Best Buckwheat Pillows

Have you been having trouble sleeping at night? Do you wake up with a sore neck and back? Well, it’s time to replace your ordinary pillow with a buckwheat pillow!

A buckwheat pillow is so much different from ordinary pillows. It is filled with the hulls of buckwheat, making it soft and comforting for your neck and head. If you come across a person who gets great sleep every time, then know that he has the buckwheat pillow!

Studies show that buckwheat pillows give you many more health benefits than ordinary pillows. Sleeping on buckwheat pillows helps you maintain proper posture, unlike other pillows that give you a sore neck and back.

Buckwheat pillows are heat resistant and free of allergens. Better switch to a buckwheat pillow today itself if you are someone allergic to latex or other materials.

Ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling dizzy or numbness in your head? Well, that’s because the pillow is not helping your blood to circulate evenly. But with buckwheat pillows, it’s the opposite. You’ll wake up every morning feeling energetic and light!

If you’re planning to purchase one, then you’re at the right place. Mentioned below are some of the best quality buckwheat pillows in the market. Choose accordingly!

Perfect Pillow Size 24×7

By looking at the name itself, this pillow justifies its goodness. Introducing the organic buckwheat husk pillow from Perfect Pillow Size 24×7! The comfort you never got from ordinary pillows, this pillow will fill all those gaps. It has several health benefits that will leave you satisfied and addicted to buckwheat pillows!



Nothing is more organic than the organic buckwheat pillow from Perfect Pillow. It is filled with pure buckwheat husk that is chemical and toxins-free. Another great thing is it is a hundred percent biodegradable. Amazing, isn’t it? No pillow can get safer and more health-friendly than this pillow!

Allergen free

Dealing with allergies and no other pillows seems to be of any help. Try the Buckwheat Perfect Pillow. It is made of organic buckwheat husk that is free of allergens. You no longer need those latex or feather pillows when you have the Perfect Pillow!


When it comes to comfort, Perfect Pillow is the master of it. It is filled with soft organic buckwheat husk that supports your neck, head, shoulders and back. You can say goodbye to soreness and stiffness with the amazing Perfect Pillow!


The Perfect Pillow, made of buckwheat husk is not just for adults but even for babies, small kids, and the elderly. That’s how incredible this pillow is! It’s perfect for an infant’s tender head, your sore neck, your grandpa’s sleeplessness, and so much more. Well, it can’t get better than this, does it?


If you’re someone who likes to sleep on a small-sized pillow or large-sized pillow, then worry not. This pillow comes in all sizes, so you can choose any size perfect for you or your family.

Pain relief

Imagine having a long day, and your whole body is sore. Guess what the best pain relief method is? Buckwheat pillows! Exactly!

Don’t think much, and grab one of these today!

Perfect Pillow Size 28×17

Looking for a pillow that provides comfort, relieves pain and lets you get the best sleep? Then what you have been missing out on is the Perfect Pillow size 28×17. This pillow is suitable for all ages and has many incredible features.



Perfect pillow does not just manufacture 28×17 sized pillows, but any size! If it is for a baby, you can get the smaller one, and if you want a bigger one, you got it. Perfect Pillows has all the sizes!

Pain buster

If you’re someone who wakes up with a stiff neck and back, this pillow is the one you want to go for. The soft buckwheat husks provide comfort to your head, neck, shoulder and back and relieve pain in those parts of your body. Want to sleep well? Go for the Perfect Pillow!


If you look at other types of pillows, they are filled with materials that are not just inorganic but have toxins, allergens, etc. But the Perfect Pillow is made of pure and natural buckwheat husk, so you don’t have to worry about your health and its safety.

Heat resistant

Most pillows make your sleep sweaty and suffocating. The Perfect Pillow is the opposite of it. It is heat resistant making it perfect for summer, and it also keeps you warm during winter. It’s a wonder how a pillow can change your sleep completely!

Toxins free

You can kiss your allergies goodbye with the Perfect Pillow! It has zero toxins or chemicals and is completely natural and biodegradable.

Soft and firm

It has buckwheat husk doesn’t mean it’s gonna be hard. No. It is soft yet firm to keep your posture and circulate your blood flow perfectly.


