Best Floor Mattress

Getting a floor mattress is perhaps the most excellent way to save space and money. Plus, it allows your home to accommodate the arrival of sudden guests without much worry. 

But whatever the reason may be, there’s always a huge benefit to getting one that’s comfortable and high-quality. So, the question is, are you looking for one? 

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place! Today’s article will discuss everything related to purchasing a new floor mattress, including: 

  • What is a floor mattress?
  • What are the types of floor mattresses? 
  • What to look for in a floor mattress? 
  • Can I place any mattress on the ground/floor?

These are some of the questions we’ll be looking into. Plus, we’ll share a list of some of the best available floor mattresses. So, stick around to find the mattress that suits you best! 

What Is A Floor Mattress?

Before we dive into our coveted list of floor mattresses, let’s clear the confusion around a floor mattress. 

Floor mattresses are exactly as the name states. It is a mattress you can place on the floor without needing a bed. These usually vary slightly from regular bed mattresses as they can be rolled or folded away in storage. 

Hence, it tends to be thinner at times but way more portable. While certain floor mattresses can be used regularly, others usually serve occasional uses. This means floor mattresses can be found in various types and may serve different uses. 

For instance, a Japanese futon tends to fit the bill as a permanent mattress while doubling as a foldable mattress that can be tucked away during the day. There are also Z bed chairs and camping beds, which are ideal for sleepovers. 

What are the Types Of Floor Mattresses?

The following are some of the most common and popular types of floor mattresses.

  • Japanese Futon: This is a very interesting and popular floor mattress with a thin, plush, and foldable structure. It is often placed atop a floor mat. A Japanese futon can serve as a permanent bed, but you might take some time to get used to the mattress as it is thinner than the standard bed mattress. 
  • Z bed: The Z bed is a chair bed that can be folded into 3 to 4 pieces and made into a low chair. It’s not the fanciest or most stylish option, but it’s highly recommended for those with children. It serves a great purpose, especially during sleepovers. Plus, the non-slip bottom ensures the mattress stays in place throughout the night. 
  • Camping Bed: A camp bed is just as the name suggests. It’s a rolling mat/mattress with slight variations in size. These are lightweight, versatile, and easy to store due to their compact nature. Hence, it has gained much popularity as a popular camping sleep companion. 
  • Air Bed: Air beds or mattresses does exactly what one would think. You use air to blow the mattress up for use. You’ll have to, of course, use a pump to bring it to form. After this, you can quickly deflate the mattress and store them away for future use.

What to look for in a floor Mattress? 

Buying the right mattress is essential as it can help differentiate between bad and good sleep. So, keeping that in mind, here are some essential factors to consider when looking for a floor mattress. 


The comfort level of your sleep can highly depend on the mattress’s firmness, especially when placed on the floor. As such, a firmer structure will provide more comfort for heavy sleepers and those with health issues. At the same time, a plush mattress will be ideal for light sleepers. 

When looking at the firm factor, remember that the weight, size, and form of your body can influence the firmness of the floor mattress. Hence, the overall firmness of the mattress may also vary from person to person. So, a hard mattress is preferably recommended for those weighing over 60 kg, while softer bedding is usually recommended for lighter people.


It’s common sense to know the purpose of the product before purchasing. Hence, it’s important to consider the bed size before focusing on one. Thankfully, floor mattresses are available in various sizes to serve different needs. 

That said, while a king-sized bed may seem tempting and spacious, choosing the mattress that meets your actual purpose is much more ideal and convenient. So, it’s highly recommended to pick your required dimension if you’re looking to save space and money. 


Compared to rolled mattresses, a foldable mattress will provide more thickness. However, the size can vary from mattress to mattress, with a thickness range of four to eight inches. So, make sure to pick the right level of thickness according to your usage and need. 

Additionally, the level of thickness can also influence the overall weight. Hence, choose your mattress accordingly. 


Floor mattresses contain similar covers as traditional mattresses. It’s typically made of natural fabrics and organic cotton. But the overall composition of the cover will depend on the type of floor mattress you pick.

For instance, foldable beds usually come with removable and washable covers, while a rollable mattress usually comes with a non-removable cover. Hence, make sure to choose your pick accordingly. 


Like any other product, floor mattresses are available at different prices depending on the type and thickness. In comparison, rollable beds are cheaper due to minimal support and thickness, while foldable mattresses lean towards a more expensive tag. 

However, it’s important to remember that prices can also vary depending on the size and quality. Hence, while maintaining a specific budget is important, you should also consider what you’re getting from the product and whether it meets your general requirements. 

Best Floor Mattress

Looking for a new floor mattress? Say no more! From Japanese futons to foldable ones, our list of the best floor mattresses currently available. 

