Salus Mattress Review

Today we look at the pioneer bedmakers Breasley, and their Salus mattress range.

Salus is the luxury, high-end range of mattresses available from popular brand Breasley. This luxury mattress range has been available for ten years, and to celebrate the upcoming anniversary, the team behind the Salus mattress has unveiled an all-new, rebranded version of this luxury favourite across eight different models.

Breasley is a 40-year strong British bed company, which designs and manufacture mattress in their own UK factory. Also, Breasley is the largest Memory Foam mattress producer in the UK.

What types of mattresses does Salus offer?

Salus offers seven different luxury mattresses on Mattress Next Day. Among these is the popular Viscoool model, which features breathable memory foam created from sustainable materials such as soybeans. Another option in the range is the Samphire, which offers a decadent combination of lambswool, bamboo, alpaca and pashmina.

Besides these two most popular models, the range also includes the Ilex, Autumn, Tawny, Fern, Cypress, and Topaz. This luxury mattress range is more popular than ever thanks to its wide selection. 

The price ranges from £850 to £2120.  

Are Salus mattresses any good?

Salus beds combine the unique properties of viscoelastic memory foam (developed by NASA) with pocket springs – independently located springs each encased in their own fabric pocket for the ultimate in reactive support and pressure relief. Viscoool Technology mattress covers also regulate your body temperature while you sleep and prevent overheating.

The range also combines memory foam with pocket springs making them a hybrid mattress.

When it comes to individual support, pocket springs are the best. For maximum comfort and support, the top layer of springs conforms to the body contours, while the bottom layer of springs absorbs changes in weight distribution. The more springs in a mattress, the more support the sleeper will receive (generally).

Salus’s design team seeks to enhance the comfort and quality of their sleep products by using the latest technologies and innovations.

All Salus mattresses have a reassuring 10 year guarantee and are treated with Breasley ProGuard® to ensure a safe and hygienic night’s sleep.

Are these mattresses ethical?

All of Salus’ mattresses are shipped in regranulated polythene, a more sustainable alternative to traditional packing materials. Additionally, models such as the Viscool use sustainable materials in their construction, further reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Salus Viscoool Fern 1000

There is nothing better than a good firm mattress that can offer you a restful night’s sleep with pockets of springs and Viscoool comfort layers.

There are 1000 pressure-relieving pocket springs that move individually to help you sleep comfortably and in a neutral position, thus reducing the amount of tossing and turning.

The top cover is layered with a substantial layer of Salus Viscoool, an innovative combination of memory foam and naturally derived soybean oil, which acts as a natural balm to regulate temperature and encourage moisture evaporation. Throughout the night, this helps you maintain optimal sleep conditions.

This 22cm deep Fern mattress features a quilted top made of breathable materials made from natural components such as alpaca, lambswool, and bamboo which are both soft, hypoallergenic, and have antibacterial properties to ensure a healthy, happy night’s sleep.

Salus mattresses are made in the UK and come with a 10-year warranty. Below is a link to a site that has the lowest price guarantee, which ensures you get the best deal possible since they will match competitors’ offers.

Salus Viscoool Cypress 1500

Mattress is a medium feel pocket sprung mattress that combines smart technology with natural materials for a truly comfortable night’s sleep.

Each pocket spring moves independently to distribute weight evenly, aligning your spine in its natural position and reducing the amount of tossing and turning you do while you sleep.

A generous layer of Salus Viscoool lies between the springs and the top cover, a combination of memory foam and naturally derived soybean oil that regulates temperature and encourages moisture evaporation, ensuring an optimal sleep environment throughout the night.

Cypress’s 22cm depth is finished with a deep quilted cover fitted with diamond stitch, made up of breathable materials, such as alpaca, lambswool, pashmina and bamboo. They are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, resulting in a comfortable, healthy sleep.

Salus mattresses are sourced and made in the UK, so the link below will match any like-for-like offer to ensure that you get the best deal.

Salus Viscoool Natural Samphire 3900

Built to be the top of the line of Salus mattresses, the Samphire combines new technology with exceptional materials to give you the best sleep possible.

Despite the deeply indulgent Salus comfort layer, the Samphire model remains a firm mattress despite its 28cm depth. As it features a double layer of 3,900 pressure-relieving pocket springs, you will sleep more comfortably since you will not toss and turn to get comfortable.

As you sleep, your body maintains its optimal temperature with the help of the thick, quilted mattress cover, which is made of natural fibres such as alpaca, bamboo, lambswool, and Pashmina.

Under the mattress surface, there is Salus’ uniquely designed breathable memory foam, Viscoool, which provides pressure relief and a luxurious feel. The natural, sustainable soybean oil used in Viscoool promotes more moisture evaporation during sleep, which keeps you cool as your body temperature rises.

Each mattress is backed by a 10-year guarantee, so you can feel confident that you are making a wise investment. Additionally, like with the other models you get the lowest price guarantee, which means they match any price you find like-for-like, ensuring you get the best deal.