Best European King Size Mattress

Have you ever found yourself duped by the sizing of European king-size mattresses? If you’re here, the answer is probably yes. And this article will help you discover the best one for you.

As you scroll along, you’ll get to learn about:

  • How different are EU and UK mattresses?
  • Best European king-size mattresses– our top 4 picks
  • Best super king alternatives
  • How to choose the right European king-size mattress?
  • Caring for your king-size mattress

The best European king-size mattress is probably the Vesgantti European Hybrid Mattress. It offers excellent sleep quality, comfort, pain relief, firmness, and durability and is a massive value for money. However, you can opt for Silentnight’s zoned-support mattress to target all core sections of your body. And if your budget allows it, Dormeo’s Octaspring 6500 also makes an excellent alternative.

How Different Are EU And UK Mattresses?

When shopping for mattresses, especially online, it’s best to do away with the standard measurements you usually use.

Mattresses with the UK sizing are usually smaller than the EU. The difference is 10 cm in width for king-size beds. So, a UK king-size mattress will measure 150 x 200 cm while an EU mattress measures 160 x 200 cm.

But you might notice slight differences in measurements depending on the manufacturer, so always look out for the labels.

Best European King Size Mattresses– Our Top 4 Picks

When you’re shopping for king-size mattresses, you will notice that there are countless products with almost terrifying price tags. So, having a cheat sheet of products to buy will help you sort things out. Below are our best 4 options; trusted by customers and made by reliable brands.

Vesgantti European King Hybrid Mattress ‎YMJM9424

If getting a good night’s sleep and experiencing refreshed mornings has been your long-awaited dream, Vesgantti’s Hybrid mattress will help you achieve it. How? Because the mattress combines pocket springs and memory foam to give you the ultimate surface to sleep on.

The mattress is 25 cm in height and has a medium firmness to support your body as you sleep. Owing to the technology used, it makes a good choice for heavy people, couples, and people with back pain.

Airflow and heat displacement are key features, so everything from your shoulder, neck, back, and hips will feel refreshed and comfortable.

What’s special:

  • Breathable foam top
  • Pocket Sprung
  • No motion transfer
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Orthopaedic and hypoallergenic

Despite all its positives, the mattress isn’t suitable for washing. Vacuuming and spot cleaning are your only options to remove dirt. To do this, sprinkle baking soda over the mattress and let it sit for about an hour before wiping it off.

Vesgantti European King Mattress KYM-EU160

Another similar alternative to the previous option is the Vesgantti individually-pocket spring mattress. It is a centimetre shorter in height, i.e., 24 cm, but still very comfy and makes an ideal choice for those who dislike memory foam.

The mattress features numerous pocket springs that support your body weight and aligns your spine throughout your sleep. It’s an ideal choice for both back and side sleepers.

What’s special:

  • Pocket sprung
  • Breathable cover
  • No motion transfer
  • 100-night sleep trial

This mattress has a more traditional feel and is quite bouncy, though not uncomfortable. It is cooling and designed to keep you sound asleep even when other occupants in bed move about.

Breathability is another feature that makes it so favoured among customers. With this mattress, you can say goodbye to hot and humid sleep. Also, it comes with two colour options– Grey and White, and at an affordable price too!

Like the previous product, you cannot wash this product.

Dormeo Octaspring 6500 Memory Foam Mattress

If pocket spring or regular memory foam isn’t your first choice, you may find Dormeo’s Octaspring 6500 to your liking. As the name suggests, it features Octaspring technology consisting of eight foam springs with varying firmness to give the right support to each part of your body.

The springs around the head area are softer, while those around the hips are firm. These are again covered with a rich layer of memory foam so that your muscles relax throughout the night.

This mattress features Superstretch™ fabric that eliminates discomfort while you sleep. It can stretch about 50% more than memory foam and support your body whatever way you sleep. In addition, the fabric is 8 times more breathable than regular foams.

What’s special:

  • Octaspring technology.
  • 60-night trial.
  • Anti-allergy.
  • 20 years warranty.
  • Superstretch washable cover.

With a height of 22 cm, this product can help you feel cradled, cool, and refreshed. As the mattress is so comfortable, you will fall asleep faster, helping you enjoy a night of deep sleep.

The only downside to this mattress is its high price, which is quite pricey even when divided into monthly instalments.

Silentnight 7 Zone Memory Foam Mattress

Do you need something that you can easily roll and carry around in your house once you buy it? Silentnight has the perfect one for you, with extra comfort at just 20 cm of thickness.

The mattress easily moulds to your body shape and relieves pressure from all the core parts of your body. This zoned support mattress uses premium memory foam that is softer towards the hip and leg area and firmer around the head. It’s not too firm nor too soft, providing you with the best surface to let your body rest on.

What’s special:

  • Anti-allergy
  • 7 zone support
  • Easy to transport
  • 365-night trial
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Since the mattress is sold rolled and wrapped, you’ll need about 24 hours to flatten and let it set fully. However, once it’s installed, you cannot roll it back on your own; you’ll need to approach the manufacturer for this.

