Kally Sleep Body Pillow Review

In our Kally Sleep Body Pillow review, we’ll look deeper into one of the most popular choices for a body pillow in the UK. This is a product from Kally Sleep, a pioneering sleep specialist company that sells all kinds of pillows, blankets, and other bed accessories for different purposes. 

This full body pillow is one of Kally’s best-selling products. It provides orthopaedic benefits, especially for those suffering from back and neck pains due to health problems, or pregnancy. 

Plus it sells at £49.99 making it an excellent economic investment. Also, it comes with a 14-day free trial period, a 2-year guarantee, and free delivery. For its quality and unique benefits, it’s is a pillow that is worth trusting your sleep too. 


kally sleep body pillow layers

Soft and comfortable pillowcase 

The pillowcase is made of a purposeful and functional cotton blend. It has 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This cotton blend is responsible for a soft-to-the-touch sleeping surface, which will not irritate your skin, especially your face. Moreover, it is breathable and lightweight, further adding to a comfortable and refreshing sleep. It will also not wear down quickly as polycotton is a tough fabric that protects against the elements and rough usage. 

Hollowfibre filling

The main body has hollowfibre filling. Hollowfibre is a material that is well-known for its lightness and conformability. Unlike its more-commonly used counterpart, microfibre, hollow fibre has more expansive spaces between the threads, allowing it to form into different shapes. Because it’s lightweight and ultra-soft, you get the utmost comfort. Lastly, it is also hypoallergenic, which is a great advantage to always have for bed hygiene.  

Cylindrical shape

The cleverly constructed Kally Sleep Pillow incorporates a cylindrical shape, which makes it useable for multiple purposes. Coupled with the fact that it’s flexible and cylindrical, it can easily be shaped to be used anywhere in the body. 

  • Long bolster cushion
  • Neck support
  • Knees and hips

Its multipurpose nature removes the need to surround yourself with many pillows, sometimes getting hot or uncomfortable. 

Flexible construction 

This construction point is linked to the main filling being hollowfibre. As mentioned, hollowfibre contains wider gaps, allowing it to be easily bent and shaped. We keep on emphasizing how sleep essentials such as pillows and mattresses are rarely a one-size-fits-all. This full-body pillow has undoubtedly done a great job in providing a good for everyone, no matter what kind of sleeper you are, your preferences, or your health needs. 

Support and Comfort

This pillow has the utmost support and tension-relief on different parts of the body. Sleep practitioners from Kelly Sleep have convened to equip this body cushion with the texture and behaviour that would benefit all sleepers, especially those suffering from back-related health problems. It provides a sufficient amount of sinkage and body contouring as the primary material, hollow fibre, is flexible and adaptable.

This is another layer to the body cushion that adds to its orthopaedic benefits. However, be wary as some people and past customers have lamented over the usage of hollowfibre, citing it to be too soft that it fails to align and provide support. To prevent a deflated and flat pillow, Kally Sleep encourages regular fluffing as part of its care routine. 

Warranty and Bonuses

The Kally Sleep Body Pillow is jampacked with many attractive perks and benefits. For one, it is covered by a 2-year guarantee period upon purchase, so you can rest easy that this body cushion will perform well in the long-term. Also, if you have qualms about fully committing to this pillow as an investment, you have a 14-night trial period to test it for yourself and then decide if you want to commit or not. 

Kally Sleep also offers a free delivery promo for any purchase above £39. Since the Kally Sleep Body Pillow sells for £49.99 each, you are indeed eligible to avail this free delivery promo. These are the benefits of buying directly from the Kally Sleep website; however, purchasing the body cushion from other websites or retailers such as Amazon will produce varied benefits. 

Prices and Sizes 

This body pillow sells for £49.99 each, which is a reasonable price for a full-body pillow. Moreover, suppose you consider the adaptability of this product and its many uses and the many benefits. In that case, the price indeed becomes even more attractive. It comes in only one size long and big enough to be used for its multi recommended purposes. The table below summarizes the dimensions and corresponding price. 

Dimensions Price
160 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm x 1.8 kg £49.99

Customer Reviews 

Most of the time, the reviews are positive and encouraging for would-be buyers. These previous customers mention how this pillow has changed their sleep for the better and has tremendously helped with their previous pains. The reviews mention the orthopaedic benefits they have absorbed from this product, enormously how it has helped with their post-surgery recovery, lower back pain, pregnancy struggles, physical maternity aches, and other health-related miracles. 

However, there are a few reviews that do complain about this pillow. These all range from it being too big that it takes up half the bed, or that the filling is too lumpy, etc. One review against this full-body cushion, however, that is worth noting, is that the hollowfibre filling is too ‘hollow,’ making it too soft without any substantial support. 

Is the Kally Sleep Body Pillow right for me?

Because the Kally Sleep Body Pillow is flexible and adaptable, it’s a perfect full-body pillow that side sleepers will love. You can also adequately support the head and neck whilst being able to relieve tension in the knees or hips. 

Back sleepers could easily place it on their necks and use the extra length of the cushion for arm support and relief. Likewise, stomach sleepers can also flip on their front and sleep on this lightweight cushion without much trouble. 

While it’s a pillow for most people, we’ve found that it is best for those who need its orthopaedic benefits. These would be for those suffering from chronic backaches, fibromyalgia, those recovering from joint injuries, surgeries, and other back and joint-related health problems. More specifically, pregnant women, nursing mothers, or those in the old age will find the most relief and usage out of this body cushion.