Simba Pillow Review

In our Simba pillow review, we’ll probe into the cross-section of the Simba hybrid pillow. This is the sole pillow offered by Simba Sleep, a leading company in the mattress-in-a-box industry that provides hybrid beds sporting advanced technology for comfort. 

Similarly, this pillow applies the same space technology to produce a sleep experience like no other. It keeps your head cool with its cooling construction, plus at the same time, the height and loft are customisable with the unique Nanocube filling innovation. However, compared to a standard pillow, it’s expensive with a £99 price tag without any perks, making it unattractive for those on a budget.


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Stratos active temperature regulator cover

This cover’s ‘space-age’ surface ties in with the overall futuristic design. In specific, it is in charge of providing direct temperature regulation. It applies the same mechanisms as soft cotton, which absorbs, releases, and stores heat as you need it. 

Similarly, the surface identifies and responds to your temperature during sleep. So, you won’t be too cold or too hot, removing discomfort and interruptions to your sleep. 

Arielle cool night fibres

Underneath the cover and in charge of temperature regulation is a layer of cooling fibres that work in synergy with the surface and the other cooling components. These uniquely formulated fibres dissipate heat to keep your head cool and refreshed throughout the night. 

Nanocubes body

The main feature of the Simba pillow is the distinctive Nanocubes body filling. You can change the amount of this stuffing to determine the firmness, height, and pillows loft. It is a technology specially developed by Simba that uses memory foam as the primary material. 

However, its noticeable benefit is that it is more breathable and lightweight than regular memory foam, sometimes getting stuffy and dense. Its unique texture is what makes sleep soft and comfortable. Plus, the main body of Nanocubes is enclosed in a mesh border, to facilitate airflow further. 

Microfibre fill

The fill is soft but durable, plus it’s hypoallergenic, which is especially important as specific allergens such as bugs and dust can quickly build up. The microfibre material is notorious for its velvety feel and extended longevity, which is also durable. 

Breathable cotton

The final bottom layer is a cotton layer that is both soft and breathable. It works in unison with the other breathable aspects of the pillow and doesn’t fail to deliver in terms of feel and comfort. 

Support and Comfort

Thanks to the Nanocube technology, the Simba pillow’s unique main feature is the adjustable firmness level and height. Which, can easily assign a preferred firmness and height to this pillow. Moreover, the Simba also provides the option of buying more Nanocubes, for the sleepers who want more loft and height. Or for those who have lost Nanocubes throughout use (which is highly unlikely as the cubes are quite large and are relatively less messy than other fillings for adjustable pillows). 

If you are a stomach sleeper who needs a pretty tall and firm pillow to align your head to your spine correctly, Simba suggests putting in the whole bag of Nanocubes that the pillow comes, weighing 840 grams. 

If you’re a combination or back sleeper who loves medium-firm pillows, it’s best to take out around 4 to 6 handfuls of Nanocubes from the bag, which will leave you with around 520 grams. Likewise, someone who prefers softer pillows should take out around 8 to 10 handfuls, for a 450 gram-filling that makes for a low-firmness pillow. 

The Nanocubes and the pillow itself are designed to be comfortable to sleep on, using soft fibres and lightweight materials for sufficient sinkage. Ensuring your head doesn’t ‘sit’ on top of the pillow, but immerses for maximum benefits. Pretty neat, right?

Warranty and Bonuses

Unfortunately, the Simba hybrid pillow doesn’t come with any warranty, perks, or bonus. While the company offers 200-night free trial and 10-year guarantee, the information on their website indicates that this is only for their mattresses. The pillow isn’t part of such a warranty or bonus. 

Prices and Sizes

The Simba pillow sells for £99, which is unarguably on the higher tier of pricing. However, it’s a fairly reasonable price for the advanced technology and innovation. Keep your eye on sales and discounts as Simba offers them on their website from time to time.  

Dimensions Prize
50 cm x 75 cm £99

Customer Reviews

While this pillow lacks attractive deal points, the overwhelming amount of positive reviews on the quality and performance that it has received indeed makes up for that. On their website alone, the pillow has amassed over 6000+ reviews via Shopify, with most reviews noting how it revolutionised their sleep, making sleep more comfortable, and providing a pleasant morning without any pains or aches to starting the day right. 

Is the Simba pillow right for you?

After looking at the Simba hybrid pillow’s cross-section, we’ve concluded that it is a pillow perfect for all kinds of sleepers. Because it provides superior temperature regulation technology and an adjustable height and firmness option, it’s pillow caters to all sleepers’ universal needs. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s one of the most expensive pillows on the market and doesn’t offer safeguards besides the quality and technology put into the pillow’s production itself. If you are a person who is on a budget, or if you are someone who wants to rest easy with a purchase, there are certainly better alternatives that provide the same features like this one, albeit probably to a lesser performance. 

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