Best Sofa Beds

Have you been searching the web for the best sofa beds to prepare for future guests? We’ve done the legwork and conducted an extensive search to save you hours of scrolling through the web. 

Our top sofa beds pick

Haru Large Double Sofa Bed

This sofa bed is from MADE, which prides itself on producing well-designed, good quality, and affordable sofas. It collaborates with independent designers to offer an extensive range of designs that are pleasing to the eyes and functional, durable, and comfortable. 

This particular sofa bed presents a retro-inspired design that will indeed look well-matched with retro, rustic, or minimalistic themes. It is available in three rustic colours of powder blue, butterscotch yellow, and shadow grey. 

The legs have a nice chrome finish, making this furniture look sleek and stylish. Pair all of these with the piped detail of the soft, and you got yourself a minimalistic sofa. 

In terms of comfort, it is highly comfortable as it is upholstered with soft fabric that is gentle to the skin. It unfolds into a bed quickly.

Because it is a large sofa, it unfolds into a bed-size comparable to a double, which can comfortably sleep, two adults. The best part is that the pillows that come with the sofa can turn into pillows for the bed.

Yoko Click Clack Sofa Bed

MADE has created another brilliant sofa bed. When unfolded, the sofa bed becomes a small-sized bed. Since it is a click clack sofa, the unfolding mechanism is relatively simple because you only need to bring down the back part of the sofa. 

You can use this as a sofa bed if you have a small space. If you lack space in the living room or would like to furnish your study or office with a sofa that can double as a bed, this product is a good choice. 

It is highly versatile because of its size and minimalist design. It is available in various colours as well, such as cygnet grey, sherbet blue, atomic orange, and butter yellow. 

It’s super easy to assemble and highly comfortable to sit on and sleep on as well. The firmness can be described to be medium-firm, which is the perfect firmness level for all sleepers. 

Gallway 3-Seater Click Clack Sofa Bed 

Gallway 3 Seater Clic-Clac Sofa Bed

Dreams are one of the UK’s leading specialist mattress retailers. They have stores all over the country, making their products reasonably accessible to the average Brit. They are also an award-winning brand, bagging over 7 significant awards since its establishment in 1985. 

This click clack sofa bed can seat up to three people comfortably and quickly unfold into a perfect bed for two sleepers. It is made of soft velvety fabric and comes in two colours: navy blue and rustic orange. 

If you are looking to match your other furniture with this sofa bed, it also comes with a matching chair and a footstool. The modern and traditional design makes for this classic, smart-looking sofa bed. 

Additionally, it is highly comfortable both as a sofa and as a bed. It is constructed with supportive pocket springs to provide your guests’ support when sleeping on it. 

Haru Single Sofa Bed 

This is perfect for smaller spaces. It is a one-seater sofa that unfolds into a single bed, with a classic and stylish design, with the legs sporting a sleek chrome finish. It is highly flexible as there are tons of colour options to choose from, making it easy to match your ongoing theme in your room.

The design is retro-inspired, with buttons and smooth, high-quality fabric. Additionally, it is built to be durable so that you can get your money’s worth. The fabric used is tightly woven, and the frame used is made from highly resistant pine wood. 

It is relatively easy to assemble. However, it is quiet on the firmer side, both as a sofa and as a bed. However, it is pretty bearable if the bed won’t be used frequently. 

Innovation Living Recast

This sofa bed is from Innovation Living, a Danish company that has been manufacturing sofa beds for over 25 years. The company prides itself in releasing designs that are highly innovative, practical, durable, and cutting-edge.

It has a Mid-century-inspired design with a robust textured fabric that comes in classic colours with all different shades and varieties of grey, making it aesthetically a versatile product. This matches perfectly with the welded metal frame and the dark elm wood legs. 

It is also carefully constructed together, making it very robust and durable. As a sofa, it has foam fillings that feel very comfortable to sit on. As a mattress, it features pocket springs that provide personalised support. 

It is an excellent way to expand your living space with the utmost convenience, functionality, and luxury. While it is definitely on the more expensive side, it is worth it. 

What to look for in sofa beds 

Buying a sofa bed doesn’t just come down to price and design. You also have to keep in mind other factors relating to the functionality and convenience of the furniture. Here are the factors that you should consider when buying a sofa bed. 

  1. Space and size 

You want to pick a sofa bed that matches the space that you have in your living room, as well as your prospective visitors. Are you expecting more visitors who’ll need sitting and sleeping rooms? Consider getting large sofa beds that unfold to a double-sized bed. 

  1. Comfort 

You also want to pick a bed that is comfortable enough to sit on and to sleep on. Some sofa beds end up being firmer as a sofa due to the extra padding or support mechanisms. 

  1. Mechanism 

Lastly, you’ll also want to consider convenience in functionality. The most convenient mechanism for soft beds is the click-clack ones which can be unfolded and snapped into shape. However, there are also sofa beds that are a little bit more complicated than that.