It is handcrafted in the UK and is delivered in a box. And the best thing is that the mattress is so affordable for its quality! You can find the product here.

Best Super King Alternatives

If you find that king-size mattresses aren’t suitable for you, there’s another similar and potentially better option for you– the super king. It has more room for you to roll around and is only 2cm shorter in length than the king-size.

The UK super king measures 180 x 198 cm and is a more accessible option. Take a look at our best 3 picks:

Emma Original Mattress

The speciality of the Emma Original mattress is to help you sleep cool, refreshed, and comfy at the same time.

This mattress is 25 cm in height and has a medium firmness to support back alignment and ease pressure points as you sleep. Sleeping on a hot night is also great as the foam evaporates moisture, giving you a sweat-free sleep.

What’s special:

  • UltraDry cover
  • 200-night trial
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Halo Memory Foam™
  • High Resiliency Extra (HRX) foam
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Removable and washable top cover

The HRX foam that Emma’s mattress uses is engineered in such a way as to evenly distribute body weight and help the product last for years.

Among all the positives, the best aspect remains its affordability. In addition, you’ll get an even better deal when it’s on a discount!

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress might interest you if getting a good night’s sleep on something that feels luxurious is your ideal choice. Even better is that they offer one of the best trial periods!

At a depth of 25 cm, Nectar’s Memory Foam mattress has five layers of comfort and the right firmness to support your body. It also features zoned support to relieve pressure points and help you fall asleep faster. 

What’s special:

  • 365-night trial
  • 7-zone support
  • Breathable open-cell foam
  • Minimised motion transfer
  • Custom quilted cooling cover
  • Chemical and heavy metal-free
  • Made with 100% recyclable materials

The product is also environmentally friendly because it is made to last long. Its foam is safe for both health and the environment. The company offers discounts on products from time to time so that anyone can access one.

And although you can wash the mattress cover, a spot-clean method is recommended so that the layers underneath aren’t damaged in the removal process.

The Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress

With four different layers and a multi-zoned foam base, the Simba Hybrid Essential mattress is a winner among perfectly engineered mattresses that aren’t too demanding on the price.

It features thousands of small, fine, cone-shaped springs that are pocketed individually for maximum comfort. This is important because you won’t be disturbed even when other people move about.

Another great feature is that the mattress’s top layer is designed to transfer air through the comfort layer. Below this is a rich layer of memory foam that evenly distributes your body weight while also targeting body pain.

So you won’t feel humid all night long. It will keep you comfy at the best temperature and relieve pressure from all sensitive points of your body.

What’s special:

  • Breathable surface
  • No motion transfer
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Risk-free 200-night trial
  • Aerocoil micro springs

Although everything seems perfect about this mattress, one downside is that you cannot remove or wash the cover. You can only wipe dirt off with a damp cloth, and that’s as far as you can get.

How To Choose The Right European King Size Mattress?

Before purchasing a European king-size mattress, you should first consider your budget, how much legroom you need, and your bed and bedroom size.

Then you can decide how thick and firm you want your mattress to be. Analyse the position you sleep in and whether you have a sensitive back with frequent pains. A medium-firm mattress works best for relieving back pain and is also suitable for back and side sleepers. 

Next, decide on what other features you want the mattress to have. A cooling mattress is a great option if you live in a hot location. And if you share the bed, look for something that has a motion isolation feature.

Now, list all the criteria you want your mattress to fit in, and choose one that fits all or most of them.

Caring For Your King Size Mattress

Since not all the products are removable/washable, caring for them right after buying them will help ease all your mattress woes. Doing so will help hold them in good shape and even last longer.

Listed below are some no-fail ways to do this–

  • Install proper support: A king-size mattress isn’t easy to handle; it is big and hence, more susceptible to damage. Sturdy mattress bases with centre bars are a must to ensure that your bed feels safe and secure to sleep on.
  • Use a mattress protector: When you buy/order a mattress, get a mattress protector so you can cover your new mattress with the protector right after you install it. Doing so will help waterproof your mattress (most protectors are waterproof) and minimise dirt and stains.
  • Avoid jumping: Jumping and other similar activities can damage the springs and foam arrangement and wear down the overall quality of your mattress. If you have kids in your home, advise them to follow this.
  • Keep your bed sanitised: You can do this by cleaning your body and going to bed in clean clothes. Also, ensure that your mattress gets enough sunlight, so no bugs or mites infest your sleep surface.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions: Even with all the precautions, no one knows our mattresses better than the manufacturers who designed them. So, it is important to read the tags and proceed accordingly.


Vesgantti and Silentnight offer outstanding products at reasonable prices. So they’re great options to consider when purchasing quality king-size mattresses on a budget.

The Emma Original mattress is the best choice for a super king mattress when considering price, comfort, and quality. But if your budget allows it, Nectar and Simba mattresses are excellent options.

Now that you’ve learnt all about European king-size mattresses, their sizing, and which ones to look out for, you have nothing holding you back from adding them to the cart. Just be sure to care for them, so they last for as long as needed!