Nora Mattress Review

In our Nora mattress review, we took a closer look at these cheap but good quality mattresses. Employing advanced technology to produce the best sleep results, these beds are built to be comfortable, supportive, and breathable. With great perks like the 10-year guarantee period and a 100-night free trial, and a great price, there certainly is no risk with investing in this mattress. 


What the Nora mattress made from?

The Nora mattresses are pure foam mattresses made to be budget-friendly, without sacrificing the quality of the bed itself or the sleeping experience. Despite being relatively cheap, it doesn’t cut out on any additional luxuries that allow the bed to provide a phenomenal sleep. The Nora mattresses are produced by Wayfair, sharing the same quality found in other Wayfair mattresses, with additional benefits unique to Nora. 

There are two mattress styles available: the Nora 12-inch medium memory foam mattress and the Nora 12-inch hybrid mattress. The two aren’t very different when it comes to construction, so we opted to lay down all the layers used in both styles to provide a good overview of the materials and craftsmanship in both mattresses.

Another highlight of Nora mattresses is that they are odour-resistant. The materials are Certi-PUR and indoor air quality certified. This means that the mattresses do not spew any off-gas odour upon opening. It also doesn’t absorb any unwanted odours thanks to the bed’s air pockets that prevent microorganisms from collecting. 

Cooling jade infused top cover. The cover is soft and comfortable. It is scientifically engineered to be cooling by infusing it with cooling jade. This technology is incredibly unique to Nora and a handful of other mattress brands. The jade elements are carefully woven into the cover’s yarn so that it lasts for a long time. This element will undoubtedly benefit those who live in the hotter parts of the UK like London and Brighton. 

Gel-infused memory foam layer. Underneath the top cover is a two-inch layer of memory foam. This isn’t just your regular, stuffy, memory foam, however, as it is gel-infused. The gel adds to the cooling technology employed throughout the bed, aside from providing a more flexible and comfortable sleeping experience. 

Memory foam is a great product, but the one disadvantage of it is that it often gets too hot and suffocating because of its density. Nora mattresses have countered that demerit by using memory foam that is infused with tiny beads of gel. 

Gel-infused firmer memory foam layer. The second layer is another gel-infused memory foam layer, but it’s a lot firmer than the top layer to provide a supportive base for the bed’s bottom. It also helps in isolating movement, preventing any motion from reaching your partner. Another task of this layer is to provide sufficient pressure relief to ease off any pains. 

Convoluted egg crate base foam layer. The regular Nora mattress’s bottom is two of these base foam layers that follow an egg crate design. The shape helps in two aspects: distributing weight better than a solid block of foam, and it also helps keep the mattress cool and breathable with the pockets that allow air to pass. This is 3.5 inches in thickness and is only found in the regular Nora mattress. 

Individually pocketed springs bottom layer. For the Nora Hybrid mattress, this layer made of individually pocketed springs is the whole bed’s core. It’s sandwiched between two thin layers of high-density foam that act as a protective and transitional layer. This layer helps with keeping partner disturbance to a minimal level, while at the same time, adapting to your body’s weight and unique movements. 


How does the Nora mattress feel to sleep on?

The Nora mattress provides a comfortable sleeping experience. The bed itself is sleep-inducing, helping you fall asleep quickly and keeping you that way throughout your whole sleep. I’ll expand on this answer in three measures based on the bed’s comfort, support, and breathability. 

For one, it’s exceptionally comfortable as that’s the main point of the bed. It aims to induce sleep by providing a soft surface to sleep on. The cover and gel-infused memory foam layer promote the bed’s comfort, taking off any pressure that may be building up on your body parts. The second layer also does a great job of contouring your body, hugging it comfortably.

Next, we’ll look at the supportive aspect of the Nora mattress. Despite the Nora regular memory foam bed being made of pure foam, it provides a sufficient amount of support because of its ergonomic design. The two-layer egg crate convoluted foam bottom layer immensely helps in reinforcing the whole bed. 

The third layer which is made of a firmer gel-infused memory gel foam adds foundation, helping you sink into the bed, while at the same time, providing enough support for your body to lay on top of the mattress properly. This is especially great if you have back troubles, which may be caused by unhealthy sleeping positions. 

