barely three hours of sleep every night, the simple answer is that you don’t, and you’re barely hanging there. 

When people ask how you slept last night, instead of saying, “I slept good, I slept like a baby”, you just laugh at them because you didn’t.

You ever slept well for really long without ever moving? But then you wake up and found that you’ve slept on your hand/arm, and now it feels so numb it’s like only a robot skeleton remains? This is that feeling in meme form. 

While this may be funny and relatable, it teaches us something so that our sleep isn’t interrupted. Make sure to avoid liquids before going to bed so that you won’t have to get up and pee and lose your sleep momentum, preventing you from getting that good old shuteye. 

This is another super relatable meme, but it’s pretty accurate and valid. Humans love their blankets because it’s a form of security and comfort, allowing the body to relax and drift off to sleep. 

There is nothing more relatable than this one. There are special blankets made precisely for that purpose! Or if you’re too hot with the blanket on, you try sticking out one leg, and it’s the perfect balance.

Who sleeps with just one pillow? That is a literal crime. 

You’ve ever stayed awake all night that you saw the beautiful sunrise? Then you come down for some coffee or food because you got hungry, and your dad’s proud of you for not sleeping in. Little does he know that you never slept at all.

And then, when you wake up in the morning, the other person accuses you of sleeping on them after not replying. That said, switching to a warmer light or reduce screen time before sleeping is a great idea to get more sleep. 

You know it. Your phone’s preventing you from getting enough sleep most nights. You have all of these Netflix shows to watch, all of these Reddit posts to scroll through. What are you supposed to do? There’s only so much time in the day. 

It’s me when I decide to set up my alarm for my 6 AM exam at 4 AM in the morning. But then end up thinking of so many things and stressing about the exams that by the time I look at my phone, it’s 5:49 AM. 

This is why my favourite side of the bed is the one that faces the socket so that I can use my phone while it’s charging and while I’m in bed

When you act shocked or disappointed at people for bailing on you, in reality, you love it because you get to sleep in on Saturday morning. Nothing beats it. 

Let’s face it. If you had the choice to be glued over your bed versus losing your job, you’d 100% choose to be glued to your bed. It is just calling to you, like how the spirits of the ocean are calling to Moana. 

Sometimes, the stuff that keeps you up at night is deep, existential, like whether you are just a speck in this grand universe. But then, sometimes, the questions are just plain mind-blowing like this one. If that’s true, then the King should sleep on a king-sized mattress, right?