Best Camping Beds

Looking for the best camping bed for your next outdoor activity? Look no further, as we have it covered! Outdoor activities like camping require a comfortable bed to make the trip more enjoyable. 

Imagine waking up the next day with back or neck pain mainly because your camping bed wasn’t good! Your plan to enjoy nature would go awry because of the uncomfortable pain in your body. 

Hence, investing in a comfortable camping bed is essential. This post will list the five best camping beds catering to an individual’s different needs and requirements. 

If you’re new and don’t know how to get a suitable camping bed, this post will guide you on how to choose one. 

Top Five Best Camping Beds You Should Know

For new campers, you should know that there are different camping beds. You must consider various factors before getting one since there are varieties. 

So, to make your task easier, we have listed below the five best camping bed meeting different requirements and needs: 

Best Camping Bed For A Tent: FE Active Folding Camping Cot

A compact and portable camping bed would be the best choice for a tent. And it’d be a crime not to list FE Active Folding Camping Cot. This camping cot from FE is sturdy, versatile, light, and foldable with an easy setup. 

Because of its portability factor, this product makes a suitable camping bed for a tent. It’s a well-designed item making it easy to carry around, and it takes less space for storage. The product is also compatible with most camping tents. Besides, you can use it for other purposes, further attesting to its versatility. 


  • It has a carry bag to put the folded camping cot, which reduces to 47.7 X14.9X12.9 cm.
  • This camping cot has a holding capacity of a single person weighing around 113 kg. 
  • The frame of this bed is made of high-grade aluminium, making it sturdy and durable. Additionally, the legs have anti-slide, thus preventing movement and slides. 
  • The fabric of this camping bed is made of water-resistant polyester. 


  • This product is suitable for both kids and adults. 
  • You can use it for other purposes, including hunting, travelling and fishing.
  • This camping bed prevents you from sleeping on the ground as it has anti-slide legs.


  • It may not be the best choice for taller people.  

Best Camping Bed For Bad Back: PORTAL Folding Fishing Bed

Is your bad back preventing you from enjoying your camping trip to the max? If so, perhaps you should try Portal Folding Fishing Bed on your next outing. Its fully padded mattress makes this item a perfect choice for a bad back. This feature will allow you to sleep comfortably without worrying about your back. 

This bed is especially for anglers, but you can use it on your camping trip. It’s lightweight, foldable and easy to carry around. The bedchair also comes with six adjustable legs providing stability and less movement. 


  • It’s a folded bed chair with adjustable height from 28 cm to 36 cm. 
  • The material is made of quilted fabrics, thus providing maximum comfort to your back. 
  • It has six adjustable legs with a rotational feature allowing you to position the bedchair in any terrain.
  • You can fold this bedchair without any hassle; it takes less space to store.


  • Adjustable height.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. 
  • It’s lightweight, easy to set up and comfortable. 


  • It may not be as sturdy as other camping beds and doesn’t come with a carry case.

Best Double Camping Bed: Outwell 470047

If you’re looking for a double camping bed, perhaps Outwell 470047 would be worth giving a shot. This double bed is available in silver and black and weighs up to 13.5 kg. 

This double from Outwell is easily transportable as you can fold and put it in a carry bag. Additionally, it’s strong and can hold almost 100 kg on each side. It’s super solid, making it an excellent double-camp bed. 


  • The fabric for this double bed is made of 100% polyester with a sturdy and durable steel frame.
  • It’s lightweight and comes with a padded cushion. 
  • This double bed is well-designed with nine legs to prevent movement.
  • It’s a fold-and-open double bed with a size measuring 132X192X45 cm and 20X27x97 cm when packed. 


  • The padded cushion is comfortable and easy to maintain. 
  • It’s super strong and highly durable.
  • This double bed camp is easy to assemble and portable.


  • The metal bar in the middle, which goes way down, might be an issue for some people. 

Best Camping Bed For Couples: Outwell Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat

Couples planning to go on a camping trip might perhaps want to check Outwell Self Inflating Sleeping Mat. Unlike other camping beds listed in this post, this one doesn’t come with bed legs, thus allowing direct contact with the ground. 

However, this shouldn’t be an issue since it’s thick and firm. This bed self-inflates once you remove the valve and let the air in. You can also deflate quickly, fold it and put it in a carry bag. Once folded, it weighs up to 2.3kg, which is pretty light and perfect if you’re backpacking. 


  • This sleeping mat comes with two valves for inflation and deflation. 
  • The dimension of this product is 183X128X3 cm and 66X18 cm when packed.
  • The fabric used in this sleeping mat is 100% polyester.
  • It’s compact, easy to carry around and uses less space to store. 


  • This sleeping mat is light and easy to carry around.
  • It’s flexible and has an excellent durable factor. 
  • Easy inflation and deflation process.


