Best High-End Hybrid Mattress

A good night’s sleep is scientifically proven to boost your mood and productivity during the day. The best thing you can do for your well-being is to invest in high-end hybrid mattresses that employ the latest technologies proven to help you sleep better and faster. 

We’ve already done the legwork for you, below are our top picks.

Top-of-the-line mattresses 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattresses

Dreamcloud mattress

DreamCloud, a luxury company worldwide, provides sleep essentials. They are well known for their use of premium quality materials that are robust and durable, ensuring the pristine condition of the bed for a lifetime. Additionally, they are best known for their Forever Warranty, which demonstrates their confidence in their products. 

The materials used in the construction of this bed have been selected with care. 

Cover: Luxurious quilted surface that feels exceptionally soft and seamless to the touch. It is also breathable, allowing air to circulate throughout the bed freely. 

Quilted surfaces are multipurpose. As well as providing comfort, it serves as an extra measure to ensure the long-term durability of the bed. Quilting prevents the materials of the top surface from sagging prematurely. Additionally, it provides a subtle bounce. 

Top layer: Next is the Dream Plush memory foam that provides a snug fit and give you a sense of being hugged by the bed when sleeping. Additionally, it is designed to be breathable to allow air to circulate. 

The bulk of the body: After the two above comfort layers, you have the two support layers. Undeath the memory foam is the more substantial support foam that acts as a transition layer to the 15-cm ActivEdge™ Coils.  

The two layers provide great durability and minimise motion transfer so that the mattress is well supported all the way to the edges.

Base: Because this is a premium product you get another layer of foam to absorb motion and provide additional support.

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This is our top pick for several reasons. Some of them being it’s comfortable, it’s tried and tested in the US and Canada, and it has thousands of five-star reviews. To sweeten the deal, there is an incredible 365-night free trial period, a Forever Warranty, and it’s 100% carbon neutral.

Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress


Since 2002, Simba has been manufacturing its mattresses. The company is best known for incorporating space-developed cooling technology to produce the most advanced sleep products. As a result of this application of cutting-edge technology, the brand has been classified as high-end. 

This mattress boasts an impressive 10 layers of support and comfort. 

Cover & Top layer: This is a Luxe-only bamboo and wool sleeping surface. It’s exceptionally soft, similar to cashmere. It’s naturally moisture-absorbing, breathable, and temperature-regulating, keeping you cool throughout the night. 

The natural sleeping surface is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making it a great choice for sensitive sleepers. Furthermore, it is anti-static and wrinkle-resistant, making it extremely low-maintenance. 

The rest of the layers: I’m not going to list every layer go to the site to see the full specs. Instead, I’m going to say this mattress has three total layers of springs, which is the most ive seen in a mattress. 

The 25-mm AeroCoil springs are towards the top that adds support but mainly focuses on pressure relief and minimises motion transfer. 

In between, you have memory foam that is developed by Simba — the Simba-Pure foam. 

Located lower dow is the 40-mm AeroCoil springs with approximately 6000 Titanium AeroCoil springs that provide flexible support, conforming to your body’s movements and serving as air tunnels simultaneously. 

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The comfort is unparalleled, but it comes at a price. The bed is undoubtedly on the pricey side at over $1000, even for high-end luxury beds. As well as free delivery, a 200-night trial, and a 10-year warranty, the mattress comes with a number of other benefits. Simba has over 90,000 positive reviews in the UK.

OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Premium Mattress 

OTTY Pure Plus

Otty is a Yorkshire-based company that provides hybrid mattresses known for their comfort, support, and temperature regulation. The company has received the Best Buy Award in 2018 and offers sleep products that promote a healthy lifestyle, such as beds, pillows, and bed bases. Which? Awarded the brand the award. 

Further, if you found the OTTY Original to be a little too firm, you will be happy to know that the OTTY Pure Plus is designed to be a little softer. This is due to its 6 layer construction. The top layer is a quilted memory foam that provides the softest sleeping surface.

Next is a bamboo memory foam infused with charcoal. As a result, the top sleeping surface is naturally breathable, temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking. Since it is infused with charcoal, it also naturally absorbs any odours, keeping your bed fresh. 

There are two layers of pocket springs. The first has more than 2000 encapsulated 8cm pocket springs with high tensile strength. And another 2000 pocket springs intended to provide additional support. In between are two layers of high-density foam designed to flex under your body while still allowing air to circulate. 

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The best thing is the naturally hypoallergenic and hygienic, Bamboo and Charcoal layer. Not many mattresses have this premium material plus it offers excellent supper thanks to two layers of springs and extra foam, which is CertiPUR approved. 

Emma Original Hybrid

Emma Original Hybrid_

When it comes to sleep products, Emma is a household name all over the world. The company has won awards, including the Which? The Emma Original has won four consecutive Consumers Association awards. 

The Emma original hybrid has 5 layers in total with tall, individually wrapped pocket springs that provide a high level of support. As a result of this pocket spring layer, your hips, shoulders, and spine receive the support they need throughout the night. 

The encased pocket springs move independently, allowing them to flex under your body and with every movement. 

Additionally, there are four layers of patented memory foam. The top layer of Aergocell foam is gel-like with open pores to circulate air and moisture-wicking. 

The base is the base layer of HRX foam with unique cuts that align with the shoulders and hips. This zoning helps you not wake up with pain from your spine being out of line in the night.

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Emma is a brilliant brand and this mattress is top-notch. If you’re still not sure you get a 200-night free trial period, with a money-back guarantee if any manufacturing defects occur during your usage. 

Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress

Eve premium hybrid mattress

Eve is a mattress company that was created with the vision of providing the right mattress for you without making mattress shopping too complicated. The company is relatively new as it was initially founded in 2015, but it quickly rose to one of the UK’s favourite mattress brands that are trusted, convenient, and accessible. 

The premium hybrid mattress has a medium-firm feel. As a result, it’s suitable for all types of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your back, front, or side, this mattress will keep your spine correctly aligned while preventing tension from building up in your joints. 

The top two layers consist of flat foam and memory foam, respectively. Both layers have active cooling technology, which makes the bed breathable. In addition to providing softness and pressure relief, the bottom layer is designed to provide extra light relief and body contouring. 

Layers of graphite have been embedded in these layers to provide body cooling. The bed’s core is made of firmer foam that’s meant to provide the right amount of support so that your spine stays aligned and you don’t wake up with a sore back or stiff neck. 

Additionally, the mattress has more than 1500 full-size 12-cm pocket springs for flexible support with every movement. To keep the bed in place, the bottom layer has a non-slip coating. 

This is all wrapped up in a luxuriously soft and quilted cover. Made primarily of polyester and elastane, it provides a soft, cloud-like surface for sleeping. It has been woven with silver strands, which have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, keeping it fresh at all times. 

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Eve is a fan favourite for most people and this mattress is definitely worth checking out. You get a 100-night trial and a 10-year guarantee, to top it off.