Memory Foam Pillow Vs Normal Pillow

We compare memory foam to normal pillows to see if they are worth the extra money. We look at this, and when it comes to pillows, there are many questions, so here are some FAQs answered below:

  • Which pillow provides the best comfort?
  • Does a memory foam pillow make your head hot?
  • Do normal pillows give enough support for a bad neck?

And much more, let’s dive in.

Is a memory foam pillow better than a normal pillow?

It is a debatable question because both types of pillows have their proponents. Memory foam was developed to adapt and give support. It became a commercial product in 1991 and was termed a viscoelastic material created by a specialist combination of chemical compounds.

It was soon developed into mattresses and pillows with great success as a material used for supporting spine problems. 

It does have the benefit of being moulded into a structure that can emulate the cervical spine and give support.

Normal pillows tend to be less predictable when you shape them for support and can lose their form easily. this doesn’t mean they do not offer support. Some people prefer normal pillows over memory foam.

Which is better? It depends on your preference and how you like to sleep. For side sleepers, memory foam can be too buoyant and not give enough leaving a gap between the neck and shoulder.

Whereas a normal pillow will fill this void and make for a better night’s sleep.

Are memory foam pillows uncomfortable?

You need to adapt to a new sleeping position. You will indeed need to become used to sleeping on a memory foam pillow. Your posture will be different from how you slept on a normal pillow.

It takes you a week or two to get used to the new sleeping position, and you may not feel any benefits. Memory foam can be hard and difficult to adapt to.

The good news is memory foam does get softer. However, if the foam is getting softer, this would suggest the posture is changing and losing some of its supporting properties!

Why do normal pillows become uncomfortable?

Wear and tear. If you have an uncomfortable pillow, it’s past its useful life as a pillow. If your pillow is uncomfortable after plumping it, it is ready for the bin.

Pillows have a lifespan that varies on the amount of use, the age, your weight and how much moisture through sweat it is exposed to. And of course, if you have washed it regularly.

Down feather pillows last a considerable time, but even they lose their comfort as the down compressed beyond return.

Synthetic pillows offer little support and may initially feel comfortable but lose any semblance of comfort as the inners crush easily.

Do memory foam pillows make you sweat?

Yes, memory foam is renowned for sleeping hot. Memory foam does not breathe well; consequently, it will make you sweat more as you sleep. This is an unacceptable side effect of memory foam pillows for some people.

Memory foam may be popular, but for those who have used memory foam pillows for some time, you will know they are not the panacea of the pillow industry.

Do normal pillows make you feel hot when sleeping?

Pillows can’t breathe when being compressed from both sides. It depends on the filling. If you have a synthetic pillow filler, you can expect to sweat more than normal through the night despite the claims of breathability.

Natural organic pillows such as feather and duck have a propensity to sleep cooler due to the nature of the filling. Of course, if you have a feather-down pillow, the comfort level will be far superior to any other pillow on the market.

Can I wash a memory foam pillow?

No, if you do, it will be destroyed. Memory foam has many drawbacks to contend with; one of those drawbacks is that the pillow can’t be washed. Now, given that memory foam makes you sleep hotter, being able to wash the pillow is essential.

The motion of a washing machine would cause the structure of the memory foam to pull apart. This is the last thing you need and want, given the price of memory foam pillows.

Cleaning will be limited to airing outside and may be covered with baking soda to absorb some of the stains and smells.

For major stains, spot cleaning will be required, but you must not get the pillow too wet.

How do you wash regular pillows?

Follow the care instructions. You can place a normal pillow into a washing machine drum and wash as instructed. If your pillow has become stained, then in most cases, you can add a little bleach to bring back the whiteness (not in down pillows, bleach is too harsh for feather and down).

After washing just dry as instructed and plump to their normal plush feeling before placing the pillow back on the bed.

Pros and cons of memory foam pillow

Great for allergy sufferersExpensive to purchase
Able to give support to the cervical spineBecome sift overtime changing the characteristics of the support
Short life span of 3-4 yearsCan be hot to sleep on
Can’t be washed
Takes a couple of weeks to get used to

Pros and cons of normal pillows

Variety of fillingsSynthetics sleep hot and attract dust
Budget friendlyDown pillows are expensive
ComfortableNeed regular plumbing to restore softness
Sleeps coolProvides less support to the cervical spine
Easy to washMay cause allergies

Which pillow is best for you, memory foam or normal?

It depends on your situation. If you have neck problems and constant pain, you must try the best pillow for supporting your cervical spine, which is the memory foam pillow.

If you sleep well and do not have neck problems, stick with the trusted conventional normal pillow. There is a great range of fillers and comfort levels, all at any budget.