Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow Review

Perhaps, you’re looking to practice an eco-friendly lifestyle, and an excellent way to start would be to get rid of your old pillows and use bamboo pillows instead! Bamboo pillows have been a trendy topic among people trying to live more sustainably. The quality differs from brand to brand, so it’s hard to find a good one.

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow, however, is a highly reputed pillow that’s famous among people, as well as those who are dog lovers. These pillows are known to be hypoallergenic, so they reduce the allergic response to dust mites building up and pet hair. Getting a new bamboo pillow might be a significant investment. 

If you sweat a lot in bed or share a bed with your dog, purchasing the Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow is a great idea. It is antimicrobial and anti-static, so it does not readily absorb dust or pet hair. It’s great for people who cannot handle the heat and become sweaty during the night as it has a cooling effect because of its breathability.

Today, we will dive deep into our Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow Review article. We’ll look into its sustainability features along with its silky soft texture. Apart from that, we’ll discuss popular questions, including:

  • How long can a bamboo pillow be kept?
  • A bamboo pillow has what kind of filling?
  • How come my bamboo pillow smells bad?

Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow Review

Even people who can’t sleep easily can drift away into heaven in a few seconds with this pillow. With nature and science as the main characters in its origin story, this pillow contains traits that will change your sleeping pattern forever. It does not just have a tremendous orthopedic level of comfort; it also fully supports airflow and prevents overheating.

This animal-printed pillow can even work well for neck-pains too. If you have an elderly family member, you can give their necks some support by gifting them this pillow. So, what are the reasons you should buy your family or yourself a new pillow? Let’s look into the Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow and its extra breathable & soft features. 

Key Elements of Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow

Some of the main features that can tell us what the Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow includes:

Naturally-sourced Materials

Panda London, the brand to which this unique pillow belongs, has been praised for its utilization of a diverse list of materials that have come from natural sources. Although it is unquestionably the ideal strategy, experts are well aware of how difficult it is to produce such an item, yet Panda London gets the job done.

Viscose is another term for rayon, and this is a material with a chemical structure similar to that of cellulose. Like a semi-synthetic fibre, rayon can be made from various plants, including cotton, wool, and silk. In the case of the Hybrid Pillow, it’s generated from bamboo. Both the exterior and the interior coverings are composed of this bamboo rayon. 

While the framework, which is mesh, and the in-built base protection is 100 percent polyester. The core is made of a memory foam pad with the charcoal infusion. About 20 percent of nano-microfibre and another 80 percent of bamboo microfibre make up the filling of the pillow cover.

BambooCloud Plush Cover 

The plush cover provides you with a soothingly gentle massage through its soft bamboo quilt covering. It’s designed to take you to cloud 9 and a level of relaxation that feels as soft as you can imagine a cloud is. The soft cover is easily detachable and can also be washed in machines or manually.

This Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow is created to perfection as the bamboo covering, which it is popular for, is 100% natural, innately anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mites. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for individuals with delicate skin who want to sleep without being bothered.

Hypoallergenic Feature

About 44 percent of the people in the UK suffer from allergies of different types. This means that many customers who buy mattresses will have an allergy. So, many brands have made their products into hypoallergenic pieces of art that protect sufferers of allergies. They can easily buy and sleep on them without any hassle.

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillows are safe for individuals who suffer from dust or fabric allergies. All the layers are made from entirely hypoallergenic materials, and dust mites cannot dwell in them. Additionally, this pillow is quite anti-bacterial, so after you purchase it, you can sleep well knowing that your bedroom is a clean and secure place.

30-night trial period & 10-year guarantee

No other pillow brand has a warranty of about 10 years other than Panda London. With a purchase of the Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow, you can buy decade-long insurance for good sleep. This is a remarkable characteristic because the average warranty for industrial pillows is manufactured in just two years.

The pillow is an excellent investment because it does not wither away easily like most pillows. You can use it for a long decade without major changes to its hypoallergenic or comfort properties. They provide you with 30 nights to try it out. That’s a whole month of great sleep, and you can return it if you dislike it.

They pay the shipping costs and ensure you don’t have to worry about anything. So, if you don’t like it even after a month’s worth of trial, you can return the pillow. Just ensure that you don’t damage it in any way. 

What We Like

Ventilation & Breathability 

The unique pillow contains active micro pods of O2 that direct airflow to promote a cooling and refreshing impact. This leaves the pillow fresh and optimizes airflow to combat the heat source accumulation that’s natural within the foam padding of the pillow.

The pillow also contains a premium mesh framing that perfectly complements the O2 micro pods while circulating the air, strengthening longevity and fostering breathability. 

It can naturally recognize your body temperature with the use of its temperature-sensitive bamboo covering. This allows the pillow to keep you warm during the winter and cool in the summertime.

Temperature control

Several decades back, temperature management might not have been as crucial in the UK. Still, lately, during the summertime, people have frequently faced days and sometimes weeks with temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius. All year long, reducing the weather’s heat is crucial for hot sleepers. 

This pillow is an excellent product that provides reasonable control over temperature, which is not often a characteristic of memory foam pillows. Even in the peak heat of summer, sleeping on this pillow will bring great pleasure because of the innovative bamboo covering and the infusion of bamboo charcoal, making everyone happy.

Extra neck support

We all need extra support for our necks sometimes. Living a contemporary lifestyle would mean being affected by its frequent habits, including sitting down for more than 8 hours a day, which will cause a lot of neck pain. Therefore, owing to these reasons, getting neck support while sleeping is essential.

The CharcoCell Foam layer in the pillow is responsible for its sturdy support. It can effectively adapt according to the position of the body and head. It’s great for side sleepers because they are the primary targets that require additional neck support, but combination sleepers can also use it.

  • Superb construct & design
  • Silky soft detachable cover
  • Prevents the trapping of heat
  • May be too shallow for some


How Long Can A Bamboo Pillow Be Kept?

As with any other pillow, the kind of pillow that contains bamboo and memory foam also needs replacing. There are various health benefits to the bamboo pillow, but it will lose its effectiveness if you use it past its expiration date. Therefore, you must change it up every 2 or 3 years.

A Bamboo Pillow Has What Kind Of Filling?

Most bamboo pillows have a filling containing a bunch of solid/shredded-up memory foam. While some are filled with fibres you get from bamboo. These bamboo fibres can provide you with excellent breathability as well as flexibility when it comes to shape. Shredded memory foam is the same, with a heightened adjustable feature.

How Come My Bamboo Pillow Smells Bad?

Your bamboo pillow might be wreaking a bad odour because of off-gassing chemicals within the pillow. Polyurethane is used in many pillows as part of it or during the manufacturing procedure. The chemical may be trapped, releasing a bad odour into the air. The foul smell does not last long, but you should know that some bad odours are harmful.

Wrapping Up

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow is a reputable pillow with an excellent design that has been given careful thought to even the most minute details and touches. It might be a little shallow, but once you get comfortable, it’ll cradle your head as if you’re lying on a cloud.

It’s suitable for vegan individuals, children, and just about everyone! It contains organic materials in its body, which are made while grown in a pesticide-free environment. The trees arrive from economically and environmentally approved forests, so they are pretty sustainable in nature.