Eve Baby Mattress Review

We’ll look deeper into the cot version of the in-demand Eve original bed in this Eve baby mattress review. Eve was formed in October 2014 and slowly became one of the leading brands in the new market model of being more accessible to customers. 

The product is sourced and produced in the UK, as well as passed all required legal UK standards, making sure your purchase is high quality and durable, lasting your child to the age until they turn six.

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Materials & Construction 

The Eve cot mattress is made with high-quality materials to ensure the support and cleanliness that your baby needs as he grows. 

It has a waterproof protector layer that guards against liquids and accidents that are inevitable with babies. To extend its longevity and ensure its cleanliness, it also keeps bugs and dust mites at bay. 

A layer of luxurious foam is placed on top of the pocket spring core that is there to provide the sufficient support that your little one’s back needs as he grows. It is comfortable and reactive. 

A core layer of premium quality, individually wrapped pocket springs is there to give customised support to your baby that adapts to his body as he wriggles throughout the night. The springs also allow for body contouring and conformation, removing any pressure from your baby’s joints. 

Credit: Evesleep.co.uk


The cover has a zipper for easy removal and can be cleaned with a push of a button at 60 degrees. Argentum is added for cleaning convenience. This is a naturally antibacterial fibre that ensures the cleanliness and hygienic properties of your baby’s sleep.

The fibres also contain silicon, which makes the cover soft to the skin.

The top panel is pure polyester Cairfull fabric, a polyester that involves a 3-dimensional construction that allows air circulation towards the body. Moreover, it also reduces pressure by at least 6% and augments the inner layers’ support. 

The side panels are 100% polyester spacer fabric, which performs similarly in terms of making your sleep even more breathable. 

Comfort & Support

With this bed, babies seem to sleep great and wake up brand new. Parents have reported that it feels extra comfortable, which lulls them to sleep and keeps them sleeping for most of the night. 

It also feels snug and flexible enough for your baby not to feel like they’re sitting on a hard surface. This is all thanks to the high-quality foam layer on the top that conforms to weight. 

A quality not often found in cots is the thickness and substantiality of the mattress. Because of this thickness, it also feels supportive for your kid’s back or limbs. 

eve kids mattress review
Credit: Evesleep.co.uk

Previous customers have reported that this cot mattress to touch feels precisely like the Eve original bed they have for themselves. Other than extended sleeping hours, they’ve been incredibly thankful for the added feature that the protective guard has provided. 

Keeping the mattress clean and extending its lifespan has been made extra easy by the waterproof layer. In contrast to other cot mattresses, this does not need to be replaced every few months, like the ones used by other children. 

The Argentum treatment and silicon fibres are clever choices for construction, and it feels fresh and clean even after extended periods after washing. 

Parents have also appreciated the cover’s extra-soft feel. Because of this, it is baby skin approved. The fabric is not harsh or brash, and at the same time, it is durable enough to hold up to abrasions and tears. 

In fact, it has restricted the occurrence of rashes and red spots that are typically caused by dirty and rough sleeping surfaces. This proves that it is a significant investment that can last until toddler years. 

Service & Delivery 

You can receive this cot mattress at your doorstep for free. Albeit Eve’s free delivery service does not cover some areas. 

They also have the Deliver, Remove, and Recycle program. Via this program, Eve will take away your old cot mattress and recycle it for your convenience. 

One thing that Eve is known for is its excellent customer service and speedy delivery. 

If you are especially in a hurry to get your child a new mattress or replace his old one, you will undoubtedly appreciate Eve for this. 

Weight and Thickness

We’ve already done the hard work for you and summarised the available sizes and their respective dimensions. All sizes are 10 cm in depth. 

Baby cot mattress60 x 120 cm 
Cot mattress70 x 140 cm 

What’s the cost?

The table below is a summary of the sizes and their corresponding prices. However, prices range from time to time due to discounts and sales, so be sure to check the Eve website for real-time updates. 

60 x 120 cm £149
70 x 140 cm £169
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Eve Discount Voucher Code
snag 50% off selected premium mattresses in our summer sale
snag 50% off selected premium mattresses in our summer sale Show Less

Trial Period & Guarantee

  • A five-year warranty period that covers any defects or failures caused by faulty manufacturing. 
  • There is also a 30-night free trial period for you to decide whether or not your baby is fond of this. If you do decide to return it, you will be refunded 100%. 


This mattress is designed to provide a holistically, enjoyable sleep for your child. Moreover, the premium construction and durability make this last for a long time. 

The reactive foam and pocket springs layers are critical as they conform to your baby’s movements and growth from birth up until six years old. 

This mattress is the definition of cleanliness, support, and quality. If you’re willing to invest in a mattress that’ll last your child until his toddler years, this should be at the top of your list.