Panda Pillow Review

Our Panda Pillow review took a closer look at the third-generation Panda pillow, which features a 3-layer structure made of Viscoelastic memory foam and a bamboo cover. It offers balanced comfort and support levels, perfect for all kinds of sleepers with all kinds of sleeping preferences.

While it is one of the most expensive pillows in the market, considering the positive track record of this product, the free delivery, 30-night trial period, and 10-year guarantee, it is evident that it is a pillow well worth investing in. Plus you get a cute panda design! 


Antibacterial bamboo case

Bamboo is a central material in the creation of this head cushion. It is used as the main fabric for the cover and the pillowcase that each purchase comes with. Bamboo has slowly been taking over the sleep industry because of its softness, breathability, and sustainability. Those qualities are certainly highlighted in the Panda head cushion. 

The softness of bamboo is comparable to that of 100% cotton. It is incredibly soft to the touch, and you will enjoy the casing and outer cover made of bamboo fibres. Moreover, bamboo is breathable because of its moisture-absorbent and insulating properties, keeping you sweat-free and refreshed throughout the night. Lastly, it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, preventing any sensitivities from the dust and other allergens. 

Protective mesh layer

A mesh layer keeps the inside structure clean and protected. This added feature prevents the insides from falling apart prematurely and helps keep the core clean and away from any bacteria. This ensures that it will perform well and be kept clean for an extended period. It also makes it easier to put on the pillowcase. 

3 layer construction

Each head cushion is divided into three layers, with identical first and third layers as it is double-sided. The first and third ‘outside’ layers are soft and gentle to the touch, while the second middle layer is made of a firm core made of denser material. The soft layers sandwich the firm core. 

This construction is helpful as it makes the front and back surfaces soft, light, and fluffy. However, the problem with soft head cushions is that they can sometimes lead to neck pain because of a lack of sufficient support. Wisely, the denser middle layer takes care of this problem as it provides enough support for the neck.  

Visco memory foam 

The primary material inside this 3-layer pillow is Visco memory foam, a type of memory foam that has recently received popularity in the sleep industry. It is short for ‘viscoelastic’ which means that it absorbs your body heat and uses that same heat to conform to your head, and create a special pressure-relieving effect. This will ensure that your head is well-supported and comfortable throughout your sleep. 

Temperature regulating technology

Thanks to the wise choice of materials, such as the bamboo fibre cover and Visco memory foam inside, this head cushion has a bonus feature of temperature regulation. As both the bamboo and Visco memory foam do a great job in moisture absorption, you can rest easy knowing that your head will be calm throughout your sleep. Both materials are also breathable, allowing for the unobstructed passage of air. 

Support and Comfort

The current version of the Panda pillow is already the third generation, upgraded over time due to technological advances. This version balances support and comfort, as evident by the carefully thought out structure and selection of premium materials. These balanced levels of support and comfort are what make it perfect for all kinds of sleepers. 

As mentioned, the cover is made of bamboo fibre, which is incredibly soft and comfortable to the skin. Not to mention its added hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties that further add a dimension of comfort for those who have unique sensitivities that may prevent them from enjoying an undisturbed sleep. 

The 3-layer structure also provides a fair amount of sinkage, without making it feel like your head is on top of a literal cloud. While softness may always sound good, it is still not desirable as it will leave your neck sore in the morning. You want something that’s both soft but not soft all the way — and this is exactly what the 3-layer structure provides. 

Warranty and Bonuses

The Panda head cushion comes with a 10-year guarantee period. This is an extremely long guarantee period, and you can rest easy that your purchased product will perform well for a long time. There is also a 30-night trial period, which will allow you to try out the head cushion for 30 nights and determine whether you want to keep it. 

It is also worth mentioning that Panda offers free deliveries and returns anywhere in the UK. These bonuses certainly reduce the risk and add to the appeal of the product. Keep in mind that if you damage the head cushion with water, this will void your guarantee and free trial period. I suggest taking extra measures to handle and care for your Panda headrest, not to cause any unwanted damage that is not covered by the guarantee and trial period. 

Price and Sizes

The table below details the dimensions, weight, and price of the Panda head cushion. It is pretty standard and weight and size. As mentioned, it is more on the pricier side, but since you are paying for high-quality non-toxic materials, and a well-deserved sleep, it is a pretty justifiable price. 

1.8 kg60 cm x 40 cm x 12 cm £44.95
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Customer Reviews

On the Panda website, it has received an average of 4.77 stars from thousands of ratings. The reviews are mostly positive, with many previous buyers raving about how the pillow has changed their sleeping game. While there are some negative reviews, this seems to be isolated circumstances. These reviews complain about the compression being too much or about the pillow being too soft. I highly suggest looking into the actual reviews to form your judgment. 

One thing to note, however, is the complaint about the excessive packaging of the product. This seems to contrast with the sustainable and eco-friendly products and materials of the Panda head cushion. If you are someone leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, this is worth taking into consideration. 

Is the Panda pillow right for me?

Pillows, like most sleep products, aren’t universal. You have to choose based on what works well for you and your sleeping habits. With that being said, the Panda pillow is excellent for all kinds of sleepers because of its unique 3-layer system that introduces soft sleeping surfaces and a hardcore. This provides the needed support for back and side sleepers but does not sacrifice the compression required by those who sleep on their stomach. 

It is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic, being well inclusive with different sleepers, even those who have specific sensitivities. In conclusion, it is perfect for those looking into investing in a long-lasting pillow to make sleep better and more comfortable for them.