Best Microfibre & Hollowfibre Pillows

Many materials are used as filling for pillows — two of the popular options are microfibre and hollowfibre. We will quickly look at what the materials are, the benefits. Then jump into our top picks, so you can sleep better tonight.

What is microfibre?

Microfibre, or synthetic polyester fibre, is a thin, synthetic fibre thinner than silk (which is already 1/15 as thick as human hair). The fibres are tightly woven together, with little to no space between them. It is because of this that this product is warm and perfect for colder nights. 

Its construction, however, prevents it from being as breathable as some would like. Nevertheless, some products are cleverly designed to overcome this disadvantage.  

What are the advantages of microfibre?

Extremely affordable 

Microfibre is artificial polyester fibre, so it’s a very accessible and widely-used material. Because it is also comparable to bird down in terms of softness, and bird down is extremely expensive, it is the next best choice for those looking to experience the softness of down without spending as much. 

Soft and fluffy

As an alternative to animal down, microfibre is incredibly soft and fluffy. Due to its silky feel, it is a popular second choice for people who want to avoid animal products in their homes. 

Since it is soft and fluffy, it does not clump together over time, unlike many other fillings. In addition to its softness, it can easily be plumped and reshaped to fit your liking. 

Breathable and cooling 

Due to its lightweight, microfibre doesn’t trap sweat, but it does well at dissipating and wicking away moisture for a beautiful night’s sleep. 

What is Hollowfibre?

This fibre’s name gives a hint to its structure. Because the material has hollow spaces between the fibres are what makes this material warm, cosy, and breathable. This synthetic material is made up of polyester.

What are the benefits of hollowfibre?

Hollowfibre has many benefits. Its popularity as bedding is due to several factors:

  1. Hollowfibre is a very affordable material, and its high quality makes it a high value for money material.
  2. Low maintenance – This material is usually machine washable and easy to dry. Additionally, it does not require as much fluffing and rearranging as feather and down products.
  3. This is a very light material that breathes well and won’t weigh you down.
  4. Fabric that breathes – The hollow spaces allow the fabric to breathe and won’t suffocate you during the night.

Our Top Picks

Nanu Perfect Pillow

nanu perfect pillow

This product is designed to be just right for you, according to your preferences and sleep habits. 

It will ask you how you sleep, and some of your measurements, such as your weight and height, and Nanu will make a product that meets all of your needs and wants. 

It is filled with 100% hollowfibre, which provides a high, well-supported, and breathable product. The filling is combined with a pure cotton cover, which is highly breathable and naturally moisture-wicking, so you stay comfortable all night. Additionally, it is a material that is incredibly soft to the touch. 

To reinforce the seams and prevent them from ripping quickly, a polyester lining is added. 

Rem-Fit Hybrid Pillow 

rem fit hybrid pillow

A hybrid pillow with 60 encased coils and polyester fibre filling. With encased coils, your head is supported correctly to promote proper head, neck, and spine alignment. 

Additionally, these springs facilitate airflow, which works in conjunction with the other added cooling features. Alternatively, synthetic polyester fibre filling is ideal as it is lightweight and can easily be moulded to your desired loft, fluff, and height. 

Since this product is made from 100% cotton, it has a naturally cooling effect, allowing you to sleep comfortably. Furthermore, I appreciate that this item is covered by a 5-year guarantee, which is relatively long for this product type. The fact that this is worth investing in gives me peace of mind. 

KallySleep Body Pillow

kally sleep body pillow

It is the perfect pillow for relieving pressure in joints and muscles because it is full-length. Additionally, it promotes proper spine alignment since it is mainly used to elevate the spine. This is why it is recommended for those who have problems with positioning or muscle tension while sleeping. 

Hollowfibre is used for the filling, while polyester and cotton are used for the pillowcases, producing a hypoallergenic product. 

As someone susceptible to allergens, I have used many other products that didn’t work for me. The 14-night free trial and the 2-year guarantee significantly reduce the risks of buying if you’re unsure. 

Emma Cloud Pillow

emma cloud pillow

If you lead a vegan lifestyle and personally choose non-animal materials, the Emma Cloud is an excellent alternative to down. It is made of 100% microfiber, which creates a soft feel similar to that of a cloud or a down pillow. 

Since it can be adjusted in firmness and height, it provides soft support for all types of sleepers. By adding or removing the inserts that make up the material, this can be accomplished. AeroSoft’s unique technology has also been applied to the filling, similar to the UltraDry technology used to cover moisture-resistant properties. 

The fillings have also been designed to remain fluffy over the years and prevent clumping, which is another excellent feature.

Mediflow the Water Pillow

mediflow the water pillow

The main feature of this pillow that sets it apart from others is its fully sealed and insulated water pouch, on top of which is a hollow-fill fibre filling for a comfortable sleeping surface. Furthermore, it is easy to customize the water pouch feature, so you can choose the water level you prefer, which corresponds to the firmness of the product. 

Since the firmness level can also be adjusted, it can be used by all types of sleepers in all kinds of sleeping positions. In addition, a study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that this water pouch technology can reduce neck pain and improve the quality of your sleep. 

Also, cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, adding to the many advantages of this product.