Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

Emma Company is a reputable mattress brand that has received an award-winning title for its mattress. They manufactured not only mattresses but also other bedding accessories and had been in the business for decades. If you are not sure whether Emma hybrid mattress is right for you, then we are here to help you.  

This article makes a complete Emma hybrid mattress review by considering some of the most frequently asked questions. Continue reading to know more about this mattress. 

Mattress Construction

When it comes to the construction, the Emma hybrid mattress is similar to the Emma original model. The main difference between them is that the Emma hybrid mattress comes with an increased sinking feel and extra bounce. It primarily uses two types of materials: foam layers and spring layer. The former allows the mattress to compress adequately to ensure excellent comfort, while the latter provides tremendous pressure relief as it quickly adapts to your body’s contours. If you want to know more about its construction, then continue reading. 

Overview of Emma Hybrid Mattress

If you are looking for an affordable hybrid mattress, then you should consider this product. It is a high-quality mattress that combines pocketed spring and memory foam to ensure optimal support and comfort. Overall, it comes with four layers, which we will discuss in more detail below. Besides, the top cover is not only removable but also breathable. So if you make any unwanted spills, then you remove them quickly and put them into the machine for a wash. 

However, the best thing about this mattress is that it features channel cuts in the base layer. As such, it provides improved hip and shoulder support, thereby ensuring perfect spinal alignment.

Essential Features at a Glance:

  • It is available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Affordable.
  • The top cover is removable and washable.
  • All the mattress sizes come with a depth of 25 cm.
  • Breathable and durable.
  • It offers advanced pressure relief.
  • 200 nights of trial.
  • Ten years of warranty.
  • Free delivery and returns.
  • Contactless delivery.


As mentioned, the Emma hybrid mattress comes with four layers of construction. You should note that each of these layers has passed safety and health regulations. So there is no reason why you should consider this mattress. Below we present a comprehensive description of all the layers:

  • Top Comfort Layer:

The Emma hybrid mattress’s top layer comes with its patented Airgocell foam that is significantly soft and ultra-breathable. It means your body will not heat up even when sleeping during hot days. The top layer measures 4 cm depth, which is sufficient to keep you comfortable lying on this mattress. It is also worth noting that this particular foam is excellent for minimising motion transfer. Hence, this feature makes it a perfect choice for couples. 

  • Pocket Springs (2 cm):

Another layer of the Emma hybrid mattress comes with pocketed springs, which optimise this mattress’s support and balance. This layer also assists with the circulation of air, thereby boosting its breathability. However, the outstanding benefit of this layer comes with advanced pressure relief. Besides, the manufacturer has placed the pocketed springs so well, so there is no risk of sticking out any spring.

  • Memory Foam Layer (3 cm):

The benefit of this layer is it allows the mattress to adapt to your body contours quickly. As such, there will be less pressure on the hips, shoulders, and neck. So if you are suffering from back pain, then this mattress will be an ideal pick.

  • Base Layer (16 cm):

This layer also comes with foam, which supports the mattress. The best thing about this layer is that it comes with channel cuts. This feature ensures optimal spinal alignment, which means it will provide improved hip and shoulder support. Besides, it allows for more airflow through the mattress, which is essential for reducing bacteria growth.


The material used for making the side and top cover is 100% polyester, which is stretchable. It means you will not have a hard time while removing or putting the cover. Thanks to its woven structure. The top removable cover is significantly breathable. Besides, you can machine wash the cover at 40 degrees Celsius. 

The material consists of 11% polypropylene and 89% polyester when it comes to the bottom cover. The manufacturer has designed the bottom cover more sturdy as it will continuously come in contact with hard surfaces.

Additionally, the Emma hybrid mattress also features four handles. As such, you can quickly move or carry around the bed without much difficulty.  

Weight and Thickness

The Emma hybrid mattress is available in five different sizes: single, minor, double, double, king, super king. So you can easily find a size that meets your needs and requirements. Additionally, each of these sizes comes with 25 cm of thickness, which can carry up to 130 kg. 

It will be slightly different when it comes to weight, depending on the size you choose, ranging from 16.5 kg to 35 kg. Nevertheless, the Emma hybrid mattress is significantly lighter when compared to its competitors. As such, you can quickly move or carry around without much complication. But you should not assume that this mattress is of low quality just because it is lighter. Remember, this mattress is a hybrid model that combines pocket springs and foam to ensure maximum support, breathability, and comfort. 

The following table summarises the weight and dimensions of the Emma hybrid mattress based on its sizes. 

Size Dimensions Weights
Single 90 x 190 x 25 cm 16.5 kg
Small Double 120 x 190 x 25 cm 22 kg
Double 135 x 190 x 25 cm 25 kg
King 150 x 200 x 25 cm 30 kg
Super King 180 x 200 x 25 cm 35 kg

What mattress likes to sleep on?

The answer will considerably depend on your requirements and preference. Additionally, we also need to consider the sleeping position and weight of the user. Depending on these factors, some sleepers will find the Emma hybrid mattress more comfortable, while this mattress might be the worst for others. Hence, it is a matter of personal taste and sleeping types. 


The Emma hybrid mattress has never stopped satisfying most users when it comes to its firmness. It has a medium firmness that many sleepers find pleasant and comfortable to lie. So if you are a lightweight buyer, then you should consider this mattress. However, heavier-weight users might find this mattress to be too soft, and so they can feel trapped while sleeping due to the deep sink feel.