Top Pick – Millard Foam Folding mattress

This is a folding mattress courtesy of Millard’s brand. The mattress comes with a simple design yet excels in performance. They’re suitable for one-time use and good for everyday use – whatever the purpose is, they can serve your needs.

The mattress is composed of high-density foam, which is excellent for preventing untimely sagging. Its firmness also helps provide a comfortable sleep while swiftly eliminating any body pains.

When folded as a chair, the Millard foam is highly suitable for a kid’s bedroom or playroom due to its low and comfortable seating. Yes, it can surely spice up any sleepovers. But, the lightweight composition also makes it easy to transport for outdoor use. Plus, your guests can finally shift from the sofa to an actual bed. 

Additionally, you’ll get removable and washable covers. The covers are made of dust-resistant material to enhance the mattress’s longevity. As mentioned earlier, it’s a foldable mattress with a total of three folding sections, each with a size of 90-cm x 64-cm x 34-cm. 

Overall, the mattress is versatile and convenient, making it a great choice for a multipurpose type of floor mattress, especially if you’re not looking for anything specific.

Best Japanese Floor Mattress – FULI Traditional Shiki Futon

If you have a tatami, a type of tri-fold mat, then the next floor mattress on our list will undoubtedly take your sleep to the next level. 

For those unaware of a tatami, it’s a mat typically constructed from rush grass. Many people traditionally use only the mat for sleeping. But combine that with the FULI traditional Shiki futon, and you’ll have a great sleep by the end of the purchase.

This Japanese futon may not be the thickest, but it can be an ideal option for purchasing a more dense foam. Due to its plush filling, it comes with a more hard surface. However, it’s pretty easy to handle and store. Plus, it’s a great companion for any platform frame or floor mat. 

In addition, this floor mattress is foldable, compact, and easily fit through any storage space. You may have to adapt to the mattress at first. However, once you get a Japanese futon, there’s no going back, especially if you live in a small space. 

Best Cheap Folding Floor Mattress – Natalia Spzoo Bed Futon Sofa

A high-quality product that doesn’t dent your pocket is a great blessing, and one such rare find is the bed futon sofa from Natalia Spzoo. It’s versatile, convenient, and pretty affordable as well. 

Looking at the specs, the mattress comes with a firm foam lining on the inside and is a bit wider and lengthier than most regular single beds. Also, it comes with a higher seating height of about 30cm, a major advantage if you plan to use it as an everyday sofa. 

What else? Well, you’ll also be getting a washable and removable cover along with a quality build. The internal composition of the mattress also keeps it from sagging. Plus, its high-density foam also ensures stability without minimising overall comfort. 

Admittedly, the mattress is far from perfect. But no product is entirely perfect. The step-up with this particular mattress is its ability to combine reliability with affordability without actually downsizing its performance.

Best Floor Mattress For Office – Zermätte Roll Up Camping Mattress

Next up on the list is the much-needed roll-up mattress from Zermätte. The mattress is perfect for outdoor portable uses such as camping, office use, sleepovers, and more.

It comes in a minimal hybrid design with a density of 1.75-inch and another layer of 1-inch memory foam. This makes the mattress much more bearable when placed against hard ground areas. The firmness of the mattress is also no joke. It’s neither too soft nor hard, making it relatively lightweight. 

Now, you might think it must be quite difficult to clean, considering its portable use. But worry not. The mattress is entirely anti-spill and dust-resistant, along with a sturdy grip bottom. This means you don’t have to worry about messy spills or slips.

You can easily roll, store and use the mattress in the most convenient way possible. Additionally, this roll-up floor mattress includes a tote bag for storage with in-built clips and straps. 

You can take it while hiking, in yoga sessions, on business trips or camping. It’s a one-size fit all type of floor mattress. Plus, if you’re not an outdoor person, you can still roll out the mattress to accommodate guests or sleepovers. 

Best Regular Mattress for Floor – WOWTTRELAX Gel-infused Mattress

If you’re looking for an everyday-use type of floor mattress, the WOWTTRELAX gel-infused mattress might just make the perfect companion. The mattress features a unique fabric called the Negative Ion Aerobic, which incorporates healthy components from nature to ensure a peaceful sleep. 

Moreover, the mattress contains around 18 amino acids to benefit your health further while sleeping. The material composition also allows the mattress to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature and adjust to different seasons accordingly. 

Meanwhile, the design of the Wowttrelax mattress features a double-layered foam system composed of gel-memory foam. Sleeping on this mattress is equivalent to floating on water (or at least according to what the company describes). 

That said, this “floating” feeling results from a firm and advanced foaming system that allows the mattress to maintain optimal relaxation without being too soft. It has a breathable core with over a million support points to facilitate a more even and aligned placement.

This is an ideal pick for an everyday mattress with a combination of high-quality materials and modern technology. It has healthy materials, is lightweight, and is comfortable, which is pretty much what everyone looks for in a mattress. 

