Eve Hybrid Mattress Review

In this Eve review, we look at the leading company launched in the UK’s sleep industry in 2014. The company’s beds are designed by London mattress designers and assembled in UK craft centers. In addition to being sourced from the National Bed Foundation, the foam materials are Certi-PUR certified, which means they comply with international standards and are free of harmful chemicals. 

Materials & Construction 

The Eve hybrid mattress is constructed from the two iconic Eve beds’ best materials for a suitable sleep experience for all kinds of sleepers. 

  • A top layer of spring foam is used to provide a cushion for your bones. It is also there to promote proper spine alignment. 
  • A light layer of memory foam is added to hug your body snugly. 
  • Substantial foam layers are incorporated to serve as a buffer and protection layer for the pocket springs. 
  • A layer of pocket springs helps provide independent support to the different parts of your body. Each spring is full-sized at 12 cm in height. 
  • The pocket spring layer has been cleverly divided into zones to redistribute your weight and prevent any tension build-up. 
  • Another layer of foam is added to the base of the mattress for extra support. It is 3.5 cm thick. 


The top panel of the cover is made of 98% polyester and 2% elastane. The grey side and base covers are made of pure polyester. Polyester is an excellent material that offers supreme breathability for a relaxed and refreshed sleep. It is also highly durable, which protects the mattress from wear and tears. 

There’s no need to flip the bed, but it’s recommended that you rotate it once in a while for maximum performance. 

The white top panel comes off through a zipper, and you can throw it in the wash at 40 degrees. 

anti-funal, ani-bacterial eve cover
Credit: Evesleep.com

Comfort & Support 

The hybrid mattress provides both comfort and support and makes you feel refreshed in the morning. Customers attest that the bed “learns” to adjust to your body over time. That’s because the 800 pocket springs layer is brilliantly divided into zones for tailored support. 

Thanks to these zones is a pain-free morning, as it alleviates back, shoulder, and hip pain. If you experience these pains, the Eve hybrid bed is an excellent option to consider. 

eve hybrid mattress
Credit: Evesleep.com

Also, the spring memory foam layer on top combines with the pocket springs to provide a snug and well-supported sleeping experience. As it’s a hybrid bed with the best features of both springs and foam, it can be used by all kinds of sleepers. 

Sleepers on their side will find that the bed can enhance proper spine alignment without having sore arms. Those who sleep on their back will enjoy an enhanced body contouring experience with a well-supported spine.

This bed also relieves the pressure on the spine and back, which is common among stomach sleepers. Although it is suitable for all types of sleepers, back sleepers are likely to find it most comfortable since it significantly reduces backaches. 

The zoned pocket springs layer offers substantial motion transfer prevention. If you sleep with a partner and are disturbed regularly by their movement, this could be the solution for you. 

Credit: Evesleep.com

Service & Delivery 

Your Eve hybrid bed will be delivered to your doorstep for free. However, keep in mind that the free delivery service does not cover some locations. 

You may check this page to see if your area is available.

Eve offers a ‘mattress removal’ option, in which they will take away your old bed for you and have it recycled through their Delivery, Remove, and Recycle service. 

Weight and Thickness

The table below shows the available sizes, as well as the specifications of each. 

UK Single 120 x 190 cm
UK Double 135 x 190 cm 
UK King150 x 200 cm 
Super King180 x 200 cm 

What’s the cost? 

The table below is a summary of the prices that correspond to the available sizes. Click here to check if there are any available sales or discounts for you. 

UK Single £519
UK Double £769
UK King£869
Super King£969

Trial Period & Guarantee 

  • There is a 100-night free trial period that you can maximise to try out and decide on whether or not this mattress feels right for you. If you decide to return it, you will be refunded in full. 
  • The 10-year warranty ensures the quality and premium make of your Eve hybrid mattress.


Eve hybrid mattress is one of the best beds you should consider if you’re willing to spend more money for a great sleep. Its incredible durability makes it a perfect choice for combination sleepers as well. 

This mattress combines all the benefits of foam and spring mattresses, making it comfortable with optimal support to suit your sleeping position. It also provides adequate motion isolation, making it ideal for couples. 

Want to sleep better and feel revitalised in the morning? Get the Eve hybrid mattress now. 

eve premium hybrid mattress
Eve Hybrid Mattress Review
If you're willing to spend a little more for a great night's sleep, you'll find the Eve Hybrid Mattress an excellent alternative to the memory foam version. Due to its incredible durability, it's an ideal option as well for people who share a bed.
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