Inofia Mattress Review

In our Inofia mattress review, we’ll take a closer look at this sleep company known for its cheap but high-quality beds and sleeping products. Each cushion is made to order and will be sent to your doorstep straight from the production warehouse. Careful innovation and craftsmanship are put into every bed layer, which guarantees that you will have a good and quality sleep. With the brand’s impressive reputation backed up by good reviews, as well as the perks that come with each mattress, such as the 100-night risk-free trial phase and free delivery, it is crystal clear why you should get yourself an Inofia bed.

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What’re the Inofia mattresses made from?

Inofia is one of the leading UK brands in sleep and mattress innovation. The company employs highly-researched materials and layers into each bed, ensuring that each fibre contributes to the overall sleeping effect. The beds come in two varieties: hybrid and memory foam. To effectively provide a general overview of what each bed is made of, the following are the most used layers and materials for the bed collection.

I’ve included general features but did not neglect to incorporate special features unique to this brand and are worth looking into. You can use this section to guide a better understanding of the layers that make up your chosen bed. Similarly, you can also use this section as a starting point to decide which beds suit your preferences based on the materials.

Breathable and removable quilted top. Most beds utilise a quilted cover that is both breathable and removable. The top cover is made from soft and comfortable fabric, ensuring that it is soft to the touch and not irritable to the skin. Moreover, all covers are made to be removable, with a zip-off feature, which helps maintain the bed’s cleanliness for longer. Lastly, the covers are also designed to be breathable, allowing for air to circulate freely throughout the mattress and to your body, while at the same time, absorbing any sweat for better temperature regulation.

This meticulously designed top cover also has a hypoallergenic and elastic version for the Inofia double gel memory foam bed. This feature is especially great for those who have skin sensitivities or are particular to dust and other allergens. Another unique variation of the cover is the flexible fabric cover, found in the Inofia cooling single medium firm memory mattress and the Inofia hybrid memory foam and spring all around king bed.

Memory foam. Memory foam is a widely used material across this cushion line. There are multiple variations of this material that are utilised. Generally, on its own, memory foam is a highly coveted material for cushions as it offers sufficient support and pressure-relief. This is an essential component that you should look for in a bed to avoid back pains or sore limbs and joints.

As a bonus, memory foam also provides a significant amount of sinkage and body contouring effect. A sinking bed that has ample body contouring offers a pleasurable and comfortable sleep. However, when combined with other materials, these effects are amplified, and in some instances, new results are introduced altogether.

For one, there is the SOFETIVE memory foam used for Inofia mattress in a box hybrid bed. It is a supportive high-density memory foam that provides enough foundation for proper back alignment and pressure-relief. Inofia’s double gel memory foam bed uses unique memory foam fused with gel beads and a visco-elastic memory foam layer that provides a cooling and advanced body contouring effect and better pressure distribution, respectively.

There are also other unique memory foam variations such as the comfort memory foam used in the Double latex memory foam bed, Premium AIRYUM and relaxing massage memory foam layers used in the Memory foam and zero pressure cushion, and the all-natural memory foam used in the 11.4-inch sprung memory foam hybrid bed, which is made of all-natural products and provides additional bounce on top of its conventional effects.

Update wave memory foam is another special kind of memory foam used in all Inofia beds, placed under regular memory foam layers to absorb any movement and isolate it on the area. This layer is responsible for a zero-partner disturbance sleep effect, making sleep uninterrupted, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Regular foam. On their own, pure foam beds tend to have a lot of disadvantages. However, in the Inofia bed collection, standard foam is used to supplement the other materials better, creating an overall pleasant sleep experience for you to enjoy. Regular foam is also usually used as a buffer or transition layer in between two heavier layers.

There is the latex foam made of hypoallergenic materials for undisturbed sleep. The comfort foam adds additional support, durable transition foam as a buffer layer, and bouncy foam, which reduces motion transfer. Lastly, there are high density and high elasticity counterparts to regular foam, providing more support and flexibility.

Pocket springs. Pocket springs are used in conjunction with memory foam for the hybrid beds. These are usually individually wrapped, which further personalise and improve support and the pressure-relieving effect. Pocket springs also further promote the bed’s breathability because of the coil structure which acts as a passageway for air. Pocket springs also provide a subtle bounce.

More importantly, unique technology is used to maximise the effect of these pocket springs. The ergonomic 7-support zone divides the pocket springs into 7 zones, each grouped to react accordingly to your body. This makes the support received by each body part sufficient, while at the same time, working to isolate the motion within that specific area alone.

What’s it like to sleep on?

