Best Orthopaedic Pillows for Neck Pain

If you are on the hunt for an orthopaedic pillow that will change how you sleep, we’ve got just the thing for you. In this guide, we’ll be discussing; 

  • Does an orthopaedic pillow help with neck pain?
  • What do you need to look for when buying an orthopaedic pillow?
  • What are the best orthopaedic pillows?

What are the advantages of an orthopaedic pillow? 


These orthopaedic products are intended to be therapeutic and provide the appropriate amount of support and spine alignment that you need. In general, pain is caused by insufficient support or improper sleep positions. These products aim to address and minimize this problem. 

After sleeping, people who suffer from back and neck pains will significantly benefit from not waking up grumpy in the morning. Other sleep issues such as sleep apnea, insomnia, arthritis, and others may also be relieved by these devices. 


These are often designed to be ergonomic to provide all the fantastic therapeutic benefits mentioned above. In addition, they are often designed to contour to the head and provide the right amount of support. 

What to look for in an orthopaedic pillow? 

Is the benefit specific for you? 

It is best to choose a product that meets your specific needs. For example, looking to cure your back pain, look for one specifically designed for that condition. 

What is the thickness?

It is recommended that you choose one that is at the correct depth. For this product to be effective as an orthopaedic item, depth is crucial. If it is too thin or too thick, you will experience stiff necks and pains. 

What is the filling? 

The filling that you buy generally determines the quality of sleep that you get from your mattress. Stay away from feathers and similar materials that have not been treated as hypoallergenic if you are allergic. Moreover, they are typically softer materials in terms of support. 

Our Picks For The Best Orthopaedic Pillows

Kally Neck Pain Pillow

kally neck pain pillow

It has a unique butterfly shape that provides head and cervical support, further reducing any pressure from building in the neck. It is also slightly smaller than the standard to complement its unique shape.  

Due to its shape and size, this cushion provides good head, neck, and spine support so that you won’t feel any soreness in the morning. In addition, thanks to the slow-rebound memory foam material that makes up the product’s core, it has a firmness rating of 7/10, making it quite firm. 

Additionally, since KallySleep offers free shipping on all orders over £39, and this item is £39.99, you can get it delivered for free to your home. 

REM-Fit Bamboo Charcoal Pillow

rem fit bamboo charcoal pillow

This product relies on adaptive memory foam to provide substantial support, neck and spine alignment, as well as pressure relief. 

As a result of being infused with bamboo charcoal, the memory foam has several unique properties, such as being naturally temperature-regulating, ensuring that your head won’t feel stuffy during the night. 

I also appreciate that the bamboo charcoal infusion makes this product naturally hypoallergenic, ensuring that it is less likely to cause allergies, especially sensitive sleepers. It is recommended for all sleeping positions and customized to suit your individual preferences, as it is available in two depths — 6 and 8 cm. 

A 5-year warranty period and next-day delivery are included for your peace of mind. 

OTTY Deluxe Pillow

OTTY Deluxe Pillow

It is constructed with a memory foam core with superior head-contouring abilities to provide the right amount of pressure relief and support for your joints. 

Memory foam is commonly known for being humid and stuffy due to its construction. Still, this mattress has been specifically designed to allow airflow, be more breathable, and regulate your temperature. 

With this feature, you can sleep like a baby with your head kept cool and fresh. I especially appreciate that this product is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and other allergens. In addition, the covers can be machine-washed, further reducing maintenance requirements. 

Elviros Cervical Contour Pillow

elviros cervical contour pillow

The ergonomic design of this product reduces neck and back pain. This unique shape conforms to your upper body, providing the right amount of support and alignment for your head, neck, and shoulders. 

You can use the cutouts for your arms if you sleep on your front. So it’s excellent for all kinds of sleepers. In the morning, you will feel refreshed and hopefully pain-free. 

Furthermore, it is designed to open up your airways, so you do not snore. For people who sleep on their sides or backs, two heights are designated. High-density, slow-rebound memory foam is the primary material, ensuring you sink into the mattress as you sleep.

As for hygiene and breathability, it has a removable breathable cover that is easily washable for regular cleaning.

UNA Mattress Latex Pillow

una mattress latex pillow

Having a height-adjustable mattress makes it universal for all types of sleepers without falling into a “one size fits all” trap that fails to deliver specific benefits to each sleeper. Thousands of certified organic latex flakes fill the inside of the pillow, and two inner pillows make up the inner construction. The loft and firmness levels can be adjusted by removing one. 

Soft and subtle support is provided by this material, which contours to the neck and head while providing pressure relief. 

People who live a sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle are sure to appreciate that the latex flakes used in this product are organic and certified not to harm Mother Earth. 

In addition, it is also highly breathable as the central core facilitates airflow throughout the product.