Best V Shape Pillows in the UK

V-shape pillows are specially constructed in a V-shape, meant to provide comprehensive support for both the neck and the back when sleeping. This guide will help you look for the best V-shape pillow in the UK. We’ll also cover:

  • The V-shape’s unique features
  • What you should be looking for in a V-shape pillow
  • The best V-shape pillows to buy in the UK

What’s unique about the V-shape? 

V-shaped pillows, also known as body pillows, are full-length products that are tri-purpose in the bed. Firstly to prevent sleeping partners from rolling over. 

They provide support for sitting up when reading or breastfeeding. Also, they are primarily used for elevation as they provide proper all-around support for both the back and the neck. 

This is why it is helpful for people who suffer chronic breathing problems or when you have a cold because it promotes better breathing. 

What do I need to look for in a V Shape Pillow?

It’s essential to maintain cleanliness with your sleep essentials, so it is recommended that you buy one with a removable cover or is easily washable using the machine. 

Another great feature to look for when scourging reviews for these products is whether or not they deflate easily over time. 

It’s best to look for pillows that maintain their shape and plumpness as that’s where you get the support and comfort from.

If you are also a sensitive person like me who is quite prone to allergies, I suggest looking for explicitly constructed products to be hypoallergenic. 

Lastly, make sure to consider your purpose and sleep habits when buying. 

There are specific V-shaped pillows that are made for those recovering from injury, for pregnant women, feeding mothers, or even for back and side sleepers. Maximize the construction to your benefit. 

Best V Shape Pillows 

Kally Sports Recovery 

kally sleep body pillow

This is a full-length orthopaedic sports pillow from KallySleep. It has been constructed to provide proper head, neck, and spine alignment, preventing you from waking up sore in the morning. 

Aside from that, this has been specifically made for those who are recovering from sports-related pain, injury, or discomfort, while at the same time aiding in the recovery of muscle and growth.

This has been designed with the help of sports experts to rest easy and provide the right amount of support and pressure relief for you. 

The cover is made from performance fabric with TENCEL fibres, making it an extremely breathable and moisture-wicking product. 

As a bonus, this pillow comes with a 14-night free trial for you to figure out if it’s suitable for your sleep habits. KallySleep also offers free delivery for items over £39, which includes this product.

Fogarty V-Shaped Orthopaedic Firm-Support 

fogarty v-shaped orthopaedic firm

This V-shaped product from Fogarty is perfect for side sleepers with a firmness rating of the firm. 

It has been constructed to provide you with the right amount of support while you are in bed. 

I especially like this V-shape because it is anti-allergy, as I’m quite sensitive to allergens and often find myself unable to sleep because of it. 

This is because it is filled with synthetic polyester fibres as fillings that are also lightweight and soft. 

On top of that, the cover is made with an equal mix of polyester and cotton, which makes it non-allergenic without sacrificing softness and comfort. 

Athletes or those who engage in sports for leisure regularly will also find the most joy in this product as it helps provide a relaxing night after training or doing sports. 

This product also requires little to no maintenance as it is machine washable and can be tumble-dried. 

ROHI New Medical Orthopaedic V-Shaped Support 

Rohi new medical orthopaedic v shaped support

It has been marketed to be perfect for providing support when sleeping or sitting on top of your bed. Great for pregnant mothers or those who are recovering from injuries as it provides both back and neck support all in one. 

As a bonus, this comes with one cream-coloured pillowcase for your convenience. 

This one is also hypoallergenic in terms of materials and construction as it is made with synthetic fibre fillings. 

The cover is made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, providing a soft sleeping surface that won’t irritate your skin. 

It has a 4.4-star average in Amazon, with a landslide number of over 4,000+ satisfied customers.

CnA Stores Orthopaedic V-Shaped 

CnA Stores orthopaedic V-shaped

This product from CnA is perfect for pregnant and nursing mommies out there as it provides support for both the back and the neck. 

The material is cotton, which makes it soft and pleasant to the skin while at the same time being hypoallergenic. 

It is also a breathable product, ensuring that you won’t experience waking up in the middle of the night due to sweats. 

It is also a temperature-regulated product to complement its breathability, ensuring that you won’t be too hot or too cold while you sleep. 

This has also been constructed for easy maintenance as it is machine washable for extra freshness, and it can also be easily re-plumped for loft and fluffiness. 

Another bonus to this product is that it is available in a wide variety of colours to match the theme and concept of your room.

EDS Medical Orthopaedic V-Shaped

eds medical v shaped pillow

This V-shape from EDS comes in a single pack with an extra pillowcase in white for your convenience. 

It is ideal for sitting in bed and can be used as a standard product to support the back, but the V-shaped can also be utilised to support breastfeeding. 

Made from 100% microfibre fillings, which is a synthetic material that is hypoallergenic and highly absorbent. 

This makes it not only well-supportive but also breathable, too, for a fantastic night’s sleep. 

It is pretty simple in design and construction but succeeds in providing proper support, comfort, and plushness. 

It has an average rating of 4.4 stars from over 600+ happy and satisfied previous customers on Amazon.