Perfect Pillows are known for their versatility. They manufacture all sizes of buckwheat pillows and give your more options to choose from.


You can’t wash or soak the entire pillow filled with buckwheat husk. However, you can change the pillow covers routinely within a week. That’s much easier than washing a whole pillow!

These pillows are not just called perfect for no reason. Buy one today and see for yourself. You will definitely sleep better!

Lumaland buckwheat pillow

If you’re looking for a comfortable and safe buckwheat pillow, then look for genuine brands such as the Lumaland Buckwheat Pillow. It has natural buckwheat filling and provides the best comfort to relieve all stress and pain in your body.       

Organic buckwheat filling

Pillows filled with materials containing toxins and chemicals must be avoided at all costs. And Lumaland Buckwheat Pillow fully stands strong on that! It is filled with purified buckwheat husk, so there is no need to worry at all!


The thing that most buyers worry about while buying a pillow is hygiene. Now, you cannot wash a buckwheat pillow in the machine or hand wash it. However, your advantage is that you only have to wash the pillow sheets or cover once a week or as you wish!


Lumaland Buckwheat Pillow is all about health. As mentioned above, it is filled with natural and organic buckwheat husk free of chemicals and toxins. You can swap this pillow for your family’s health and safety.


Small babies tend to have a very tender and soft head which needs extra care. They also need a lot of sleep. So, in order to protect their head and make them sleep comfortably, choose buckwheat pillows like Lumaland buckwheat pillows.


Lumaland buckwheat pillows are heat resistant and durable to a great extent. This pillow is perfect for summer to keep you cool all night long and perfectly warm during winter.


All Lumaland pillow users know how comforting it is to sleep in such a pillow. It keeps your head, neck and back perfectly aligned, and no matter in what position you sleep, you’ll have a good night’s sleep every time.

Very few high-quality buckwheat pillows are genuine and worth the value. Lumaland Buckwheat pillow takes comfort to another level. The makers really took sleep seriously!

E4Emporium Buckwheat Pillow

Introducing the E4Emporium buckwheat pillow, the pillow that is all about comfort and goodness of health! It is filled with nature’s goodness and comes with no complications. It’s all about comfort!



It is filled with organic buckwheat husk that is 100% genuine, and the E4Emporium buckwheat husk comes wrapped up in a pure cotton case. You can fully trust the quality of the husk and case, as you will find no dust or debris whatsoever inside.

Health friendly

This buckwheat pillow is free of chemicals and toxins, making it safe for small children as well. It is also allergen free, so even the most sensitive person can sleep comfortably on this pillow!

 Easy to clean

The organic buckwheat husks are wrapped up in fine cotton cases. So, you can put a pillowcase on top of it to make it easier to wash. Now you no longer need to wash the entire pillow and wait long for it to dry.


Do not worry that the husk might fall out easily. The E4Emporium buckwheat pillow is so durable that not even grain will fall out, that is, if the user takes good care of it.


The E4Emporium buckwheat pillow doesn’t come in just one size. You can choose from a range of sizes according to your needs. Yaay!

WheatyBags Buckwheat Pillow

Are you looking for a pillow made of buckwheat that is safe for all ages? Then the WheatyBags buckwheat pillow is a great option. It is made with natural and pure buckwheat husk and comes with a whole lot of useful features.



When you look for buckwheat pillows, search for those with natural and organic husk. Otherwise, it can be toxic to your health. WheatyBags Buckwheat pillow is made of 100% organic buckwheat husk that is health friendly and safe.


WheatyBags Buckwheat Pillow is stuffed with natural buckwheat husk zipped properly on the side. You can remove some of the husks if it’s too much, which is one of this pillow’s advantages. How amazing!


You can lay your head on the WheatyBags buckwheat pillow, and it’ll mould your head shape to provide the utmost comfort, support and relaxation. Your tired neck and back will disappear, and you’ll wake feeling light and fresh!

Improves sleep

This pillow is not just a pain buster but a great option if you have sleep problems. Customers who have used the pillow have had the best sleep and no longer go back to other pillows!


Many buckwheat pillows are soft and comforting but have a bad odour. However, with the WheatyBags Buckwheat pillow, you can have an aromatic sleep as it has lavender buds inside the husks.

