Best Three Quarter (3/4) Beds

Are you looking for the perfect bed size to fit your tiny room but still have enough space to roll around as you sleep? Three-quarter beds might be your key to easing all your worries!

Now, if you wish to learn about what this size means and the best three-quarter beds available, you might want to stick around because we’ll be discussing:

  • What are three-quarter beds?
  • How are divans different from bed frames?
  • The 5 best three-quarter beds, and
  • Why should you buy a three-quarter bed?

Comfy Deluxe’s divan bed sets will make the best three-quarter bed options considering versatility, comfort, aesthetics, easy assembling, and affordability. Their storage or no-storage options are a hit among customers, especially because they have different preferences. But if your budget isn’t an issue, Kelsey Stores and Bed Centre also makes some great alternatives. 

What Are Three-Quarter Beds?

Three-quarter beds are also called Queen-size beds or Small Double; many stores use them interchangeably. So if you ever find any of these terms, you know they mean the same thing.

And you can already guess what this size of bed means; it’s between a single and a double-size bed. So, a three-quarter bed will measure roughly about 1½ single-sized bed, i.e., 120 cm wide; the length mostly remains the same– 190 cm.

Three-quarter beds usually make a perfect size for a divan. So you’ll most likely find divans or bed sets when looking for one.

How Are Divans Different From Bed Frames?

Divans are compact beds with frames upholstered in fabric. Despite being used to hold mattresses and help you sleep, divans and bed frames are entirely different.

Divans can appear bulkier than bed frames because of the padding. However, you don’t have to stress about having extra space between the bed and the mattress because most come with a matching mattress.

Also, unlike regular bed frames that consist of the frame alone, divans have options for storage drawers and headboards and have an upholstered base.

The 5 Best Three-Quarter Beds

Below we have a list of the most efficient and contemporary beds, and you might want to bring one home because they all come with impressive features. Let’s begin!

1. Comfy Deluxe Suede Divan 3FT Bed Set With Storage Drawers

Perfectly engineered with a mango wood frame, this divan bed set by Comfy Deluxe is a must-have when you’re short on space. It has everything a divan needs– a complete bed set with drawers.

Why we liked it:

  • Handcrafted in the UK.
  • Made with premium Italian suede.
  • ½ inch castors attached to the bed base.
  • The drawer feature helps manage storage.
  • Free headboard, mattress, and drawers that match the bed.

The mattress is constructed of memory foam and covered in a generous layer of Italian suede fabric. It also features a wired edge with a 13.5 gauge open coil spring unit.

Such a construction keeps your body’s core areas supported while you sleep. Your back, in particular, will receive the correct alignment it needs, eliminating back pain.

Meanwhile, the divan base has a base height of 12 inches and features two drawers that you can position on either side of the bed.

The 20-inch headboard is entirely adjustable, and you can maintain its height to your liking.

What’s in the box:

– 1x divan bed base

– 1x headboard

– 1x memory foam mattress

2. Comfy Deluxe Suede Divan 3FT Bed Set (Without Drawers)

If you liked the last option but want something with no drawers under the bed, this one’s for you. This is another suede divan bed set by Comfy Deluxe and is the 0-drawer size variant of the previous but still functional, especially when storage doesn’t worry you or you have enough space to store things elsewhere.

Why we like it:

  • Handmade in the UK.
  • Comes with a free adjustable headboard and mattress.
  • Medium to soft mattress tension.
  • Made of premium quality Italian suede.
  • ½ inch castors attached to the bed base.

The divan bed base is crafted with mango wood, measures 12 inches in height, and is wrapped in a rich layer of suede. And the headboard is 20 inches high with a colour that matches the base.

The mattress uses memory foam and a mix of polyester and cotton fabric. It comes in the height of 8-10 inches, moulds your body curves and provides maximum support and comfort while sleeping.

What’s in the box:

– 1x divan bed base

– 1x headboard

– 1x memory foam mattress

3. Kelsey Stores 4FT Storage Bed

The space under the bed makes excellent storage options. But if you don’t like the idea of pulling out drawers, you can choose to lift your mattress instead. And this ottoman storage bed by Kelsey Stores can be perfect for you.

