Best Adjustable Mattress And Sets

Looking for the best adjustable mattress and sets? If so, this post might help. Keep reading as we list the five best adjustable mattresses and sets.

Additionally, we’ll guide you on how to buy an adjustable mattress. Various types of mattresses are found in the market. It can be pretty challenging to get one if you’re new.

This post will touch on various topics related to adjustable mattresses and sets. 

But before we dive in, it’s essential to understand the terminology of an adjustable mattress.

Most brands refer to this mattress type as an adjustable bed or air bed. It is not like your typical mattress but can deflate or inflate. It comes with a remote or an app to adjust it. 

Five Best Adjustable Mattress And Sets

Given below is a list of the five best adjustable mattresses and sets worth giving a shot:

Our Top Pick: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress from Nectar is adjustable and suitable for any bed type. It’s medium-firm, 25cm thick, and is available in various sizes. Not all mattresses have an adjustability factor, but this premium memory foam mattress from Nectar is one of the few. 

Besides, it is suitable for body pain or if you’re a side sleeper. Usually, memory foam mattresses tend to get hot; however, in this case, it comprises five layers of premium foam, and one comes with a cooling gel. 


  • It comes in small double, double, single, king, and super king sizes. 
  • The brand offers a 365-night sleep trial period and a ten-year guarantee.
  • It comprises five layers of special-grade foams and is CertiPUR-US certified. 
  • This memory foam mattress also features motion isolation making it an ideal mattress for light sleepers. 


  • The firmness of the mattress is neither too hard or soft. 
  • It’s suitable for those who have back pain. 
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  • Lack of solid edge support. 

Sleepzee Gel Comfort 1000 Adjustable Divan Bed Set

This mattress comprises a bed base infused with five-part adjustment.

Buying a mattress and a bed separately might be a hassle for some people. If you’re one of them, perhaps this item is what you should be looking for. 

The mattress is made of high-quality foam with proper air vents allowing adequate air circulation. It’s medium-firm and is a hybrid of memory foam and springs, thus giving excellent support and comfort.


  • The mattress is 22cm deep, medium-firm, and hypoallergenic.
  • It has a seven-year guarantee for the mattress and two years for the motor. 
  • It’s available in four sizes: small single, single, king and super king. 
  • It features cooling technology which helps in regulating the temperature. 


  • It’s a comfortable mattress that is great for body pain and pressure relief.
  • It is easy to reposition because of the on-casters.


  • You may need to buy a headboard as it’s sold separately. 

Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Upholstered Bed Frame 

Sleepmotion Adjustable Upholstered Bed Frame might be perfect if you’re looking for a modern-style bed. This bed frame is stylish and sleek; it is available in three colours with enough storage space. 

The upholstered fabric used in this bed frame is durable, and the headboard is softly padded. It’s available in various sizes, leaving you with ample choices. Additionally, it’s compatible with Sleepmotion bases: 100i,200i and 400i. This upholstered bed frame is innovative, providing multiple features. 


  • This bed is a sleigh type with a foot end and scrolled headboard. 
  • It’s available in dark grey, brown leather and silver fabric.
  • The bed frame comes with a wired remote to control movement.
  • The footboard is 63cm high and 107cm high for the headboard.


  • It’s a stylish and adjustable bed frame available in various sizes. 
  • The drawers provide ample space for storage.
  • It’s easy to assemble but will require two people to do it. 


  • Some people may find an issue with creaking noise. 

Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

If you’re looking for an upgrade, perhaps Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame would be great. This bed frame provides multiple features, including two massage units, a USB port, adjustable area for feet, back, head and lumbar. 

Get to experience the luxury and comfort of this product as it offers more than you would imagine. It comes with a remote to adjust or install Napp on your phone. This bed frame is available in king, double and super king sizes. 


  • It features Zero Gravity Technology, a massage unit and two USB ports.
  • This bed frame also features LED light underneath, giving your room an aesthetic touch.
  • The 800i feature allows a slight head elevation, leading to proper airways.
  • It comes with a reinforced base and super strong metal legs. 


  • This bed allows you to watch TV or read comfortably because of its adjustability.
  • The Zero Gravity Technology gives pressure relief and helps improve blood circulation.


  • It doesn’t come with a mattress, so you must buy it separately. 

Sleep Cool Adjustable Divan Set

Sleep Cool Adjustable Divan set is a popular collection from Furniture Village. This set is compact, sturdy and comfortable. The mattress is firm and is made of reflex foam offering high performance. 

In addition, it comes with a cooling effect allowing proper air circulation. It also features an adjustable base that allows you to read or watch TV using a remote. The mobility factor is excellent, and it comes with various upholstered fabrics. 


  • It features a five-part adjustable base allowing you to switch to different positions.
  • The mattress is 20 cm deep, firm and reflex foam and comes with an optional drawer for storage.
  • It’s upholstered with durable fabrics, and the mattress cover is made of Coolmax fabric.