Inofia beds are best described as comfortable, breathable, and supportive. Firstly, the general objective kept in mind in the development of each mattress was the comfortability and enjoyment that each sleeper will experience. This is why the materials chosen are hypoallergenic and promote the best sleep possible.

The tops are made of soft fabric, ensuring that they are comfortable to the touch and will not irritate the user. Moreover, the materials and structure are carefully designed such that the beds promote air circulation and absorb any sweat. This will keep you comfortable and cool during your sleep, preventing any interruptions or discomfort from waking you up.

Lastly, Inofia beds are supportive. This is all thanks to the ergonomically designed pocket springs that work in synergy with the memory foam and foam layers to provide a well-supported sleeping experience. This design also promotes a complex pressure-relieving effect, so that you may wake up refreshed and sore-free.

The same clever structure is also responsible for the ample amount of sinkage that Inofia beds provide. This is especially the case with the gel-infused memory foam bed, designed to provide superior sinkage and body contouring. Additionally, the same ergonomic design that divides the pocket springs into 7 zones minimises partner disturbance.

In terms of firmness, all Inofia cushions fall on a 6.5-7/10 in the firmness scale. This means that they are all in the golden mean of being not too hard that it’s uncomfortable but not too soft that there is no longer any support for your back or spine. This is a firmness scale that is also recommended for back and side sleepers.

However, it is worth mentioning that specific beds in the mattress line are specially made to be soft, medium-firm, and for side sleepers.

Weight and thickness

Inofia beds are available in 6 sizes. This is a comprehensive range that fits most UK bed foundations. The table below details the sizes and the corresponding dimensions.

Size Dimensions
Inofia Small single size 75cm x190cm x 22cm
Inofia Single size 90cm x190cm x 22cm
Inofia Small double size 120cm x190cm x 22cm
Inofia Double size 135cm x 190cm x 22cm
Inofia King size 150cm x 200cm x 22cm
Inofia Super king size 180cm x 200cm x 22cm

What’s the cost?

The following is a chart that summarises the costs for all Inofia cushion styles. These prizes aren’t fixed and are bound to change over time due to multiple factors. As always, I encourage you to check out the website for real-time information when making your purchase.

Style Price
Inofia 22 CM Double Gel Memory Foam Bed £172.99
Inofia Memory Foam Bed Soft and Firm 2 in 1 £179.00
Inofia Single Cooling Medium Firm £159.99
Single & Double & King Size Pocket Sprung Bed £135.99
Double and King Size Bed with Memory Foam £159.00
Inofia 11.4 Inch Sprung Memory Foam Double Hybrid £159.99
Double and UK King Size Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Hybrid Bed £152.99
Inofia 11.4 Inch Double Hybrid Bed with Memory Foam £179.99
Inofia 8.7 Inch Pocket Sprung Bed with Breathable Fabric £125.99
Inofia Double Hybrid Bed with CertiPUR-US Memory Foam £199.99
Inofia Hybrid Single Bed with Memory Foam and Innerspring £189.99
Inofia Double Latex Memory Foam Mattress Spring £169.00
Inofia Bed in a Box, Euro Top Memory Foam and Spring Hybrid Bed £199.00
Inofia Memory Foam and Zero Pressure Spring Bed £169.00
Inofia 7 Zone Memory Foam and Spring Bed £199.00
Inofia King Bed with Air Buffer Spring £365.00
Inofia King Mattress, Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring All Around Bed £329.99


  • 100-night risk-free trial period
  • Hassle-free returns
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Certi-PUR certified
  • Free shipping for all Inofia products

Is the Inofia mattress right for you?

While not all beds are perfect for every sleeper, we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing down the ideal kind of sleepers for the Inofia collection. After extensive research into the components and design for each bed and looking into other external reviews from customers, we have concluded that Inofia beds make back sleepers the happiest. This is because the cushions have a firmness level ideal for back sleepers, and provides a structure that aligns and supports the back, while at the same time, preventing pressure from building up on the joints or the limbs.

Additionally, they are highly recommended for those who suffer from any sensitivities that prevent them from getting any appropriate shuteye because of their hypoallergenic features. As a bonus, these beds’ breathability is well-suited for the hotter parts of the UK or for those who do not have any airconditioning in their rooms.

Final verdict

This is perfect for back sleepers because the beds are designed to provide an ample amount of support while also aligning the back and relieving the body of any pressure. As a bonus, Inofia beds are also hypoallergenic and breathable, perfect for those who have sensitivities and those living in hotter environments.

Latest Price on Amazon
Inofia Memory Foam Soft and Firm
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