Emma Mattress Protector Review

In our Emma mattress protector review, we put into focus the protector, from the award-winning sleep company that is known for its high-quality beds and bed accessories. The Emma protector is effective and secure. With its EmmaGuard technology, it’s perfect for preventing stains, fluids, or moisture from ruining your precious mattress underneath. More importantly, it’s comfortable and breathable with the smooth and lightweight fibres of polyester. While it is more expensive than others in the market, the amazing perks (free delivery, 200-night free trial) and extra features (anti-allergen technology) make it a worthwhile purchase.

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Emma Discount Voucher Code
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Big Holiday Sale! Up to 55% off Save up & sleep better | T&Cs apply. Show Less

What’s the Emma protector made from?

100% waterproof EmmaGuard layer. To ensure that this protector does an effective job of protecting your mattress, it has been constructed to include the EmmaGuard layer. This layer transforms the whole protector to be 100% waterproof, which makes it ideal for any spills, stains, or fluids. You can rest easy, knowing that breakfast in bed won’t end in a ruined mattress like last time. 

Moreover, it also keeps dust, dust mites, and moisture at bay. This works in unison with the Purotex anti-allergen technology to ensure that any dust mites or allergy-inducing particles don’t seep into and multiply in your sleep environment. This ensures that your bed isn’t the only one protected, but also yourself.

Credit: Emma

100% polyester. Polyester is a synthetic material that performs similarly to cotton. However, unlike cotton, it is more durable and heavy-duty. This makes it an excellent material for bed protectors, as it not only protects the bed itself but also extends its life. Moreover, it is a material that is wrinkle-free and is able to hold its shape very well, which allows it to stay in place properly without any annoying wiggling. 

Polyester is also highly comfortable and soft to the touch, similar to cotton. This makes it a great layer to add to your mattress assembly. Not to mention, while it is pretty heavy-duty and durable, the fibres are lightweight and soft, making it non-irritant to the skin. 

Credit: Emma

Purotex technology. This is a special technology that makes use of natural probiotics to keep any allergens such as dust, dust mites, and other bacteria at bay. It stores probiotics into microcapsules that then multiply and cover the whole protector. This is based on the countless number of studies that have found out that probiotics are an effective natural remedy against allergens. 

This is a great added feature as it ensures that you are protected from any allergens that may trigger any sensitivities in you. House Dust Mite Allergy is a common sickness that many people suffer from and is also the culprit of why some people aren’t able to fall asleep easily. With this technology, you can be assured that dust mites or pet allergens do not ruin your sleep. 

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How does the Emma protector feel to sleep on?

There are two main categories that the Emma mattress protector can be assessed on: fresh and comfortable. For one, it is able to keep the bed incredibly fresh. This is all thanks to the Purotex technology that has coated the whole sheet with natural probiotics and has taken away the possibility of dust, dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens from colonizing your bed. 

Additionally, as it made with polyester, which has soft fibres, it has a smooth and comfortable sleeping surface that will help you fall asleep easily. Polyester fibres are also lightweight and airy, which makes this breathable and not stuffy. It promotes the passage of air for a cool sleep, so you can rest easy that you’ll be cool and fresh throughout the night. 

Next, it’s a secure protector that does its job pretty well. It’s a fitted sheet that stays in place easily, all thanks to polyester’s wrinkle-free and durable properties. So you can lay in bed without worrying that your movements will disturb the protector shield underneath. Moreover, thanks to the EmmaGuard technology, it is a waterproof material that secures protection for your bed from all kinds of elements that may be a pester to clean or will deteriorate your mattress in the long run. 

Weight and thickness

The Emma protector is available in all 5 standard UK sizes. The table below details each size, dimensions, and weight. The depth of the skirts is fixed at 25 cm for all sizes. 

UK single90 x 190 cm 0.97 kg 
Small double120 x 190 cm 1.5 kg
UK double135 x 190 cm 1.46 kg
UK king150 x 200 cm 1.67 kg 
Super king180 x 200 cm 1.98 kg

How much does it cost?

The chart below contains the price for each size. It falls on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Keep in mind that these prices aren’t fixed and are bound to be affected by seasonal sales, discounts, etc. We highly suggest visiting the Emma website for real-time and accurate information on the prices. 

UK single £89.00
Small double £99.00
UK double £99.00
Uk king £109.00
Super king£119.00
Up to 55% Off!
Emma Discount Voucher Code
Emma Discount Voucher Code
Big Holiday Sale! Up to 55% off Save up & sleep better | T&Cs apply.
Big Holiday Sale! Up to 55% off Save up & sleep better | T&Cs apply. Show Less


  • 200-night free trial period 
  • Free, no-contact delivery 
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Is the Emma protector right for you?

A mattress protector needs to be two things: it should be able to protect your mattress and extend its life and it should also be comfortable to stack on top of your sleep items. The Emma protector is exactly these two things and more. It is effective in keeping out all elements, from stains, moisture, water, and even dust, and dust mites. 

Moreover, the polyester fabric that is used in its making is soft but durable for a nice feel on the sleeping surface. Aside from these amazing benefits, it is also breathable and great for people who suffer from allergies. This makes it the perfect protector for those who are extra sensitive to dust mites and other allergens as it is probably the best bed shield in the market that prioritises this feature.