Salus Mattress Review

You’ve seen Salus mattresses around, and you want to know which is the perfect match for you? Well, our Salus mattress review dives into five popular choices from the UK manufacturer. 

What is Salus? 

Salus is the newest range of mattresses from Breasley. It is a perfect brand for luxury lovers as it uses premium-quality materials to produce high-end but extremely comfortable products.

Breasley Mattresses, on the other hand, is the more prominent company that produces Salus beds. It is a UK-based company that produces divans, beds, and other sleep essentials with over 40 years of expertise under its belts. 

What to expect from Salus beds? 

Pocket spring layer 

It is typical for Salus beds to have a layer of pocket springs on the bottom. As these pocket springs move independently according to your movements, this layer provides individualized support. 

Different models have different numbers of pocket springs. In general, the more pocket springs there are, the more supportive it will be. 

Viscool memory foam layer 

The majority of Salus beds are made of the patented Viscool memory foam. The main complaint about most memory foam is that it’s stuffy. This product provides a cool and refreshing feeling. This layer also provides additional support, pressure relief, and body contouring. 

Quilted top layer

As the signature style of Salus beds is luxurious, their products all have a quilted top layer that is typically filled with high-quality fibres such as alpaca, lambswool, Pashmina, and bamboo. These layers provide not only a soft sleeping surface but also extra moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic properties. 

Salus Mattresses

Salus Viscool Cypress 1500 Mattress

This bed is known for its 1500 pocket springs that provide individualized support, conforming to your limbs and body weight accordingly. Keeping your spine aligned to your neck will also help lessen the amount of time you spend tossing and turning during the night. 

Salus Viscool, which is derived from soybean oil, is layered over the pocket springs. Memory foam provides extra cooling and moisture-wicking on top of amplifying your body’s support and shaping. 

It’s 22 cm deep, with a quilted top cover in a diamond pattern that’s designed to provide an elegant sleeping surface while also ensuring its durability by keeping layers together. It is suitable for all types of sleepers due to its medium firmness level. 

Salus Viscool Natural Ilex 3400 Mattress

Having a depth of 28 cm, the Ilex is guaranteed to provide a substantial amount of support and comfort for your body. 3400 pocket springs contour to your body, providing it with the right amount of support while at the same time preventing any pressure from building up on your joints. 

Pocket springs are paired with a particular double-sided Viscool memory foam layer to provide a highly breathable sleeping surface. 

Added to the quilted cover are luxurious fibres such as alpaca, bamboo, lambswool, and a pashmina. In addition to providing a soft sleeping surface, these fibres are naturally temperature-regulating as well. 

While you sleep, this top layer works in conjunction with the Viscool memory foam layer underneath to maintain an ideal temperature so that you can sleep uninterrupted.

Salus Viscool Natural Samphire 3900 Mattress

Having a softer feel, this mattress is perfect for side sleepers since it allows them to sink on their arm while taking pressure off them and keeping the spine aligned. 

This mattress is quilted with natural fibres, including alpaca, bamboo, lambswool, and a pashmina. Fibres of this type are soft, luxurious, durable, and warm, which makes you want to snuggle up tightly while you sleep. 

In addition to being high-quality and luxuriously soft, bamboo fibres are also naturally hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating. The other beds on this list have the main core of 3900 pocket springs in common. The large number allows for more customized support, so there is no pressure on the limbs at night. 

All Salus beds are constructed with special edge-to-edge protection to reinforce the bed’s perimeter and prevent it from sagging prematurely.

Salus Viscool Tawny 1900 Mattress

The depth of this bed is 24 cm, and its firmness rating is medium. A layer of 1900 pocket springs is topped with Viscool memory foam for a cooling and well-supported feel, just like the regular Salus mattress. 

A micro-quilted surface produces a luxurious and comfortable feel. Added to this are premium-quality fibres that provide not only extra softness but also provide moisture-wicking properties. 

Because I sleep with a restless sleeper, I appreciate the motion isolation properties of this bed. In addition, it is a one-sided mattress, so there is no need to turn it, unlike other beds. This makes it low-maintenance. 

It is still recommended that you rotate it regularly. A convenient turn handle has been sewn onto the sides of the bag to facilitate this process.

Salus Viscool Fern 1000 Mattress

Salus beds are equipped with all the features and perks of regular beds. A pocket spring layer is topped with Viscool memory foam, and a quilted surface is made with fabrics such as alpaca, lambswool, Pashmina, and bamboo. 

Salus beds are traditionally substantial, durable, and luxurious, and this model is no exception. But, thanks to the sewn-in fibres, it is also cool and breathable. 

It also doesn’t fall short in terms of support, as it is created to offer individualized support by using 1000-layer pocket springs. As a result, firm is the best firmness rating for back sleepers. 

Salus Engineered Protection System (SEPS) reinforces the whole perimeter for edge-to-edge support and prevents premature sagging. Furthermore, it is excellent at isolating motion, so you won’t feel the bed moving when you sleep with a partner. 

This is a relatively low-maintenance product that does not require turning, only rotation. The construction of side handles has already made this easier.