Milbrook Beds Review

Milbrook Beds provide award-winning mattresses that are handmade in the UK to meet the competitive standards of the market. In 2018, Milbrook Beds was the winner of the National Bed Federation Bed Manufacturer of the Year Award. 

Milbrook Beds has shown radical improvement in craftsmanship that their current beds reflect the experience they have gained since their establishment in 1946. 

Their latest release is the Chittenden & Eastman collection, which are designed beds in the USA but handcrafted in the UK to match innovative technology with the needs of the UK market. 

It is undoubtedly an elite bed brand that provides elegant beds and excellent customer service. You will also be pleased to know that they also offer an extended warranty on their products. If these beds are not to your preferences or budget, we highly suggest looking into the DreamCloud mattresses as a close alternative in terms of luxury and quality. 

Luxury Quilted 3000 

LUXURY QUILTED 3000 milbrook

This is part of Milbrook Bed’s Luxury Quilted line. It has over 3000 individually hand-nested pocket springs that provide reflexive and individualised support to your body. 

These pocket springs are uniquely sprawled over a zonal edge spring system laid out to match the support needed by your hips, neck, shoulders, and other points. 

These quilts have natural fabrics and fillings that ensure a luxurious and elegant feel. The fabrics are made of Hampshire wool, silk, and Fine English Cotton, which are signature materials from Milbrook Beds. 

The cover is made of hand-tufted Tencel. These ensure that your elegant bed is protected from scratches and abrasions. 

Another great feature of this bed is that it is available in all three firmness levels — from soft to medium and firm. It is a one-sided bed that doesn’t require any turning. It’s also an easy-care mattress that doesn’t need any exhaustive maintenance. 

Majestic 7000

MAJESTIC 7000 milbrook

The Majestic 7000 features 7000 individually wrapped pocket springs laid out in a unique zonal system that targets your particular points and responds to your movements accordingly. 

These 7000 springs are divided into 1000 full-sized ones integrated into a layout of 6000 smaller pocket springs that provide body contouring support. The main feature of this mattress is the viscose cotton cover which provides incredible comfort and breathability, perfect for any kind of sleeper. 

The fillings are the usual Milbrook Beds signatures — sumptuous fillings of English Fine Cotton that is well-known for its superior temperature-regulating properties, incredibly soft Hampshire wool, and silk offers moisture control. 

This is also available in three firmness levels — softer, medium, and then firmer. This makes it customisable to anyone’s sleeping habits or preferences. 

Lastly, it features traditional hand stitches on the side that is peak craftsmanship. 

Pillow Top 6000


This mattress features 6000 pocket springs, with 2000 full-sized ones mainly for substantial support and spine alignment. 

The remaining smaller 4000 pocket springs are tasked with body contouring and sinkage to provide enough pressure relief that tension doesn’t build up on joints. 

These pockets are arranged according to the unique zonal edge spring system. It also boasts traditional hand stitching on the side. 

Aside from the standard English Fien Cotton, Hampshire wool, and silk, it also has luxurious cashgora for the filling mix. Cashgora is a prized fibre for its incredible softness and body. This makes for a filling that is soft, comfortable, and moisture-wicking. 

All of this is wrapped in a Tencel cover made from soft knitted fabric that is hand-tufted for your comfort and luxury. 

However, unlike the other beds in this list, this isn’t available in multiple firmness levels. It’s only available in the Standard firmness level, comparable to a medium to medium-firm in the firmness scale, the golden mean that is perfect for most sleepers. 

Grandeur 14000


The Grandeur 14000 mattress is the one that has the most amount of pocket spring out of all Milbrook Beds. It has 14000 pocket springs split into 2000 full-sized ones and 12000 smaller-sized body contouring ones. 

The more pocket springs a mattress has, the more personalised and individualised the support that you will get with numerous pocket springs that all move together to support your body with every toss and turn. 

Another feature that makes this more grandeur than other beds is that the fillings include cashgora, super soft bamboo fibres, and luxurious pashmina on top of the standard filling blend of English Fine Cotton, Hampshire wool, and silk. 

This crème de la crème filling blend produces a mattress that is lusciously soft, incredibly breathable, temperature regulating and moisture repellant. Like most Milbrook Beds, you can also choose your desired firmness level for this one to ensure an even more personalised sleep experience. 

Splendour 3000


It has 3000 full-sized pocket springs that provide enough support to align the body and the spine to prevent a sore back and neck. These pocket springs are arranged in two layers for maximum effect. 

More than that, the Splendour 3000 features a combination of luxurious natural fabrics and fillings that include soft natural cotton and other signature materials of Milbrook Beds for a cool, soft, and temperature-regulated sleep. 

All of this is enveloped in a cover made from Egyptian cotton, a material known to be the softest and highest quality cotton. This is perfect for those looking for an extra elegant and comfortable mattress that will make you feel like royalty with your every waking moment.

It also features the two-row traditional hand stitching that is commonly found in Milbrook Beds. You can also rest easy that no chemicals are used in the manufacturing of your cover or fillings. 

Ortho Motion 1000


The Ortho Motion 1000 bed is part of their motion collection along with the natural motion and ortho other motion  mattresses, 

It features 1000 full-sized individually wrapped pocket springs that mainly support the limbs and provide a proper neck-to-spine alignment. The fillings are the standard Milbrook Beds one with English Fine Cotton and Hampshire wool. 

It also has the signature traditional stitching that can be found on the side perimeter of the mattresses. These are covered in Egyptian cotton, which is one of the softest kinds of cotton out there.