Moreover, the core layer for the Nora Hybrid mattress of innerspring pockets helps in providing an additional measure of support, while at the same time, helping to isolate movement. This puts partner disturbance at a minimal level, keeping sleep easily enjoyed and uninterrupted. 

The last aspect that we’ll be taking a look at is the breathability of the bed. The cooling technology used by the Nora mattress is unique and highly effective. Firstly, the cover itself is made to be cooling with individually woven jade beads. The two memory foam layers are then ensured to be breathable and cool, as both are infused with cooling gel. Even the bottom layers are designed to facilitate airflow. 

Aside from keeping your body cool, these components also successfully remove any heat from your body, regulating your temperature to the ideal one for better sleep. While cooling technology in mattresses often sounds like a gimmick, Nora’s cooling technology is a scientific endeavour that has revolutionised sleep for its users. 

When it comes to the Nora mattress’s firmness, it lies on the medium (6/10) level in the firmness scale. Objectively speaking, medium feel firmness is ideal. The firmness captures comfort in softness, without sacrificing the support needed for the limbs and joints. However, there have been some testimonies that Nora mattresses’ firmness are a little more on the softer side. 

Firmness can be subjective to a certain extent. We recommend trying out the product to see for yourself the actual firmness of the Nora beds. Remember that memory foam is a little stiff when it’s new and eventually gives out over time. 


Nora mattress weight and thickness

There are currently 5 size variations available for both the Nora regular and Nora hybrid mattresses at the time of writing. The availability of these sizes are bound to change over time, so it’s best to check the Wayfair website for real-time availability. However, the Nora mattress comes in six sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California King. 

The chart below details the dimensions and weight of the Nora regular and Nora hybrid mattresses in the queen size. This information will help you decide on your purchase, as well as help you prepare the necessary setups for your new bed. When it comes to both styles’ thickness, it is the same for the two–12 inches. 

Mattress style Dimensions (Queen Size) Weight
Nora regular memory foam 152.5  x 203.2 cm 35.4 kg
Nora hybrid 152.5  x 203.2 cm 46.4 kg 


How much does the Nora mattress cost?

The chart below summarises the corresponding prices for the different size variations of the Nora memory foam and the Nora Hybrid mattress. These prices aren’t fixed and similar to the availability of sizes, we recommend checking the actual Wayfair website for updated prices, as well as the availability of your desired bed. 

True to its branding, these prices are competitive as they are on the cheaper side than brands offering the same type of beds. It’s unreasonable to say that these prices are dirt cheap compared to others, but there’s certainly a significant difference. 

Size Price

(Nora memory foam)


(Nora Hybrid)

Twin £262.64 £455.77
Twin XL £262.64 £363.07
Full £347.62 £455.77
Queen £393.97 £517.57
King  £478.94 £664.34
California King £478.94 £641.17


Nora mattress bonus

  • Free 100-night trial period
  • Flexible payment options
  • Easy returns


Is Nora mattress right for you?

After an in-depth review of this bed, and trying out for ourselves, we’ve narrowed down the type of people that will thoroughly enjoy the Nora mattresses. If you are a back sleeper, you will undoubtedly appreciate Nora mattresses the most. Built to provide support and comfort for the spine and the back, these beds will promote you to sleep in a healthier position, while at the same time, enjoying a relaxing, comfortable, and uninterrupted sleep. 

Not to mention the memory foam that provides pressure relief, taking away any pressure that may be building upon your joints. This aspect makes the Nora bed perfect for back sleepers as it keeps the spine comfortable and well-supported. 

Moreover, this bed’s breathability is state-of-the-art and certainly doesn’t match the prices that they are sold for. If you live in London or anywhere in the south of the UK, you will especially find the Nora beds helpful in keeping you cool and fresh throughout your sleep. This will prevent any instances of waking up in the middle of the night because you are sweating profusely. 

Final verdict

The Nora mattress is perfect for back sleepers because of the memory foam layers that contour to the body, relieving the back of any pressure, while at the same time, providing an ample amount of support. It is also great for those living in hotter weather, because of the jade-infused cooling cover and the gel-infused memory foam layers.