  • The mattress is firm and breathable, relieving body pain and proper air circulation.
  • It’s easy to assemble and takes less time to do it.


  • This item is non-returnable. 

What Are The Features Of Adjustable Beds?

Most people might not know what an adjustable bed is. So, it’s only fair that we explain its features for a better understanding. It will make your task easier, and choose the right set for yourself. 

Here are some of the typical features found in most adjustable beds:

Motion range

The motion range sets apart adjustable beds from the regular bed or mattresses. The position of the mattress base varies depending on the model. One can adjust the upper body between 60 to 80 degrees and 30 to 40 degrees for the lower body. 

Lower and upper body adjustment

Most of the adjustable beds allow adjustment of the lower and upper body. It’s a standard feature usually found in this type. Some of the brands even provide a head tilt option in some of their models. It’s one feature which is synonymous with adjustable beds or air beds.

Zero Gravity Technology 

This feature might not be available in lower price range adjustable beds but is found mainly in medium to higher-range beds. It allows an individual to feel light, where the legs are elevated much higher than the head. This creates a comfortable position, especially for people with lower blood pressure and back pain. 

USB ports 

USB ports are found in most of the adjustable bases. It allows you to charge your electronic devices while you’re asleep. Most beds come with one or two USB ports depending on the model. 


The dual adjustment feature is found mainly in modern adjustable beds. Here it allows you and your partner to adjust your position based on your preferences. You can set the angle you like, which in a way, enhances sleep quality. 


The massage feature in adjustable beds is the USP (Unique Selling Point); hence, it’s not surprising that most bed manufacturers have instilled this option in their models. Massage modes may vary depending on the models and brands, including the intensity levels. 

What Are The Good And Bad Aspects Of Adjustable Beds?

Depending on the models and types, you can expect multiple advantages with adjustable beds. However, it’s only fair that we look into some disadvantages too. It will help you decide whether an adjustable bed is suitable for you or not. 


  • It allows you to adjust your lower and upper body with different ranges of motion. Note that the motion range may vary depending on the models. 
  • Some adjustable beds feature split sizes, which allow couples to make dual adjustments.
  • The Zero Gravity Technology in adjustable beds benefits people with lower back pain. It also allows you to elevate your head, preventing snoring, which is even better for those with sleep apnoea
  • USB ports and wireless remotes are found in most adjustable beds. These convenient features are great and essential components. 


  • Adjustable bases are primarily heavy, given their sturdy structure and may not be suitable for some living spaces.
  • The assembling process may take some time if you’re doing it yourself.
  • Adjustable beds with advanced features are pretty expensive. 
  • It has a shorter lifespan because of the electrical components in it. 

Now that you’re aware of the pros and cons, hopefully, it will help you decide whether it’s suitable for you or not. 

We’d like to add that these adjustable beds would be great for elders. Remote features in most of these beds prevent dependency and allow them to control body position themselves. 

What To Consider Before Getting An Adjustable Bed Frame?

Getting an adjustable bed frame is quite simple if you’re aware of the factors to consider. If you’re new, check the factors below:

  • Compatibility of mattresses

The first factor is to look at mattress compatibility. Adjustable bases are compatible with most mattress types, including hybrid, latex and foam beds. However, in some cases, it may vary. For instance, innerspring models are firm and not flexible, which in turn hampers motion range in adjustable beds. 

  • Size availability 

Another important factor is to check the size availability. Note that most adjustable beds are king, queen, and twin XL sizes. These are ideal for couples or single sleepers sharing the exact body positioning. Depending on the models, size variance may vary. 

  • Features 

It’s crucial to look at the features of the adjustable bed models. Each offers different options and benefits. Some are basic, while some models are instilled with smart technology. Based on your needs and preferences, choose one meeting your requirements.

  • Noise level 

Check the noise level when declining or inclining. Note that it’s normal for an adjustable bed to make some noise during this process; however, it shouldn’t be loud enough to cause sleep disturbance. Fortunately, newer models make less sound, but it would be better to check before getting one. 

  • Remote control

Older models of adjustable beds have been mostly wired remotes. However, newer ones are wireless and more convenient. In some items, there is also an option to install an app on your phone from where you can control it. 

  • Warranty period

Unlike regular mattresses, adjustable beds have longer warranty periods but shorter periods for electrical components. Hence, it’s vital to check that it offers a longer duration since these components are not durable and tend to spoil sooner. 


Concluding the article, we hope that it was helpful and answered your query about adjustable mattresses and sets. This post guides some of the best adjustable mattresses and sets. If you’re new and confused, refer to the list of models we have reviewed. These items are reliable, durable, and cater to most individuals. 

In addition, we help you with how to get adjustable beds and the factors to consider before buying one.

Besides, it’s always necessary to understand the aspect of a product or an item before splurging on it. It will help you get a suitable item that meets your needs and requirements, making it worth the cost.