Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress Review

In our Brook + Wilde mattress review, we’ll be zeroing in on the Elite hybrid bed and the cutting edge technology between each layer. Brook + Wilde also has the Lux mattress, but we decided to focus on the Elite as it has more features. This bed will certainly revolutionise you’re sleeping as it’s designed to provide better sleep with fewer backaches and more comfort. The bonuses that come with this bed shouldn’t be missedfree premium delivery, a 10-year guarantee, and recycling options for sustainable usage! Brook + Wilde Elite mattresses are genuinely engineered for a sleep fit for royalty. 


What’s it made from?

This hybrid bed is carefully designed to maximise all the excellent benefits of each layer. It utilises a unique and innovative technology to make a one-of-a-kind, unrivalled sleeping experience. It is genuinely “layer after layer after layer of goodness.” 

It has eight highly efficient layers and a top cover that can be removed and washed. 


Removable, washable cover

The cover of this mattress can be unzipped and washed separately from the bed. This is a convenient feature that ensures the cleanliness of the mattress in the long-run. It also stretches in four directions to minimise the struggle of putting it back on. I appreciate this feature as most bed covers require a lot of time and trial and error to put back. On top of being removable and more convenient, it’s also made of breathable material to facilitate proper air circulation while sleeping.


Memory foam protector layer

A superior technology unique to the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress lies in its top and second layers’ mechanisms. The memory foam protector separates the cover and the first memory foam layer. This allows both layers to move independently and not interfere with each one’s functions. This is just one of the ways that Brook + Wilde makes sure that you get the most out of your money with their cutting-edge technology. 


Thermo-regulating top layer

One of the problems with other mattresses is that they tend to get stuffy. Stuffy beds and hot summer nights don’t go well together—we know that for a fact. The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress’s great thing is that it has a thermo-regulating top layer made of natural and sustainable materials that work as an anti-heat balm. This balm layer’s effect is further amplified with the open-cell structure that runs throughout the whole mattress. All of these components make up for a refreshing sleep. 


2,500 mini pocket springs

This layer is made up of 2,500 mini pocket springs, engineered to move with your twists and turns in your dreams. This layer’s pressure-relieving factor will be incredible for people who have trouble sleeping and often wake up with a frozen shoulder or a sore back. This tiny springs layer also gives a slight “bounce” that cannot be found in pure foam mattresses. 


Wave technology layer 

The fourth layer of the Brooke + Wilde Elite mattress has four “wave” points, designed to conform to the curves of your back. This wave is a more dense area of the bed specifically designed to reduce pressure for the spine. It works in tandem with the upper spring layer in providing cushioning for your body. 


More pocket springs

We are met with another layer filled with pocket springs near the bottom of this mattress. These are a little bigger than the previous layer, with a diameter of 135mm each. This layer gives a subtle additional bounce and spring action. 


Support base layer 

The second to the bottom layer of the mattress is the base that is meant to be a foundation and support the upper layers. This unique layer adds to the solidity and quality of the mattress. The placement of this layer isn’t for nought as well, as it sits directly below the larger springs to reinforce the springs. 


Non-slip base layer

The final, bottommost layer is a non-slip base that ensures the whole bed has a firm grip on the surface. This prevents it from sliding underneath your body while you sleep, which may be uncomfortable. 


How does the mattress feel to sleep on?

The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress’s leading quality is that it’s true for the elite, without a price that breaks the bank. The layers are designed to provide the utmost and best comfort, ensuring that all body parts are well-supported. It makes for a great waking—which, in my opinion, is the way to start the day. 

For one, the mattress is bouncier than others, especially the pure-foam ones. This is a hybrid mattress with two layers specifically dedicated to pocket springs. The bounce helps keep the spine aligned and take the pressure off while sleeping. Plus, who doesn’t love a bouncy bed? 

The mattress does offer a small sink, with one of the top layers made of memory foam. This layer conforms and hugs your body, following your every movement. 

Here’s where the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is different from others when it comes to the firmness. I can’t only give a number on the firmness scale because it comes in three different ‘feel’ levels. That’s right; you can choose how soft or firm you want your bed to be! 

The ‘soft’ option is a 4 in the firmness scale, which will provide extra softness like sinking into a cloud. The ‘medium’ feel is the golden mean between the firm and soft. The ‘firm’ option, on the other hand, is a 7 on the firmness scale—it’s less bouncy and soft, but provides more support. 

Take into consideration your sleeping style, on top of your personal preferences. Take note that a softer bed works well for side-sleepers, so that arm pressure is relieved, whereas, back and stomach sleepers need more support to prevent back pains and aches. 


Weight and thickness

The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress comes in four different sizes. All sizes are 28 centimetres in depth. The chart below details the dimensions for the different mattress sizes. 

Mattress style Width  Length Depth
Single 90 cm 190 cm 28 cm
Double 135 cm 190 cm 28 cm
King 150 cm 200 cm 28 cm
Super King 180 cm 200 cm 28 cm


How much does it cost?

The chart below details the prices for each mattress style. Because this bed is a hybrid mattress that utilises pioneering technology, these are competitive prices. Also, there is no charge for customised firmness level, so that’s another bonus. The prices remain the same no matter what ‘feel’ you choose. Also, factor into this that it’s a complete bed in a box that will be delivered to your home for free, it’s a strong contender. 

There is an instalment option where you can deposit 10% of the total amount, and you can choose to pay the remaining balance either within 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months. 

Mattress style Price
Single £799
Double £1099
King £1199
Super King £1299

Brooke + Wilde alternatives

Brooke + Wilde are a well-known brand in the UK. However, we have listed three mattresses below that are great alternatives to the Brooke + Wilde elite and we highly recommend. Our favourite is the Nectar, and if you want more information check out our Nectar mattress review plus they always have great deals on!

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Mattress bonus

  • 100-night comfort trial period
  • 10 year guarantee period 
  • Mattress recycling options are available 
  • Free premium delivery service (delivers right at your doorstep!) 


Is it right for you?

Mattresses aren’t one-size-fits-all. Everyone’s sleeping habits are different, and one should always choose a bed that is ‘right’ for them. That being said, if you’re someone who struggles with waking up ache-free (especially when it comes to the back and the shoulders), the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress will help you sleep better. 

Aside from its primary health benefit, it’s also great for those who struggle to look for the beds that are just firm or soft enough for them. The unique option of choosing the ‘feel’ level of your mattress will certainly be beneficial. This is a choice that is not available for most mattress companies. 

Another main strength of the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is that it’s sustainable. It uses raw and natural materials that do not contain any harmful chemicals that may harm the environment. Moreover, the companies offer a mattress recycling service so that your bed gets reused and not dumped on a landfill at the end of its lifetime. It’s a good option for those who are trying to lead a more sustainable and nature-friendly lifestyle. 

Final verdict

In conclusion, this is a fantastic mattress for those who have back problems with their current sleeping habits because of it’s ‘wave’ cushioning technology that contours to the spine curves so that there is better pressure support compared to flatbeds. Moreover, the memory foam layer and pocket spring layers work in conjunction with the four-wave technology to provide ample pressure-relief and back support. It’s perfect for back and side sleepers, in specific. But side sleepers could very well enjoy the ‘soft’ version of this mattress for lesser firmness and support.