Eve Memory Foam Pillow Review

This Eve memory foam pillow review focuses on the comfortable memory foam variant, designed by London’s top sleep designers and manufactured in the European Union to ensure quality. In addition, it meets international standards since it is also OEKO-Tex certified. 

45% off
Eve Discount Voucher Code
45% off original foam mattresses. 200 Night trial + No contact Delivery | T&Cs apply.
45% off original foam mattresses. 200 Night trial + No contact Delivery | T&Cs apply. Show Less

Materials & Construction 

The Eve memory foam pillow is made with high-quality materials that ensure the perfect feel for your head — not too soft or not too hard. 

A firmer memory foam core serves as the main body, providing enough support that will not cause your head to sink too far down. This will also help keep your neck aligned to your spine. 

A softer memory foam outer layer provides a sinking feeling that is soft and plush to the head. This also provides a direct head to foam contact to remove any pressure build-up in the neck. 

Credit: Evesleep.co.uk

There are air holes integrated into the construction to allow a holistic circulation of air from one side to another. This makes sleep breathable and less stuffy. 

Memory foam is the material that and is responsible for a “just right” firmness level that is not too stiff or too plush.


The cover is made of a jersey knit that feels soft and luxurious. 

Like other knitted fabrics such as rib knit and interlock, Jersey is incredibly durable and high in quality. 

The fibres are woven together, which prevents the fabric from becoming unravelled, wrinkling, or creasing easily.

Moreover, it is also incredibly soft to the touch and pleasant to the skin. This makes the pillow a great surface to place your head on top. 

Lastly, to work with the pillow’s breathable construction, the jersey is lightweight and has good moisture-wicking capabilities. 

It is also a removable cover that makes it easy for upkeep and maintenance. Pop it in the wash for 40 degrees as many times as you want without dealing with fading or immediate wears. 

Aesthetically, the cover is white with a textured pattern. Like other Eve Sleep products, it has yellow piping for a clean, sleek look. 

Comfort & Support

This is a pretty balanced pillow that can provide a plush feeling to the head without compromising the support you need. 

For instance, it provides an extremely comfortable sinking effect. This makes it feel as though you are well incorporated into the foam and not sitting on top of it. 

It is important to note that you need your head propped up to align with your spine no matter what sleep position you choose. The clever design of the dual-layered memory foam keeps you supported by its soft outer layer while it is harder and firmer inside. 

You will find that your head initially sinks into the pillow, but you will get the support you need once you reach the core. 

The difference between this product and other products is particularly important. Other products easily cause muscle aches as tension builds in a particular area, and blood does not circulate properly. Previous consumers have also been able to relieve neck pain and stiff neck through this product. 

Furthermore, this product requires relatively little maintenance with tremendous benefits. For example, it does not require fluffing every time it’s used, unlike others with feather-based stuffing. Plus, cleaning the cover is minimal because it is easily removed and can be washed. 

Service & Delivery 

Eve offers free delivery to most parts of the UK. There are restrictions to this free delivery service, so make sure to head over here to double-check. 

Eve has been known to have pretty good customer service that is always reachable and reliable. 

Many previous customers have had good experiences and recommend them. 

Weight and Thickness

It is available in only one size. This fits the standard 50 x 75 pillowcases. 

The height is the golden mean that all sleepers need at 11.1 cm. 

42 x 66 x 11.1 cm1.48 kg

What’s the cost? 

The table below is a summary of the price of the available size. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that these prices are variable, so be sure to head over to the Eve sleep website to update the latest sales and discounts. 

DimensionsWeight Prices
42 x 66 x 11.1 cm1.48 kg£59
45% off
Eve Discount Voucher Code
45% off original foam mattresses. 200 Night trial + No contact Delivery | T&Cs apply.
45% off original foam mattresses. 200 Night trial + No contact Delivery | T&Cs apply. Show Less

Trial Period & Guarantee 

  • This pillow comes with a 14-night trial free trial period for you to decide whether or not it is suitable for your sleeping needs and habits. If you decide that it’s not for you, you can send it back and get a full refund. 
  • This also comes with a 3-year warranty period that covers any performance issues and physical defects that may arise later because of manufacturing errors. 


With clever construction that provides the “just right” feeling, the Eve memory foam pillow is perfect for various sleepers. 

It provides a plush, sinking feeling without sacrificing the neck support that you need. With great spine and muscle alignment and a breathable breadth, this has sure made many sleepers happy. 

If you want a well-balanced sleep that will take any muscle pains or aches away, then this should be high on your priority list. 

Your search for the perfect, well-balanced pillow ends here. Get the Eve memory foam pillow now.