OTTY Adjustable Pillow Review

In our OTTY adjustable pillow review, we put into focus the fillable pillow by OTTY. They started as a company in response to false advertising, atrocious prices, and confusing products in the industry. And have been a significant competitor in the UK mattress market ever since.

Up To 50% Off
OTTY Discount Coupon Code
OTTY Discount Coupon Code
Summer Sale: Up To 50% Off | T&Cs apply.
Summer Sale: Up To 50% Off | T&Cs apply. Show Less

Materials & Construction 

The OTTY adjustable pillow has been designed to be fillable to accommodate the needs of different sleepers. 

Your order will come with an entire bag of specially designed memory foam cube stuffing. These memory foams make up the bulk of the pillow and provide a soft but supportive sleep. 

This has been constructed to be adjustable, which means you can take out or put in extra filling according to your needs. This makes it the perfect loft height and firmness for every kind of sleeper. 


This includes two zippable pouches, which you can use to store your excess fillings and put them away from when you need them again. This also makes it a great product that can be used passed between family members. 


The cover is made from duck down material, and 300-thread count Egyptian cotton. This two premium-quality, highly coveted materials are what is responsible for the luxurious feel of the cover. 

Duck down are two-dimensional materials extracted from the light, fluffy coating hidden beneath the goose’s feathers. As these are two-dimensional materials, they do not trap air but instead allow sufficient airflow throughout. 

Because of Egyptian cotton, you get one of the highest quality cotton in the market, mainly because it lends itself to longer fibres that last longer and are more durable. Moreover, it is one of the better quality cottons, with an amplified softness pleasant to the skin. 

Comfort & Support 

This pillow is rated a 5.5 on the firmness scale, which places it in the perfect firmness level suitable for all kinds of speakers. 

It is not too firm that it will feel like sleeping on a rock, but it isn’t too plush that there is no longer any amount of support, either. 

This is all thanks to the special memory foam cube fillings plush enough to provide comfort but not too hard that the neck and the head suffer. 

It can effectively fulfil its purpose: to prop the head and provide support such that there is a proper head, neck, and spine alignment that prevents sore necks and stiff muscles. 

Past customers also certainly appreciate the adjustable aspect of this product. 

It has allowed them to adjust the pillow’s loft height to correspond to their sleeping needs and preferences. 

More than that, even if a product was made solely for side, back, or sleepers, it won’t mainly be as suitable, particularly for all sleepers within that group, as everyone’s measurements are different. 

This makes the adjustable loft height appropriate for everyone, as it allows people to try out the height that works for them. In turn, this allows people to find to be the sweet spot that gets them to hit the hay immediately. 

Lastly, it is incredibly breathable, which allows for a refreshing sleep that isn’t stuffy or interrupted. This is all thanks to the duck down and Egyptian cotton cover that facilitates better airflow. 

Service & Delivery 

OTTY offers a variety of delivery options. If you choose the standard delivery option, you can receive your pillow for free from Mondays to Fridays. OTTY offers approachable and reliable customer service. If you have any questions regarding your purchase, you may contact them at any time. 

Weight and Thickness 

The OTTY adjustable pillow only comes in one size. The table below is a summary of the size and its dimensions. It can be stuffed to a maximum of 25 cm. This also fits most standard-sized cases. 

60 x 35 cm 

What’s the cost? 

The table below summarises the price of the available size. Keep in mind that prices aren’t fixed, and there are always discounts and sales that OTTY is running. Make sure to head over to the website to be updated. 

60 x 35 cm £89
Up To 50% Off
OTTY Discount Coupon Code
OTTY Discount Coupon Code
Summer Sale: Up To 50% Off | T&Cs apply.
Summer Sale: Up To 50% Off | T&Cs apply. Show Less

Trial Period & Guarantee 

  • Your adjustable pillow comes in a 14-day statutory period, from which you can decide whether or not you would want to keep this. If you decide to return it, you will get a full refund from your purchase, but unfortunately, this doesn’t include the cost of the return.
  • This also comes with a 3-year warranty period that covers any performance disappointments and physical defects caused by faulty manufacturing. 


What makes the OTTY adjustable pillow so great is that it allows sleepers to try out loft heights they are happy with. This makes it an extremely flexible product that provides a holistically great sleep for all kinds of sleepers. 

Moreover, the cover is highly luxurious, providing a soft sleeping surface and a fresh and breathable sleep. 

If you are willing to spend a few more bucks for a pillow that will allow you the liberty of trying out a loft height to your liking, this should be your primary consideration. 

Tired of sleeping with pillows that do not quite make you happy? Get the OTTY adjustable pillow now.