Nectar Pillow Review

In our Nectar pillow review, we scrutinise Nectars premium adjustable memory foam pillow, from the sleep company Nectar. It is a known brand that offers the best memory foam mattresses. Similarly, it also has a memory foam core and fillings. These materials provide the right amount of support and tension relief for all kinds of sleepers. The construction of it also contributes to breathable and undisturbed sleep. While it may fall on the more expensive side of the spectrum, with a price tag of £35 for each one, we consider it to be a good purchase considering the free delivery and a 2-year warranty that it comes with and the adjustable thickness from the removable fillings.


Quilted polyester cover

The Nectar premium foam pillow is neatly wrapped in a quilted polyester cover. Aside from an aesthetically pleasing design, it is also functional as it provides an extra layer of softness and strength. The quilting makes up for a soft sleeping surface, while at the same time, reinforces the memory foam core and fillings, making sure that it doesn’t deflate or sag prematurely. 

It is also made of polyester, a synthetic fibre that is more resistant to wear time and the elements than natural fibres like cotton. Similar to cotton, it also has an advanced anti-moisture property. It will absorb any sweat from your head and ensure a relaxed and refreshed sleep. 

Rhomboid memory foam core

This Nectar head cushion has a memory foam core that provides the best kind of support for all types of sleepers. It is dense enough to be perfect for back and side sleepers, keeping the neck properly aligned to the spine during sleep. 

It is also suitable for stomach sleepers as it helps align the neck to the spine and removes any tension because of its supreme body contouring effect. Moreover, the response and sinkage are slow, allowing for the cooling materials to work in their magic and get you comfortable and settled. 

Tencel cooling fabric lining

This is an extra measure that adds a higher level of luxury and comfort to your head cushion. Other brands neglect to incorporate this into the design, essentially ignoring the wonders that it could bring you and your experience with the product. Adding a fabric lining gives more body to the cushion, on top of reinforcing the cover. 

It prevents the seams of the cover from ripping apart quickly, ensuring the durability and longevity of your purchase. More importantly, Tencel is incredibly mild to the skin. This works in unison with the other materials and components for a comfortable and relaxed sleep. 

Breathable mesh border

The mesh border lines both sides of the cushion, and this extra added flair facilitates better air circulation within the pillow. This works in unison with the Tencel cooling fabric and sweat-absorbing polyester cover for a refreshed head during sleep, preventing you from waking up because of things getting too humid or stuffy. 

Support and Comfort

Here’s where the Nectar pillow becomes unique. You have the option of adjusting the thickness and firmness of your head cushion by removing any of the memory foam fillings. This makes it an all-around head cushion for all kinds of sleepers. As the core is also made of memory foam, it provides the right amount of neck support. 

If you are a stomach sleeper, you can take out some fillings for a thinner and more suitable density. Similarly, if you are a back sleeper or side sleeper, you can adjust the thickness according to your preferred hardness. It already comes overstuffed, so you have plenty of room to play around to achieve your desired firmness. However, there have been complaints about the stuffing getting messy when you work on it. 

You can expect a lot from this cushion headrest in terms of comfort and breathability. As mentioned, the quilted surface provides an extra level of softness. Moreover, it is constructed so that the materials provide an excellent cooling effect with the mesh sides. 

Warranty and Bonuses

The Nectar premium foam pillow will be delivered to your doorstep for free! You can also expect a 3-working day delivery as Nectar offers fast and easy delivery. It also comes with a 2-year warranty period. You can rest easy and at peace that your purchase will perform satisfactorily for that period. 

Price and Sizes

On the Nectar website, the premium foam pillows are sold per pair for £70, which means that they are priced at £35 each. This is a bit on the pricey side compared with other head cushions of similar materials and make. 

60 cm x 40 cm x 12 cm £70 (for a pair)

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are generally positive, with most reviews remarking on its innovative feature of being adjustable. Many found this to be particularly helpful and easy, as it allowed the previous customers to skip a long process of finding the perfect cushion for them — they can customise it themselves with the Nectar pillow. More importantly, many also loved the support and tension relief that is provided. 

However, a common complaint is concerning the filling, which can get all over the place. Over time, this will turn into a concern as if you are not careful; you will lose some of the fillings until there is no longer enough amount to inflate your pillow to the desired thickness and firmness level. 

Is the Nectar pillow right for you?

After taking a closer look at the Nectar pillow, we’ve concluded that it is well-suited for all kinds of sleepers. While we often tell that pillows aren’t one-size-fits-all, the creative construction and thought put into this head cushion makes it an exception. As it has a memory foam core, filled with removable stuffings, you can easily adjust its firmness according to your desired level. 

While it is a bit on the pricier side, the price tag is only reasonable considering its unique features, premium materials, and innovative construction. Moreover, it comes with a reliable return policy that guarantees you will get 100% of your money back, on top of free delivery, and a 2-year warranty period. In conclusion, it is a pillow well-suited for everyone and is a good risk-free investment if you want to try an adjustable head cushion with cooling capabilities.