Eve Premium Mattress Review

In this Eve Premium mattress review, we will get under the covers and investigate the premium mattress offered by Eve. Having pioneered the bed in a box industry since its inception in 2014, this is designed and manufactured in the UK, ensuring the quality of the materials and construction. It’s holistic, and it’s designed for all kinds of sleepers. 

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Materials & Construction 

Eve Premium mattresses are made of high-quality materials that ensure enjoyable sleep, whatever your sleep preference is. 

  • A top layer of unique, patented flatfoam is incorporated into the mattress design to provide a comfortable surface that is soft and pleasant to the body. This layer also has active cooling technology for temperature control. 
  • A layer of memory foam provides a sufficient amount of cushioning and body-contouring. Like the top layer, this is also embedded with graphite particles and relieves tension build-up in joints. 
  • The third layer of foam is added to provide the support that your body needs. It is firmer compared to the first two that are dedicated to comfort. 
  • The bottom layer is heavy-duty to support the upper layers and prevent the mattress from sagging—moreover, special cutout zones relieve your shoulders and hips from tension. 


Despite being thick and luxurious, the top cover feels soft and pleasant to touch. A zipper allows you to remove the top panel, thrown it in the wash for a quick cycle of 40 degrees. 

Further, it is antibacterial to keep bed bugs, dust, and dust mites at bay while you sleep. If you have specific allergies and are especially sensitive, this may be the product that will minimise any triggers. 

This is thanks to the silver fibres woven into the cover, which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. For aesthetic purposes, double seams have been added and piped with a yellow lining. 

Lastly, it is incredibly durable as it is made with 97% polyester. This ensures protection from any abrasion or tears. 

Comfort & Support 

The firmness rating is medium-firm, which is the sweet spot for a lot of sleepers. With this bed, side sleepers can sink their shoulders and hips properly to align their spine with correct positioning. People who sleep on their backs will also find this bed sinks their hips accurately to align with their spines. 

Moreover, the zone cutouts can take off pressure from the hips to prevent soreness in the morning. Similarly, stomach sleepers will find that it can align the back without an aching front side. 

For one, it is comfortable enough that it induces sleep that is pleasant and well-enjoyed. This is all thanks to the top foam layers designed to hug the body and contour to your movements snugly. 

While not marketed by the company, customers have also reported that this provides a sufficient amount of motion isolation. Sleepers who sleep with their partners or fur buddies especially enjoyed this feature, preventing any interruptions. 

Service & Delivery 

Eve will happily take away your old mattress for you and recycle it through their Deliver, Remove, and Recycle service. 

You may choose the standard free delivery option to enjoy free delivery with your order. However, this might be unavailable in some areas. 

Click here to check the availabilities. 

There is also the nominated day delivery if you prefer to receive your mattress for a specific date. 

Weight and Thickness

Below is a table of the available sizes, as well as the dimensions of each. All sizes are 28 cm in thickness. 

UK Double 135 x 190 cm 
UK King150 x 200 cm 
UK Super King180 x 200 cm 

What’s the cost? 

The table below is a summary of the prices for each size. However, prices change from time to time, so be sure to click here to update the latest discounts. 

UK Double £948
UK King £1096
UK Super King £1256
50% off
Eve Discount Voucher Code
snag 50% off selected premium mattresses in our summer sale
snag 50% off selected premium mattresses in our summer sale Show Less

Trial Period & Guarantee

  • There is a 100-night trial period to test out the product and see if it is your preference. Returning is free and no-hassle. 
  • Your mattress comes with a 10-year warranty period that covers any defects like cracks and splits and problems in performance caused by manufacturing errors. 


This bed is exceptionally well balanced as it provides sufficient support and comfort at the same time. Its sleeping surface is soft, with foam layers hugging the body like a glove. 

Pressure relief is also there with foam layers that redistribute weight and unique zones that remove any joints’ pressure. 

Eve made sure this mattress is well-balanced, providing the right amount of comfort and support. If you want a bed that will provide holistic sleep, this should be high on your list. 

Your search for a comfortable and supportive mattress ends here. Order your Eve Premium mattress now.