Ergoflex 5G Mattress Review

In this Ergoflex mattress review, we go over details like the cool-sleep airflow system, the 30-night trail, and other stunning features that sets it apart!

The Ergoflex 5G has known for its orthopaedic qualities plus it’s one of the only mattresses in a box brands that have lasted longer than it’s guarantee. P

lus you will find all over the world, but before we dive deeper into the details, below are a few of the star qualities that has made Ergoflex 5G an endearing brand throughout the united kingdom.

How We Review

Our mattress connoisseurs cut through the mattress marketing jargon to help you find the right mattress for you. To make our Ergoflex review unbiased, we looked through independent review websites and cross-referenced real customer reviews. We also checked the price, warranty, trail length, materials. So by the conclusion, you’ll know if the Ergoflex mattress is right for you.

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“This is the 3rd Ergoflex mattress that we’ve bought and this is just as good as the others. We chose it because of its excellent comfort, perfect firmness and ability to stay cool on those hot, humid nights. Easily the best mattress on the market.” Ergoflex Mattress Review

What’s the Ergoflex mattress made from?

Each day you wake up, you are only as good as your last night’s sleep! Now knowing the benefits of the Ergoflex 5G mattress, it’s time to find out what it made of? The ErgoFlex 5G mattress consists of 3 individual layers. Each layer hands out with enhancing the comfort layer and provides enough support.

Starting from the top to the bottom to give you an idea of the contents of this excellent mattress.

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Layer (9cm) –Take it to the top, Ergoflex at the top layer consists of true High-Density ACPT™ memory foam. This memory foam is designed with billions of spherical shaped open cells with Scandinavian orthopaedic pressure-reducing properties. HD memory foam has such great health benefits it’s even used in hospitals throughout the world.

Cool-Sleep™ Airflow Layer (5cm) – Ergoflex is a prodigy mattress that is backed up by a supportive base that warrants push back along with durability. This is a feature that comes into play through the use of Scandinavian orthopaedics. This high-resilience foam also ensures optimal spinal alignment in any position.

High-Resilience Base Foam (9cm) Ergoflex is a prodigy mattress that is backed up by a supportive base that warrants push back along with durability. This is a feature that comes into play through the use of Scandinavian orthopaedics. This high-resilience foam also ensures optimal spinal alignment in any position.

Durable Support Foam – The base layer gives the mattress structure, durability, and firmness. This layer is made from high-density polyfoam with channels cut out for zoning. Zoning allows more airflow through the mattress, but the main benefit is the better pressure relief to your shoulder and hip areas.

ergoflex cover_
ergoflex mattress cover

Cover – Encasing the mattress is a TENCEL cover. It’s naturally anti-bacterial and hypogenic thanks to the Tencel cell structure. The cover is also machine washable wash (up to 30°C).

Ergoflex dimensions – will it fit in your bedroom?

An essential point while purchasing any mattress I will like to pay attention to is its thickness. If it is too thin, you will find yourself uncomfortable while sleeping. On the other hand, if it is too thick, you may have to put extra effort into just going to bed.

Thanks to the Ergo Flex 5G mattress, which comes in multiple dimensions and sizes. As a result, you have different options to choose any type depending upon your needs. The different sizes, along with the dimensions in Ergoflex 5G mattress are:

UK Single190 x 90 x 23cm
UK Double190 x 135 x 23cm
UK King200 x 150 x 23cm
Super King200 x 180 x 23cm

As you can see, the dimensions of this mattress are sufficient to fit all needs. For me, I selected the Double size as it best suits my requirements in terms of conditions. Most of my friends in Manchester are using this mattress size without any issues. The 6 variants of Ergoflex 5G offer choice along with comfort and is designed to meet all your needs.

What’s the Ergoflex mattress like to sleep on?

To judge a mattress, the only real test is to sleep in it. The Ergoflex 5G mattress offers an excellent sleeping experience.

As I discussed earlier, this product is perfect because it has a medium to firm feel, best suited for side and back sleepers. We have placed it at about 6.5 out of 10 in terms of firmness (10 being the firmest). This puts the Ergoflex in the medium to medium/firm category, which also happens to be the range most back doctors recommend.

Ergoflex claims that this 5G mattress is ideal for back pain sufferers, fibromyalgia, circulation problems, or joint complaints.

Another great feature if this mattress is, it offers stable edge support. It is because the edges of the bed have been tightly knit for durability. The high-density foam provides sufficient support for the body and ensures that the mattress moulds to the shape of your body.

With my old mattress, I usually face a problem of temperature while sleeping. I often wake in between the midnight sweating all along and finding myself challenging to sleep with.

Considering that point in my mind, and Ergo Flex 5G mattress readily solves my temperature control problem through the use of its revolutionary trademarked cool sleep airflow system.

