Nanu Pillow Review

A good night’s sleep isn’t just about finding the right mattress. You also have to consider the best pillow for a well-enjoyed and pleasant sleep. In our Nanu pillow review, we zoomed in on the Nanu classic head cushion, produced by Nanu (link goes to Amazon). This brand specialises in creating personalised, high-quality sleep products from mattresses to duvets and even sleep masks. The company also offers a create-your-own pillow option, which is worth looking into if you plan to get the perfect pillow that suits your sleeping needs and habits. These are generally on the pricier side, but people have loved these head cushions, with a few complaints about them deflating after a month of purchase. 


100% hypoallergenic cotton fabric cover

The cover that is used is made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton. I especially appreciate this feature as my skin breaks out if it comes into contact with dust or allergens that may cling to my sheets or bed. Another quality of the cover aside from being hypoallergenic is the cooling effect, which is excellent for hotter weathers and regions. This ensures that you will have a cool and refreshing head throughout your sleep without waking up amid the night. 

Lastly, the cover is made of 100% cotton fabric, which is a material that is exceptionally soft and gentle to the skin. This makes up for a comfortable and pleasant sleep that will make you feel like sleeping on a cloud. Cotton is also 100% natural, so you can rest easy that you are not inhaling any unwanted chemicals that may be bad to your health. 

Fabric lining

Each cushion is lined with fabric, which provides more stability and reinforcement. This is an extra measure that prevents premature reaping from the seams, which will lead to an unfortunate spilling of filling. This extra addition ensures that your head support will last for longer. 

Hollowfibre filling

The filling used for the Nanu classic head cushion is 100% hollowfibre, which is a material made of hollow strands of polyester. The centre is open, allowing for it to trap air. This structure is what’s responsible for the tall, inflated look of the head cushions. It is also an incredibly light material, making it feel like your head is resting on a cloud. 

Moreover, this filling is also 100% eco-friendly. In fact, every pillow prevents 100 plastic bottles from reaching landfills because of its innovative construction that makes use of environmentally-friendly alternatives. You can certainly sleep easy at night, knowing that you are not using products that harm the environment. 

Support and Comfort

The exciting service that Nanu offers is that you can choose your pillow’s firmness — from soft to medium, to the firm. This is a level of personalisation that I have not seen offered by other brands before. For one, this is especially helpful as it allows you to choose according to your preferences and needs, and you are not only restricted by a single choice. 

If you are a stomach sleeper, the soft variation is the most recommended. It is slim but supportive, ensuring that your neck is well-supported and will prevent tension from building up in your neck area. On the other hand, the medium version is perfect for back sleepers because it provides the right amount of density for proper head and neck support without being too uncomfortable. 

Finally, side sleepers are encouraged to get firm cushions as they are thick and tall. This will keep your neck and spine aligned to your neck, preventing any soreness or injuries. For combination or restless sleepers, a medium-firm headrest is the golden mean firmness level that suits many sleeping positions. 


The Nanu classic pillow is covered with a 2-year guarantee period. This way, you can rest easy that your purchase will perform well for an extended period. 

Price and Sizes

The table below summarises the sizes and prices of the Nanu classic pillow. The size is pretty standard and is just the perfect size for any head cushion. In terms of the cost, this varies depending on many factors, such as the website from which you will get it, discounts, inflation, and such. But generally, it is a bit expensive compared to other pillows that are of similar make. 

Size Price
48 cm x 74 cm  £25

Customer Reviews

In general, previous buyers are well-pleased with their Nanu classic pillow purchase. Many have chosen the firmness levels that are recommended for them, and they have not regretted it. A lot of the reviews are positive, sharing their sleep experience with this head cushion. One describes it to be “well-supported but still comfortable.”

On the downside, there have been some complaints about the longevity of the head cushion, with some experiencing their head cushion deflating and flattening out within just a month of use. Another common complaint is on the product’s priciness, which many find to be not worth it in correlation to its performance. 

However, it is worth mentioning that the number of negative reviews is relatively smaller than the number of positive ones. This means that most of the time, customers are happy with their purchase. I highly encourage you to check out the reviews on their website, on Feefo, and on Amazon, to have a better feel of how the pillow performs according to previous customers. 

Is the Nanu pillow right for me?

Just like a lot of sleep products, pillows aren’t a one size fits all. That being said, because of the Nanu pillow’s personalised aspect, it is safe to say that it is perfect for different kinds of sleepers. Moreover, the design prioritises comfort and breathability  two essential features that make for a pleasant and lovely sleep. 

While being a bit on the pricier side, if you are willing to pay a little more to choose your preferred firmness level, it is well worth the price. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee period and is made of eco-friendly and natural materials.