Why go ordinary when you have the best option? Never compromise when it comes to sleep!

Buckwheat pillows and their health benefits

Buckwheat has found its best purpose, and that is for making buckwheat pillows! These husks or hull-filled pillows are no ordinary pillows. They come with several health benefits and are a proven method for better sleep, pain-relieving and relaxation.

These are a few of the health benefits of using a buckwheat pillow.

Better sleep

It is proven that using buckwheat pillows improves your sleep to a great extent. The soft and silky hulls mould your head, and your neck, back and shoulders are positioned properly. Usually, even though we sleep a good amount of hours, if the pillow is uncomfortable, we end up waking up heavy and sore. With buckwheat pillows, you can bid farewell to insomnia and welcome better sleep!

Pain relief

Many still suffer from neck and back pain and wake up with more pain in the morning. Little do they know that poor sleeping posture is the root cause of all those.

If you’re one of them, do not take this article lightly but get a buckwheat pillow at the earliest! Buckwheat pillow will give your neck, head and back better posture and relax all those tensed muscles. A buckwheat pillow is a solution to insomnia and sore muscles.

Remember, stiff muscles untreated can be a bigger problem if left unattended.

Better airflow

During summer, when the temperature is at its peak, you tend to sweat a lot at night, which disrupts your sleep and affects your health. However, with buckwheat pillows, you will have a cool sleep since the pillow is breathable and circulates air evenly.

Solution for headaches

Buckwheat pillows have also been a great help and life-saver for those dealing with migraines. The hulls mould the head so that there is better blood circulation. Try buckwheat pillows and see for yourself how much your migraine and sleep improve.


If you have allergies and you’re extra sensitive, then the buckwheat pillow is your only friendly pillow! These hulls do not attract insects and other tiny creatures.


Another great thing about buckwheat pillows is that they are dust-repellent. You don’t have to worry about washing the pillow time and again.

The side effects of buckwheat pillows

Well, when it comes to buckwheat pillows, there are very few or no drawbacks when using them. However, it heavily depends upon the person using it.

The only thing you might want to keep in mind is to buy the best quality buckwheat pillows, such as the products mentioned above. The pillow might not last long if you purchase a poor-quality one.

What to look for when buying a buckwheat pillow?

There are a few things one must keep in mind before purchasing a buckwheat pillow. First, ensure the product is genuine, and the buckwheat hulls are organic. Also, make sure the hulls do not have a bad odour. Scented buckwheat pillows are an exception!

Get used to it

Of course, the pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls, so it will make some rustling sounds. With time you will get used to the sound. Some people actually love the rustling sound and say it makes them sleep better.

If you have used ordinary, feathered or latex pillows, you must have washed them entirely by soaking the pillow. But with buckwheat pillows, you cannot wash or soak the entire pillow. You only have to wash the pillow covers routinely.

Buckwheat pillows can be heavier than normal pillows. But it must not be such a problem if it gives you better sleep and relaxation.


Do Buckwheat Pillows Really Work?

Without a doubt, Yes! Buckwheat pillows have been in use for long years back. People use this pillow to improve their sleep, relax their muscles, better posture and blood circulation.

Do Buckwheat Pillows Attract Bugs?

Nope. Buckwheat pillows do not attract bugs or any insects. You see, these are not edible materials for the bugs, so there’s no chance for them to crawl their way inside the pillow!

How Long Does A Buckwheat Pillow Last?

Buckwheat pillows have been known to last for a good 10 to more than 20 years. It also depends on how you maintain the pillow. Who knows, if you’re careful, it might last you longer!

Can You Put Your Buckwheat Pillow In The Dryer?

Absolutely not. Buckwheat pillows are not meant for machine washing and drying. In fact, you only need to wash the pillow cover and not soak the hulls!

Do Buckwheat Pillows Stop Snoring?

Buckwheat pillows have been a great help for some with snoring problems. People also regard buckwheat pillows as a solution for loud snorers.

Do Buckwheat Hulls Go Bad?

Well, like any other product or material, even buckwheat hulls can go bad at some point. However, they won’t go bad so easily unless you never soak them. It also depends on how much you use the pillow in a day.