  • Some people may find it hard to repack the sleeping mat. 

Best Camping Bed For Guests: Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed

A camping bed for guests? It may sound odd, but every individual has different needs and preferences. That said, we would recommend Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed for guests.

This foldable bed features four sturdy legs and a premium foam memory foam mattress. It’s an ideal bed for your guest and big enough to fit a large person. This folding bed might be a bit heavy, but one can’t possibly deny the comfort it provides. 


  • This folding bed features a memory foam mattress known for its excellent body contour, thus providing maximum comfort. 
  • It’s easy to assemble and comes with detailed instructions on how to do it. 
  • The frame of this folding bed is super sturdy and durable.
  • The dimension of this folding bed is 190X43X79 cm and 36 cm thick when folded.


  • It’s comfortable and easy to maintain. 
  • It’s super compact and easily transportable.


  • It might be a little pricey for some people.

What Are The Important Factors To Consider Before Buying A Camping Bed?

One of the essential items for camping is the camping bed. Food, safety kit, etc., are important, but investing in a good camping bed is crucial. Quality sleep is necessary to make your day better and keep your health in good form. 

That said, let’s look into some of the factors to consider before purchasing a camping bed. It will help you choose a suitable bed meeting your needs and requirements. 


One of the essential factors to consider before buying a camping bed is the size. Varieties of beds for camping are available in different styles and sizes. If you’re new, it would be pretty challenging to choose one. 

One simple way is to consider your body measurement. That way, you can choose one according to your height and weight. If you plan to go alone, a single-size camping cot would be fine, which is smaller. Taller people can look for a bed that comes with adjustable height features. There is also a double-size camping bed for couples. Choose accordingly depending on your requirements which will make your task easier.


Other essential factors you should consider are the materials from which a camping mat is made. Some of the standard fabrics used in camping beds are:

  • Polyester: It’s waterproof, which prevents dampness from the ground. This material is mainly used in fold-out beds and sleeping mats. 
  • Polycotton: This type of material is lighter than cotton, with a good breathability factor. It usually has a waterproof coating but is not as effective as polyester.
  • Nylon: It’s lighter and thinner, making it an ideal sleeping bed for backpacking. A nylon-made camping mat might be perfect if you’re a hiking enthusiast. 


The portability factor is essential, especially if you’re backpacking. Check the product description to see how much it weighs after folding or if it’s foldable. Camper beds with the padded mattress are much heavier. Based on your preferences, choose one that is suitable for you. 

In addition, portable camping beds take less storage space. So this will allow more space to keep other essential items for your outdoor trip. 


Folding beds usually come with frames made of steel or aluminium. It can be heavy, especially the stronger ones but offers more durability. For hiking, this bed type may not be the best choice. You can opt for sleeping mats which are lighter and more flexible. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Camping Bed?

As mentioned, quality sleep is essential to having a good and productive day. Especially if you’re on a camping trip, this item is essential. After a long tiring day, one requires a good rest, and if the bed isn’t good enough, it will only tire you instead. 

Investing in a good quality camping bed is vital if you constantly hike or are an ardent camping enthusiast. It might cost more, but it offers more durability and sound sleep. If you’re new, you can look at the factors we have mentioned above for reference; or the products we have reviewed. 

Various types of camping beds are available from different manufacturers. It can be pretty confusing to choose one from varieties of camper beds. But here is a simple solution for you: deciding what you need and the nature of your trip.

For example, if you’re into hiking, a sleeping mat would be a better option than a foldable bed. It’s lighter and easy to inflate and deflate. Choosing a camping bed based on the nature of your trip is important. That way, it will benefit you by making your outdoor trip more comfortable and enjoyable. 

An outdoor trip like camping is more like recreational activity where you take a break from all the work and stress. Hence, comfort plays a crucial role, and that’s when a quality camping bed comes to the fore.

It may seem less significant but trust us when we say a quality camping bed is necessary for your outdoor trip. Eventually, you’ll have to retire for the night to regain energy and prepare for the next day. A lethargic feeling might haunt you if your bed isn’t comfortable enough. 

Food, safety aid, clothing, etc., are essential but prioritise investing in a good camping bed. All these are essential items that need due attention before you head out. 


This post is a guide to the five best camping beds catering to different masses of individuals. We hope that it was helpful and clarified all your doubts. Investing in a good-quality camping cot or mat is vital if you go on outdoor trips regularly. 

Additionally, it’s important to be aware of the type you need. Hence, we have listed five different products that meet different requirements. If you’re confused, refer to the list above to make your task easier in choosing one. 

Quality is important, followed by what you need. Considering these aspects will help you choose the right camping bed for yourself. Remember, comfort is essential, especially when going on an outdoor trip.

A quality camping bed might be costlier, but it’s worth the price. Besides comfort, it lasts for a long time, thus preventing you from buying another one, at least for some years.