Partner Disturbance

When it comes to partner disturbance, the Emma hybrid mattress also stands out. The foam used in the construction limits motion transfer when sleeping with your loved ones. It means you will not have restless nights while sleeping on this mattress.

Edge Support

The Emma hybrid mattress might not significantly stand out when it comes to edge support like any other foam mattresses. Nevertheless, it comes with a firm core, which makes this mattress more supportive than all-foam models. Many users have reported that they feel secure when sleeping or sitting near the perimeter of the bed. Nonetheless, heavy-weight users can experience a deeper sink feel.

What’s the cost? And is there a coupon?

Emma Company aims to offer value for money mattress to their customers. In our review for Emma hybrid mattress, we found that the pricing is significantly competitive. The super king Emma hybrid mattress costs 879 pounds, with Simba costing 969 pounds and OTTY 799 pounds. The following table presents the price of Emma hybrid mattress compared to Simba hybrid mattress and OTTY hybrid mattress.

Size Emma Hybrid Mattress Simba Hybrid Mattress OTTY Hybrid Mattress
Single £649.99 £609  £499
Small Double £869 .99 £829 £649
Double £919.99  £829 £699
King £1,019.99  £939 £799
Super King £1,129.99  £1,039 £899

Since its launch, Emma Company has offered some hefty discounts from time to time. As such, you should look out regularly to pick up a great deal.

Up to 55% Off!
Emma Discount Voucher Code
Emma Discount Voucher Code
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Big Holiday Sale! Up to 55% off Save up & sleep better | T&Cs apply. Show Less

Mattress Bonus Points: Additional Features

Apart from the essential specifications highlighted above, the Emma hybrid mattress comes with other bonuses. The following are some essential additional features of the Emma hybrid mattress:

Warranty Length

Like many mattress brands, the Emma hybrid mattress also comes with ten years of warranty. Within this period, if your mattress gets damage or cracks despite proper handling and usage, the company will send for a brand-new mattress. The warranty length will begin on the date of the delivery. You can click on this link for more details concerning the warranty.

Trial Length

Another additional feature of the Emma mattress comes with the trial length. Emma offers 100 nights of trial. However, they have currently extended the trial length to 200 nights, starting on the delivery day. The reason for this extension is to give you sufficient time to test your new Emma hybrid mattress thoroughly.  

Delivery and Returns

This mattress also comes with free delivery and returns. Once you make the order, they will deliver the ordered bed in a box measuring 45 x 45 x 110 cm. Hence, you will not have a hard time taking upstairs or moving into your bedroom. Besides, if you are unsure whether to buy this mattress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you need not worry. They will not ask you to sign for the delivery to ensure contactless transfer.

Once you receive the mattress, you will have 200 nights of trial. If you are not happy about the mattress during this trial length, you can return it free of charge by contacting them. Once they have collected the mattress, they will issue you with a full refund.

Is the mattress right for you?

It is worth stating that we cannot provide a straightforward answer to this question as the needs and requirements for a mattress differ from person to person. Hence, we can only offer some necessary guidelines to help you decide whether the Emma hybrid mattress will be right for you. However, you should note that this mattress will be a perfect choice if you have bought other famous mattresses, but they didn’t meet your needs.

The following are some essential guidelines for users who are not sure whether to buy the Emma hybrid mattress:

  • If you are looking for a hybrid mattress with medium firmness, you should choose this mattress. 
  • The Emma matter will also be an excellent choice for users with pain back. It is because this mattress features high-quality materials that can quickly adapt to your body’s contours. Additionally, it allows for suitable spinal alignment, which is crucial for preventing neck or back pain.
  • If you live in a hot region and want a breathable mattress, this product is for you. 
  • The Emma hybrid mattress also has the right amount of bounce, for it comes with pocketed springs. So if this aspect is your main concern, then opt for this mattress.


  • It comes with a removable and washable top cover.
  • Hybrid design.
  • It has side handles for easy movement.
  • It offers excellent comfort and support.
  • It is affordable.
  • Free shipping and returns.
  • 200 nights of trial.
  • 10-years of warranty.


  • Some users have reported that the delivery service is not satisfying.
  • It has an unpleasant smell initially.


To sum up, the Emma hybrid mattress is a high-quality mattress that has never stopped satisfying many users. It has all the essential features to ensure optimal comfort and support while sleeping. One of this mattress’s fantastic attributes is that it is ultra-breathable, which means your body will not heat up even when sleeping during hot days. Besides, it has a medium-firm feel and solves the problem of partner disturbance. 

Another essential aspect of this mattress is that its high-quality material can quickly adapt to your body’s contours. Hence, you will experience less pressure on your neck, shoulders, and hips. Additionally, it allows for optimal spinal alignment, which is vital for preventing back or neck pain. To check the product, you can click on this link.

Two Positive Reviews from Trustpilot and Emma’s Website

Here are two positive reviews from customers who have used and tested the mattress:

First Positive Review from Trustpilot

We were looking for a new mattress that would not cost a fortune. Then we saw Emma hybrid mattress, and it solved the problem as the price was very affordable. We had used our bed a couple of months, and our sleep couldn’t be more comfortable. It is like a hug from a mattress that is also firm enough to support your body correctly.

Second Positive Review from Emma’s Website.

After sleeping on the Emma hybrid mattress for more than 30 days, we can straightforwardly say that my partner and I have drastically improved our sleep. Due to the firm foam feel, we do not wake up each other while sleeping on this mattress. Additionally, the mattress is not hot despite being memory foam. Overall, we love it.