How Long Does A Memory Foam Pillow Last?

Wondering how long a memory foam pillow lasts? If so, we have it covered! This post will answer your question related to memory pillows, including some of the commonly asked questions:

  • What is memory foam?
  • How long does a memory foam pillow last, and what is it made of?
  • What are the good and bad aspects of memory foam pillows?
  • When does a memory foam pillow wear out?

A memory foam pillow lasts for three to five years, depending on the quality and how it’s taken care of. Maintenance is vital to keep the pillow in good condition. Hand Wash the pillow gently and use covers to last long. Additionally, avoid spillages to have an extended lifespan. 

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Understanding the aspect of a memory foam

Before looking into the aspect of memory foam pillows, let us first understand what memory foam is. It will give you a deeper understanding of this foam type and its properties.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) developed this foam type in 1966. It was created to put it in seatbelts for shock absorption, thus providing safety and comfort to astronauts. And no sooner, memory foam was used in football helmets, protective paddings, hospital beds, and more. 

Memory foam consists of polyurethane foam, which is like the base and is combined with additional chemicals to form a consistency. This addition makes the foam elastic and viscous, also called viscoelastic! While elastic helps in stretching and retaining its original shape, viscosity prevents movement when there is an application of pressure. 

These two properties give an excellent body contour allowing you to sleep properly. You should note that newer memory foam mattresses or pillows use fewer chemicals, which is much safer. 

There are variants of pillow types and qualities. And it can be pretty challenging to choose one if you’re new. However, understanding the aspect will make your task easier, allowing you to get one suitable for you. 

To prolong the life of a memory foam pillow, follow these instructions

As mentioned, a memory foam pillow lasts three to five years, or it can be longer if properly maintained. This pillow type has become quite popular, and it’s not surprising to see manufacturers producing variants of memory foam pillows. 

Hence, it’s essential to consider the quality before getting one. Note that a memory foam pillow can either be a hybrid or 100% memory foam. Now, some of you might be wondering which is the best quality of this type. 

The best quality is 100% memory foam pillows which will likely last longer. It’s a one-piece foam that supports the shape of your neck and head with optimal support. Some of these types are also filled with shredded pieces, allowing you to mould the pillow easily. 

While purchasing a memory foam pillow, ensure that it comes with a warranty period. Some reputed manufacturers provide a warranty for their pillows for a specific period, which shows that the quality is excellent and durable. 

That said, here is how you can take care of a memory foam pillow to have a longer lifespan:

Wash your pillow regularly

Regardless of the pillow type, it’s necessary to wash the pillow every once or twice a year. Depending on the type, one should wash it accordingly. For memory foam pillows, the best way is to hand wash gently. Or, use a bathtub to wash filled with warm water to cleanse off the dirt. 

Rinse the water and let it air dry. Note that the memory foam pillow gets very soft when soaked in hot water. Because of its sensitive nature to temperature, it tends to be soft but gets back to normal form after some time. Ensure that the pillow is adequately dried before putting it in the bed.

Usage of pillow covers

If you don’t prefer washing pillows, use pillow covers to prevent dirt, stains, etc. Ensure that you wash the cover at least once weekly for better hygiene. Since memory foam pillows are sensitive to temperature, a pillow cover would be a better alternative. 

However, it would be better to let the pillow sun dry once in a while to get rid of dust mites or bacteria which cannot be seen with our naked eyes. Although, these things tend to occur less in memory foam material compared to other pillow types. Let the pillow sun dry once in a while to eliminate mites or bacteria our naked eyes cannot see.

These are some simple ways to take care of memory foam pillows. Following these will provide more durability. Remember that you cannot use memory foam forever, and it is vital to replace it after some years. 

What are the good and bad aspects of memory foam pillows?

Undeniably, memory foam pillows are excellent and quite popular among the masses. It allows you to sleep well because of its brilliant body contouring feature. However, nothing comes to perfection, which is natural for everything. 

Despite its excellent quality, a memory foam pillow may not be everyone’s number one choice. And it’s expected as every person has different needs and preferences. 

And if you’re new, it would be better to look into the good and bad aspects of memory foam pillows before you get one for yourself. So, let’s start with the pros of this pillow type. 

Good aspect

  • One of the reasons for memory foam pillows’ popularity is the comfort and relief it brings to your body. This pillow type will be excellent for neck pain or spinal issues. 
  • A memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic and won’t cause any allergic issues. 
  • It has an excellent contouring feature providing all the support types you need while lying down. 
  • Unlike other pillow types, memory foam pillows are resistant to bacteria and dust mites. 
  • Memory foam pillows are easy to clean compared to other pillow types.

Now that you know the excellent aspect of this pillow type, it’s only fair to look into the cons. That way, you can weigh the good and bad aspects before choosing one. 

Bad aspect

  • Memory foam pillows aren’t for everybody. This pillow type is made of different chemical properties and wouldn’t be the best option for people with asthma. 
  • This pillow type traps heat, preventing even distribution of heat. This wouldn’t be the best choice if you’re from a humid region. 
  • It’s relatively more expensive than other pillow materials. Additionally, it’s firm, which will take time to get used to it. 

These are some of the good and bad aspects of memory foam pillows. You should also note that the features may vary depending on the manufacturers. Overall, it’s a good purchase if you’re looking for a firm yet comfortable pillow. 

When does a memory foam pillow wear out?

Memory foam pillows are commonly known for their durable nature; however, nothing lasts forever. This pillow type is known for its effective response to pressure and slows down over time. Additionally, the fabric which covers the pillow also wears out eventually. The comfort you get initially will lose its spark and the same comfort level.

Now the question is: how to identify a worn-out memory foam pillow? One easy way is to fold the pillow; if it bounces back to its original shape right away, it’s still fresh. However, if it doesn’t, this is a cue for you to get a new pillow. Note that a pillow failing the fold test doesn’t mean it’s damaged or broken. 

It means that the cushion has lost its ability to provide adequate support as it’s intended to. Furthermore, if you see a permanent stain or dentin in the pillow, it’s a sign of wearing out. For memory foam pillows, replacing them after three years would be better if you prefer quality service. 

Whether memory foam or regular pillow, it will wear out after some years. As mentioned earlier in the post, you can prolong it through proper care and washing. Washable pillows tend to resurrect, which is good news. In the case of memory foam, it is washable but needs to be done carefully. 


Concluding the article, we hope helpful and answers your question, “how long does a memory foam pillow last?” The longevity of a pillow depends on how you take care of it and its quality. Whether memory foam pillow or any other type, maintenance plays a vital role in determining the pillow’s lifespan. 

Various manufacturers produce different memory foam pillow types. Choose one that is suitable for you and meets your preferences. It would be better to check the product description before you get one.