Alternative Picks

If the best picks we have mentioned above are not your type, here are some exceptional alternatives to look out for. From folding ones to floor toppers, we’ve got you covered! 

Best Folding Mattress –  Milliard 15cm Jacquard Folding Mattress

If you’re looking for a folding mattress, the Milliard folding mattress is the “it” choice for you. The mattress comes with a unique and sturdy material called jacquard, which makes it contain high durability and an attractive appearance. 

The mattress is further supported by a combination of high-density foam, which increases the comfort and sturdiness of the mattress. 

Being a foldable mattress, it can be folded into three sections. This also allows the mattress to fold easily and be kept in any storage space for future use. Moreover, thanks to its soft cover, you can use the mattress without a sheet. If you start feeling a bit icky, just pop the removable cover into the bin. 

The thing that makes foldable mattresses attractive is their portability and convenience. It may not be the best for long-term, everyday use. However, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for something you can use now and then with the comfort and quality intact.

Best Topper For The Floor – Panda Bamboo Mattress topper

The bamboo mattress topper from Panda London is an ideal option if you’re searching for a floor topper. Don’t believe it? Check out what the mattress has to offer. 

It comes with a washable and removable cover. But that’s not all. The cover is actually made of hypoallergenic bamboo material, which is much more natural and healthier than regular covers due to its high resistance against dust, mite, bacteria, and more.

This topper also includes an additional layering of orthopaedic support to enhance comfort. It further features the hydro foam, which helps regulate temperature by incorporating cooling gel into the memory foam. This feature also prevents the foam from overheating while in use. 

To top it off, this floor topper from Panda also comes with an anti-slip layer and elastic straps on each corner. The topper is also suitable to use with other mattresses. Whether it’s a topper or a light mattress you’re looking for, the Panda bamboo mattress topper is definitely worth the try. 

Japanese Floor Mat Alternative – Maxyoyo Japanese Floor Mattress

Japanese futons or floor mats are not for everyone, which can sometimes make it challenging to find one that meets your needs. So, if you’re looking for one, we have the Japanese floor mattress from Maxyoyo. It’s versatile, comfortable, and convenient. 

This floor mattress comes with a microfiber cover with memory foam and polyester filling. It is 90 x 190cm, which is perfect if you live alone. It’s nothing too big or too small. The mattress also comes with a decent thickness, with the middle layer being the memory foam while the polyester lining is placed at the top & bottom.

The placement of the filling ensures the mattress does not collapse easily. Plus, the memory foam helps increase the mattress’s support, especially when placed on the ground. Speaking of support, the mattress is helpful for various uses, such as a bedroom futon, a guest bed, a floor mat, or for sleepovers. 

The overall package of the mattress includes several items, such as the futon mattress, a dustproof cover, and a storage bag equipped with proper straps. As mentioned before, you can easily store the mattress and use it at your convenience. 

Whether it’s for individual or family use, this mattress can get it done. Just ensure the aftercare of the product is carefully followed, such as drying it under the sun.


Can A Floor Mattress Be Used Daily?

It depends on what type of mattress you’re using. If you have a cheaper floor mattress or one that’s thin, you might experience some issues the more it’s used. However, some people sleep on thin mattresses daily and are completely fine with it. You will probably have to listen to your body and how it reacts to sleeping on the floor mattress daily.

Can I Sleep On A Mattress On The Floor?

You definitely can because this will spread more pressure against your body. Your hips and shoulders are parts of the body that are susceptible to aches and pains related to the joints. So, if you’re a person that has arthritis, you may not like sleeping on the floor. However, it’s entirely okay for kids or older adults who have a sleepover for a night or more. 

Can Back Pain Be Caused By Sleeping On A Mattress On The Floor?

Most people don’t experience aches and pains simply from sleeping on the floor. It helps un-curve your spinal cord and straightens it. This helps you sleep better and experience less back pain. Make sure to use a good mattress if you’re facing back pain. 

Can I Sleep On Any Mattress On The Floor?

If you’re planning to use a mattress for sleeping on the floor, you should ensure it does not need to be flipped. You may make a mistake and sleep on the side that’s supposed to face the floor. You also require a hypoallergenic mattress. This helps you avoid dust, so a memory foam mattress would be the best option over everything else.

Wrapping Up

You can find the best floor mattress suited for your requirements with the help of this article, whether it’s for your kids to have a sleepover party or if you’re expecting company and don’t have adequate room. 

The floor mattresses mentioned above are also ideal if you live alone in a small space. It’s incredibly portable, comfortable, and convenient for various uses. That said, we’ve covered all the information you may want to know concerning floor mattresses and some questions that people frequently ask. 

Now that we’ve provided you with a list of our favourite floor mattresses and more details, we hope this article will help you locate a suitable floor mattress, especially if you’re a first-timer in the floor mattress section.