Bensons for Beds Review

Bensons for Beds is a trusted and leading bed retailer in the UK. Their stores are accessible, with over 250 of them nationwide. They offer everything for your sleep needs — from bed frames to mattresses of all sizes, shapes, and materials. 

With an extensive 70-year history, they have developed in-store processes such as the sleep assessment procedure to ensure that you end up with a mattress that you are happy with. They offer free delivery for all orders above £100. All mattresses are over this limit, so expect free delivery to a room of choice. 

You will also be pleased to know that they offer a guarantee period that lasts for a minimum of 40 days and a maximum of 56 days. 

If none of these beds suits your fancy, we suggest looking into DreamCloud mattresses as an excellent alternative. The quality and make of DreamCloud beds are some of the closest that we can find in the market. 


One of the most infamous brands that Bensons for Beds carry is Silentnight. There are four main types of mattresses. Firstly, our eco-friendly products are made with sustainable materials ensured to provide a breathable sleep environment. 

There are also memory beds primarily made from memory foam that is perfect for those who prefer a sufficient amount of sinkage and superior pressure relief. The third kind under Silentnight is Geltex, characterised by gel-infused materials that provide a cool sleep and incredible weight distribution and active conformation to your movements. 

Lastly, we have the naturals made from natural materials that are ensured to make you feel sophisticated and comfortable regardless of the season. 


The highlight for iGel mattresses is their advanced construction. It is a technology that has won a Nobel Prize, providing the right sleeping environment that is neither too hot nor too cold. The primary material used is excellent in wicking away any moisture to prevent you from feeling humid that will wake you up from a good night’s sleep.

The beds are embedded with iGel crystals that support your hips, shoulders, neck, and other pressure points. Moreover, the materials that are used, such as Graphene, are natural and non-toxic. These are mainly hybrid mattresses that are made from a pocket sprung layer and an upper gel-infused foam. 


Slumberland is a brand 100 years in improvement, so you can rest assured that their beds are of the highest quality. They are mainly known for their releases of exclusive mattresses that are elegant and luxurious. This is all thanks to the quilted tops made from soft knitted fabric that provide a comfortable sleeping surface. 

Most of their beds are a hybrid type, with pocket sprung layers that provide a personalised reaction to your body that ensure excellent pressure relief. Slumberland also employs the Edge Zoning technology, which ensures that the perimeter of the beds is reinforced adequately so that you won’t feel like you are spilling all over. 

Another great feature is that it is made from eco-friendly and natural fillings, ditching the toxic plastic altogether. 


Incredibly, Sealy is a brand that has been in the business since 1881. At present, they are known for highly scientific mattresses that will provide incredibly customised support for you that will set you up for a great day ahead. 

This is accomplished by the hi-tech springs that respond proactively to your body, providing the comfortable amount of support that will make you more active and less sedentary. To add to the substance of the bed, the edges are also reinforced for an extra amount of support. 

The quality has also been significantly refined. The beds are handmade from the Cumbrian factories and they are also perfect for sensitive sleepers as Allergy UK has endorsed them to reduce dust mites. 


Tempur boasts over 30 years of experience in multiple countries. It is a brand that has achieved a lot in the sleep industry and in healthcare. One main feature that sets Tempur mattresses apart from others is integrating the pressure-relieving Tempur material. A unique component developed from NASA technology. 

This material is viscoelastic, which means that it is in a state that is both solid and liquid. This is precisely why you will feel as if you are suspended and drifting to sleep on top of your bed. This material has also endowed these beds with incredible levels of responsiveness, support, and pressure relief. It ensures to provide your body with the right weight, warmth, and contouring for a comfortable and uninterrupted slumber. 


Bensons for Beds carry the Airstream Memory Collection that is well-known for carrying the most technologically advanced hybrid beds in the market. The main highlight of the beds from this collection are the pocket sprung mattress layers that provide individualised support and incredible pressure relief. 

These are crucial components for a refreshing morning without any aches building up in the joints that may affect how your day goes. You will also be pleased to know that breathability and eco-friendliness are two features that these beds provide. They also feel elegant and comfortable to the touch, thanks to the quilted sleeping surfaces. The top layer is a premium quality luxurious memory foam that ensures you are well supported no matter your sleeping preference. 

Jay-Be Simply Kids

Bensons for Beds also offer Jay-Be Simply for Kids, a mattress brand that provides UK’s best beds for a child’s growth and development.  Jay-Be is a brand that has enjoyed over 100 years of service to UK sleepers. 

The primary materials are usually pocket sprung or open coils, which provide personalised support without sacrificing comfort for your little ones. These layers are filled with soft filling for a comfortable sleep experience. There are unique beds that are catered to your little one’s quirks and needs. There are anti-allergy ones for sensitive kids or even waterproof models that withstand any liquid accidents. 

More importantly, they are made from intelligent fibre, which is a material that regulates temperatures to ensure that your little one sleeps easy throughout the night.