Why we like it:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Hydraulic gas lift.
  • A high padded headboard.
  • 9 mm sprung wooden slats.
  • Upholstered with high-quality linen fabric.
  • Two hydraulic pistons to lift the mattress base.

The bed base is made of metal, while the frame is wrapped with ottoman fabric. It weighs around 42 kg, and its maximum weight capacity is 200 kg.

Because of the hydraulic gas lift, the mattress base stays up once lifted, giving you a hands-free experience while you work with storing things.

One downside to this efficient product is that it doesn’t come with castors. So, you might want to position and install it where no future adjustments will be necessary. Regardless, the bed is an excellent option for an ottoman bed frame with a modern look.

What’s in the box:

– 1x bed base

– 1x fabric base cover

– 1x full-framed headboard

4. Comfy Deluxe Plain Velvet Divan Bed

Another impressive bed by the brand we looked at earlier, this plain velvet divan bed by Comfy Deluxe, looks and feels luxurious but has an incredibly reasonable price. It comes in 10 different colours, giving you more options to express yourself.

Why we like it:

– Orthopaedic

– Handmade in the UK.

– Multiple colour options.

– High-quality Italian velvet fabric.

– Has an option for storage drawers.

– ½ inch castors attached to the base.

– Comes with a headboard and mattress that match the base.

The divan bed base is 12 inches high and comes with castors. Meanwhile, the mattress is memory sprung, 8-10 inches in height, and has a medium to soft firmness.

In addition, the headboard has a two-line savannah design, is completely adjustable, and has a total height of 20 inches. Also, it comes with wooden struts to make your installation process much more manageable.

Because the mattress moulds to the core areas and pressure points of your body, it makes an excellent choice for people with sensitive backs.

What’s in the box:

– 1x divan bed base

– 1x headboard

– 1x memory sprung mattress

5. Bed Centre Silver Crush Velvet Divan Bed

Are you dissatisfied with the list so far? If you need something that feels lighter and more expressive, Bed Centre’s silver crush velvet divan bed might spark your interest!

Why we like it:

  • Made of sturdy timber
  • Comes with a matching mattress and headboard
  • Memory sprung tufted mattress.
  • Headboard with button-fastening.

This high-quality bed set is centred around the 14 inches high divan bed base, which has a rich silver-coloured, crush-velvet finish. Its headboard is 32 inches high and features a diamond stitch design around the buttons that give a sophisticated appearance.

The mattress is 10 inches high, hand-tufted, and made of a 12.5-inch spring unit with memory foam as its top layer to provide you with the most comfort.

In total, the bed weighs 55.5 kg and even gives your bedroom a really elevated look. 

What’s in the box:

– 1x divan bed base

– 1x headboard

– 1x mattress

Why Should You Buy A Three-Quarter Bed?

If you’re someone who likes to or happens to roll around a lot while you sleep, you probably need a little extra space in your bed. And sometimes a single-sized bed is too small for you while a double is the opposite.

Three-quarter beds make an excellent choice if you have to consider your budget and room size while thinking of adding extra space to your sleeping surface.

Also, they are your best options when sleeping alone with a pet or a small kid. But depending on your situation, you can even make it work for couples.

The best part about getting a three-quarter bed is its storage options. Since most divans have built-in drawers, you can keep your space cluster-free by storing things in them!


Three-quarter beds make an efficient in-between when you’re in doubt about a single or a double-size bed, and bed sets are a great option to count on.

The bed sets by Comfy Deluxe are great choices to start if you’re looking for affordable and decent-looking beds. Meanwhile, Bed Centre and Kelsey Stores’ beds are equally functional and look sophisticated.

Most bed sets listed above have mattresses with medium firmness, giving you a comfortable surface to sleep on, no matter your body type and sleeping preferences.

Also, buying sets means you won’t have to look for anything else to add to your bed!