Ergoflex makes it a mission to take care of all my problems, ensuring that I get a good night’s sleep. Another great thing that I liked about this mattress is its high-density top quilting feature with the layer of comfort foam. It ensures that enough air flows between the layers of the mattress to provide stable sleeping temperatures.

To sum up, keeping in mind its sinkage, edge support, and comfortable firmness, I think Ergoflex 5G mattress stands for comfort.

Moreover, if you’re with your partner, there is no chance of disturbing each other in the middle of the night, which comes in handy if they move around a lot.

Casper mattress firmness

Partner disturbance –The feature that impressed us the most is the minimal motion transfer. I often tend to move around while sleeping, which sometimes disturbs the sleep of my partner. But with this Ergo Flex 5G mattress, my movements don’t affect her sleep.

How much does the Ergoflex cost?

With numerous features and benefits, you may think an Ergo Flex 5G mattress will be quite costly compared to other mattresses.

Well, get ready to have your mind blown! Ergoflex 5G is a very well priced mattress in the UK market, which is a rarity considering all the benefits this mattress provides. With 0% finance available, here are the prices of the six variants

Casper Mattress Prices 
UK Single£499
UK Double£739
UK King£819
Super King£939

*prices and availability may be subject to change  

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I bought my second Ergoflex mattress in 8 years last month and it is as good as the first one. Its extremely comfortable and one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a third.” Ergoflex Mattress Review

Additional Features

Although there are numerous reasons to buy an Ergo Flex 5G mattress, we will go ahead and mention a few more!

Warranty – Ergoflex 5G offers a 10-year comprehensive warranty! This mattress is durable and provides peace of mind with its ten-year warranty. Ten years of good night’s sleep? Sounds too good to be true. However, the Ergoflex has made it a reality!

CertiPUR-US Certified – It shouldn’t be a surprise, a mattress as good as Ergoflex 5G is bound to be certified by CertiPur-US®. A CertiPur-US certification ensures that every mattress will be free from nasty chemical.

OKEO-TEX 100 Certified – OKEO-TEX® 100 certified products are 100% free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use. Ergoflex 5G mattresses are anti-allergenic, which ensures that this mattress is safe for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Risk-Free Trial Period – You get a risk-free 30 nights guarantee! If you aren’t content for some reason, you can return it within 30 nights for a full refund. A great offer that’s risk-free and no questions are asked on return. What more can we ask for? I firmly believe you won’t be able to resist being a single night away from this mattress, let alone an eternity!

Free Delivery – To wrap with this section, at last, I would like to inform you of the smart packaging of this mattress. When the company delivers it to your house door, it will be compressed and rolled neatly in-a-box. Easy for you to unpack and place it on your chosen bed. And to top it all off, the mattress is delivered free of cost!

Is the mattress right for you?

If you are reading this section, I believe that you have fallen in love with this mattress and are eager to purchase one. But before you finally go to buy this mattress, I would like to highlight some of its salient features. This will help you in deciding whether this mattress is the right option for you or not.

Discussing the mattress’s softness, it has a medium to firm feel, and I would rate it six and a half on a scale of 1 to 10. It means the Ergoflex mattress is suitable for most body types and even sound sleepers.

If you face several problems related to your back, this product can help you recover from that as well. This mattress is superb for people having stiffness or spinal pains. It has an excellent pressure relief feature, ensuring that no pressure points are developed in the pain-sensitive areas.

To sum up, if you search for an orthopaedic style mattress at an affordable price, go for this one.

Final Verdict

Finally, to answer the most common question – Should I buy this mattress? I would recommend that you own an Ergoflex mattress to enjoy blissful nights away from agony. Additionally, it is the best option for couples as it offers minimum motion transfer while sleeping, ensuring a good night’s sleep!

It does not matter in which part of the United Kingdom you live in. I guarantee that you will like the benefits of this mattress. Everyone requires a good night’s sleep after a tiring day.

This dream will come true once you start sleeping on the Ergoflex mattress. So next time you are out for mattress shopping to keep a copy of this review handy. We have made your bed, now sleep in it!

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Ergoflex mattress
Ergoflex 5G Mattress Review
Cool sleep airflow system, 30-night trial, and other cool features make this mattress an ideal choice for UK buyers. Aside from its orthopaedic qualities, the Ergoflex 5G is one of the only mattresses-in-a-box that have outlasted their warranty. Plus you'll find them everywhere, but here are a few hallmark features that have helped Ergoflex 5G become so coveted throughout the UK.
User rating
Trial length
Meta rating
Certified by CertiPUR-US
Scandinavian Orthopaedic design
The ONLY mattress-in-a-box that has lasted longer than its guarantee
Awarded best buy in June 2020 by Which
Only a 30 nights risk- free trial