Eve Mattress Protector Review

In our Eve mattress protector review, we look at both the regular bed protector and the temperature balancing version, from the same sleep company that produced the infamous Eve original mattress. The regular protector works incredibly well with little to no required maintenance, while the temperature balancing version has the extra feature of temperature control. It is reasonably priced, considering the great perks that it comes with (2-year warranty and hassle-free returns) and the impressive performance of the product. 

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What are they made from?

Neotherm water-resistant coating. With the standard protector the Neotherm coating ensures your bed to stay clean, stain-free, and rid of any dust mites. You can drink wine or any other beverage in your bed, worryfree because of this material. Another feature of the Neotherm coating is that it has a temperature-regulation property, which works in synergy with the cotton material for a breathable and cool sleep.

100% cotton fabric. The top layer of the regular bed protector is 100% cotton. This is also the main material used for the temperature regulating version. There are many perks to this material including but not limited to an incredibly soft surface, moisture-repellant, breathable, and hypoallergenic. 

Credit: Evesleep.co.uk

As cotton is incredibly soft, it is hypoallergenic and has a significantly lower risk of irritating your skin. This is especially important for those who have skin sensitivities. Moreover, as cotton is moisture-repellant, it will help in keeping you stay fresh, cool, and dry during your sleep. 

100% polyurethane base material. The bottom layer is made of pure polyurethane. Polyurethane is a highly resilient material that is resistant to abrasions, cuts, and tears. This will ensure that your bed guard lasts for a long time and is able to withstand any pressure or friction that it will be subjected to. It is also resistant to water, oil, and other liquids, effectively making a water-resistant coating for the underside as well. 

30cm skirts. The 30cm skirts ensures it will stay in place, and will not move by itself or slip and slide while you are using your bed. Mattress protectors like those can be annoying, but thankfully, you won’t have that problem because of this. 

Credit: Evesleep.co.uk

What’s it like to sleep on?

The feel can be divided into three aspects: 

  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Security 

Agreeably, these are also characteristics that one must always look for when shopping for a bed Protector. For one, It’s extremely comfortable. This is important as you can’t be spending hundreds on a high-quality mattress with an incredibly soft hand-tufted surface only to place a protector over it that feels like plastic. 

Fortunately, the cotton is ultra-soft and friendly to the skin, and it’s hypoallergenic, so prevents the likelihood of allergies from breaking up. Moreover, it’s breathable and refreshing.

The coating has temperature-regulation properties, ensuring that you’re not too cold or too hot while you sleep. However, this feature is amplified even more so with the temperature-regulating one. 

Credit: Evesleep.co.uk

Lastly, the it’s also secure. Its construction ensures that it stays in place and will not slip or slide when you are using it. This is all thanks to the generous 3-cm skirts that keep it in place. There’s no need for any unnecessary loops or straps. 

Weight and thickness

The chart below details the sizes and dimensions. The depth is constant for all sizes at 30 cm. As of the time of writing, the Eve temperature balancing bed shield is only available in 3 sizes (UK double, UK king, and Super King). 

UK single90 x 190 cm
Small double120 x 190 cm
UK double135 x 190 cm 
UK king 150 x 200 cm 
Super king180 x 200 cm 

What’s the cost?

The chart below summarizes the cost for each size. It’s reasonably priced and you can rest easy that every penny is worth the quality and performance of the product. Bear in mind that the prices shown below may not always be accurate, as influenced by sales or markdowns.

We suggest visiting the actual website itself when researching for your purchase. 

SizesPrice (regular version)Price (temperature-regulating version)
UK single£40 
Small double £49 
UK double £49 £119
UK king£59£139
Super king£65£159
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  • 2-year warranty 
  • Hassle-free returns 

Is the Eve protector right for you?

If you are someone who wants a comfortable, breathable and low maintenance mattress protector. The Eve protector is the perfect choice for you. It’s perfect for people who are always on the go and need a bed guard that will help them enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

First and foremost, the pure cotton is soft, comfortable, and hypoallergenic, which is especially attractive to those who suffer from sensitivities that prevent them from easily hitting the hay. Moreover, it is also breathable. If you want advanced temperature control, get the temperature regulating version. 

The best thing about the Eve protector is that it works incredibly well with little to no effort from your side. It’s so thin that you will hardly even notice that it is there. As it has a Neotherm coating, it keeps water, liquids, and even dust mites out from seeping into the guard and making into your mattress. 

However, if needed, you can always throw it in the wash for a quick cycle at 40 degrees. Thanks to the fitted sheet construction, you can also put it back easily. This can be done like a breeze, without having to struggle with any annoying straps or loops. 

Final verdict

The verdict for our Eve mattress protector review is that it’s perfect for people who want a comfortable and breathable bed guard, thanks to the pure cotton material. It also works well in protecting your mattress, thanks to the Neotherm coating that makes the protector anti-dust mite and water-resistant.